Sure it wasn't

April/2010: Hello! "That's not the real Xavier Von Erck who posted that. It's just a sock puppet."

Wrong. Though I'm flattered that you didn't believe it was me, as if I am incapable of posting on a message board thread.

Erika and I have new little friends

July/2008: Erika and I got some new friends lately, courtesy of the Oregon Humane Society. I haven't been to Humane Society buildings in other states or even other parts of Oregon, but the Portland building for the Oregon Humane Society is awesome. It's no-kill, of course, and obviously they do a good job spending their funds.

The building itself is nice, new and loaded with places for animals to go enjoy themselves. The special cat-rooms they have are great.

Anyways, back last winter, Erika was checking their website and decided she wanted a rat. So we got a cage from PetSmart (that we later found out the employee forgot to scan, thanks for the cage, PetSmart!) and went to the Humane Society to pick up a rat we named Ernesto. Supposedly, he wasn't a friendly rat and he was pretty old, so we got him because we figured nobody else would really adopt him. Turns out, he's quite friendly and sociable even with other rats.

Ernesto says hi!

Ernesto looks sinister

I never owned a rat before and was skeptical of whether I could like what is essentially vermin, but Ernesto is a good enough guy and won me over. He's done a nice job representing all of rat-kind.

Because of that, we recently decided to go raid the Humane Society full-scale. We figure that small animals aren't adopted out of there all that often, so it's the best place to get them. We went back a few days ago to get a few rats, as we bought a larger cage than the one ol' Ernesto got. Erika, of course, wanted them all.

We ended up getting four rats that were used to living together, and they're having fun. However, they don't have names, as they all look the same, heh.

Little rat says hello

Of the four rats, two of the four males are about a month or so old. They came with two older brothers who are probably a year old. Hopefully with four of them in the same cage, they don't get as overweight as ol' Ernesto has gotten, heh.

Little rat wants out

That little rat has done a nice job of getting out of the bars, heh, yay for industrial tape until he grows.

But the main reason I'm posting a blog is because the Humane Society had a ridiculous deal that we hadn't expected but had to pick up. They had a Degu there. I had never heard of a Degu before we saw one on the Humane Society website, but man, it's like a cute, nice squirrel basically. Erika says they were a fad a couple years ago, and I can see why.

Little Dixie wants to know what the fuck is up with the camera

The Degu is pretty smart, when she wanted her dust bath, man... did she let us know by constantly chittering at us. It's fun to make little sounds back at the Degu and watch it try to understand what you're doing. Apparently they're supposed to be very intelligent, and so far lil' Deggy (Her name is Dixie, but I find myself calling her Deggy more than anything) has lived up to it. And...

Check out the cuten... err, I mean, cage!

The cage is also ridiculously awesome. It's made by Portland's Quality Cage Company and retails for over a hundred dollars. However, the past owner of the Degu donated the cage and the Degu supplies for whomever adopted it. I'm not sure why they had to leave the Degu at the Humane Society, the stated reason was that they were moving to Bend, Oregon... but why couldn't the Degu go along? I don't get it. But whoever they were, they were nice people to leave all the supplies with the Degu so that she can have a nice, mostly uninterrupted rest of her life.

The awesome cage and the cool Degu were only 25 dollars at the Humane Society. The cage, Degu, supplies, all total? That's right, 25 dollars. Ridiculously good deal for such a cute, adorable and personable animal, not to mention the really quality cage.

Degu's can live up to fifteen years domesticated, with the average one living ten years. This Degu is only three, so I'm looking forward to having her around for a nice long time.

Anyways, I hadn't blogged in a while, but showing off our nice new friends is a pretty good reason to start doing so again. I'm especially happy that our cats don't seem to mind the rodent society we've built, they seem pretty content just to watch bemusedly while they run around their cages. Really, it's the same thing Erika and I do, so the cats are getting quite a benefit too.

Support your local Humane Society, they do a great and wonderful job of taking care of animals, especially if Portland's branch of the Oregon Humane Society is typical of the kinds of shelters they run.

Statements and predictions-aganza from 2004

March/2008: It is 2008 as I write this. Been at the whole "" thing since the summer of 2003. This summer will mark five years of running, expanding, and perfecting Over those years, a lot of pedos, loons and generic ol' dumb people have said stupid things about PeeJ.

Recently I took a trip down memory lane and collected the best of the worst predictions and statements about Each one of these is from 2004 and all are ludicrous for various reasons. Sure, there are still dumb people saying stuff about us here in 2008... but the claims often change as various claims are disproved over the years.

Here's a special look back at the stupidity of yesteryear. You can read for yourself and see how accurate these statements and predictions are!

The "PeeJ will never get convictions or arrests" category...
From 2004...
If in every case, PJ was to go to the police with the initial information after being solicited by a perv the first time, and then let the COPS actually set up the sting and the "bust", I would recommend that our site be shut down tomorrow, and that we all go over to PJ and become contributers. Unfortunately, that is NOT what happens over there. In fact, they have a steadfast rule AGAINST contacting law enforcement.
A steadfast rule against contacting law enforcement? My goodness! I can think of 268 rebuttals to that claim, of course. Yay hindsight!

From 2004...
Key word here is YET. Actual law enforcement that has seen PJ forums deserve to be removed from duty, and I would like to see their endorsement of PJ's tactics. And if you can get a cop to endorse lynching, I will do all I can to have him removed from his position of trust to his community.
Fortunately, all the police that have worked with us have been pretty safe.

From 2004...
Probably? Definately! If we ever get to a point where our justice system allows the use of a text file which HAS been altered (little witty comments added), taken by an anonymous, untrained vigilante, on an unsecured computer, likely in someone's basement, and uses that as evidence to convict someone... That's it, just shoot me now & get it over with.

The rules of evidence requite ALOT more security and rigidity than what can be provided from some unknown PJer's Compaq Presario 486 (with the 14" monitor). That's not to say the testimony of a PJer, as a witness to an event cannot be used, but the "chat log" from a PJrs personal computer?... If that can actually be successfully accepted by any court in the land as "evidence" of anything, I'll let a dingo eat my baby!
I still haven't caught a news piece talking about a Canadian that let a dingo eat his baby yet, though. No convictions! Nevar!

From 2004...
The chat logs are NOT admissible in court. And also, the chain of evidence is broken using PJ's methods. So of course the REAL police are not going to do much with the information. They legally can't.
Oh shit son, the cops can't legally use the evidence accumulated by us? Fucking A, someone should've spread the news!

From 2004...
A seasoned resource? You expect anyone to believe that police will enlist the help of a bunch of puerile, floundering un-criminal-brackground-checked anonymous college brats and assorted misfits to become their eyes and ears? If thats the case, the world as already ended.
WORLD IS OVA! It's ended! Call out the panic buttons, the core of the Earth has exploded and we're all now being shot quickly into spacezors.

From 2004...
Well even that remains to be seen. So far we have one or two arrests. No trial or conviction or sentencing yet. Ill love to see the defense lawyers tear apart PJs hackneyed methods. Impound a couple of PJ contributors PCs and thoroughly check their hard drives for child porn and who knows what else. At least theyll find 100s of chat logs with what appears to be conversations between an adult and a minor. Hmmm, which is which? With all these Yahoo IDs, whos to say? What about all the evidence where PJers actively participate in Satan worshiping forums and various anti-American sites?
Satan-worshipping anti-American sites? Or was it Anti-Worshipping Satan-American sites? I was too busy admiring our lack of acquittals to notice, actually. I'd love to see a defense attorney tear apart our methods too 'cause lol 268 convictions as of March 16th, 2008 lol. Of course, there are more categories, such as...

The "Even if they get convictions Xavier will fire all the contributors" category...
From 2004...
Yes, a contributor was used as a witness, (probably because I have not seen the proof as of yet), however, that makes that contributor's testimony on EVERYTHING public record. Well that contributor will not be working at PJ any more, I am almost certain of that. So far, as far as I can tell, any PJer that has had to testify in court, has suddenly stopped being a contributor.
Crap on a stick, I need to fire myself as I've testified a few times. Oh, and I need to fire everyone else. We're doomed now.

The "Pedophile websites raided by the Danish and Americans are just rational discussion forums that are rational okay?" category...
From 2004...
From what I've seen, the Danpedo site was a rational discussion forum. They did not condone any sort of sexual predatory behavior, stalking, coercion, rape, etc. etc. They did however feel there was nothing wrong with love between adult and child - not necessarily involving sex but not excluding it per se. Perhaps it was denial or justification. That's their explanation and I took it at face value. After all the site was based out of Denmark... and many detractors from North America felt that the site should have been censored or somehow a firewall around USA should be made to block them because it did not meet community standards here. So there was some American bashing going on there too. But through it all there were some rational discussions on both sides.
Of course, the Danish Pedophile Association aka "DanPedo" was raided by law enforcement and a ton of them were convicted of having child pornography. Afterwards, the association shut down. Rational. Oh boy.

The big "lawsuits will destroy them oh yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh they coming get r' done!" category...
From 2004...
Many business operate prior to be found to be lacking in some serious legal areas. The time will come. Law suits will come. If as you say PJ is working hand-in-hand with law enforcement then you have no reason to feel threatened by our existence. Then we are all just blowing hot air and engaging lawyers and class action suits for no reason. Rest assured PJ will be put under the microscope.

From 2004...
What would you need to know? The names of the lawyers? Their clients? I can tell you with 100% assurance that I have personally spoken to 3 attorneys representing different PJ victims, one who has already had a hearing for the issuance of restraining orders against PJers (two of the contributers attended the hearing) and two who are working on it. I can tell you that there are defamation suits pending. I will NOT tell you who is involved with these suits for obvious reasons. For what it's worth, I can assure you that the only smoke being blown is on PJ, in an attempt to ensure their users are kept in the dark regarding the upcoming legal challenges.

From 2004...
Again, you can choose to believe me or choose not to, that's your perogative, but their ARE a number of lawsuits being brought by a number of victims. You might ask yourself what purpose would I have in making something like that up? It's not our intention to "strike fear in the hearts of PJers or AG". That would accomplish little. It's simply to provide the truth, and make as much evidence of the truth available to the people who are asking for it. As yet, not a single lawyer has received an "opinion" from us. Many have received information, mostly copied from PJ itself. If they are able to use that information to disprove what you are suggesting, that's what we're here for. It will be up to a court, not you or me, to decide whether AG condones harrassment or engages in defamation. If the information we've gathered is used, I strongly suspect it will not be a difficult task.
It's taken four years or so, guess it was a difficult task?

From 2004...
I am afraid you're going to have to take my word for what I've said, and watch for the court cases. In every argument you've posted, it's going to be up to the courts to interpret whether what PJ does can be considered harrassment, and whether AG can be held responsible. In my personal opinion, (again, I'm not a lawyer) I believe that we've collected enough evidence to show that what I've surmised and posted here is true, and I firmly believe (as a result of my discussions with the lawyers who are asking for this stuff) that they have very good cases, and are very likely to get a judgement against both AG, and a number of his contributers.
Well, that didn't come to pass, but I do have judgements to share!

Peanut butter is only awesome with chocolate.
Dean Martin is one cool cat, even if he has been dead for over a decade.
Motorcycles are pretty dumb.
There isn't a bad seat in the Rose Garden, period.
Organic beef is a great recipe for getting food poisoning, nothing more.

There, those were some fine judgements indeed.

From 2004...
If your friend is still recieving harrassment, threats, or anything else from PJ, please contact me privately. We are in contact with a number of lawyers, and are providing the information necessary to get legal action taken against PJ. There are a number of cases going forward as we speak, in if your friend is interested in recovering some of the costs associated with the harrassment and terrorism, it is very possible that they could join the growing number of civil cases being brought against PJ.
I wonder how all those turned out... hmm. I should investigates!

From 2004...
If our assertions are untrue, you won't need to point it out - Time will be the proof. If no lawsuits are launched against PJ, Angry German, or their contributers, then our assertions will have proven to be false. Again, I suggest you keep watching this space. It is doubtful you will receive any information from PJ when the suits have been launched, and will have to rely on us to get any details. (Have you seen any evidence over at PJ of the fact that there are restraining orders pending against some of the PJ contributers? No. That they've already spent time in a courtroom to answer to the restraining orders? No.) I invite you to "stay tuned", wait for the legal challenges to begin, THEN decide if our allegations are "unsupported".
Oh yeah, time was the proof. Nevermind.

The "Actually, they will all go to jailasaurus, Fred Flintstone" category...
From 2004...
As the publicity mounts, and Xavier's ego (and yours too) will rise, and then suddenly, POOF.. It will be gone, because the lawsuits will begin to mount, and so will the police checking into the laws that PJ are breaking. Just because there are a few journalists who do not check into PJ completely before giving their reports, does not mean that PJ is working with "clean hands". And that dirt is what will be their downfall.
I better hide this blog before the police comes and gets me. Damn.

From 2004...
The laws they are violating could be criminal, if enough evidence is able to be gathered to prove it Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.

The ones we've been mainly discussing happen to be Civil Laws, which are clearly violated. The main aspect of a Civil suit is to gather as much information to actively prove your case to a judge before submitting a request for a suit.

Getting a case heard in a federal setting takes time, Federal courts are pretty busy. I'd just keep your eyes and ears open. Things do be a-comin'.
Those courts must be really fuckin' busy.

From 2004...
All it takes is one good case, one good argument, and one well-thought out decision by a judge to completely ground the PJ machine. Or one District Attorney bold enough to take a stand. Both of those are likely in the future.

The lawsuit isnt about money - its not about looking for damages. Hell Xavier Von Erck doesnt have deep pockets - theres no way to get money out of that anonymous loser (lets see how much longer you can stay anonymous, Xavier). Its about getting legal precident to shut down PJ forever.
I am scared of this "precident" as we could be shut down forever. Actually, a lot of these sound like lame comic book villain dialog.

"Hello Spider-man, I see you've been up to no good. All it will take is one court precident and I will get you shut down... FOREVER!"

Yes, that is definitely bad comic book villain dialog.

The "I have a better idea, I'll be vague so nobody can call me out on my bullshit four years from now" category...
From 2004...
Oh really? Hmm.. What DON'T you know? Actually there is ALOT that you don't know. Maybe sometime you will find out what IS being done. And with that, I will just bite my tongue. But don't think that nothing is being done, because alot IS being done, but as it was explained before, the wheels of justice move slowly.
So just keep watching, and be patient Smile
There is ALOT you DON'T know but that I KNOW and it IS important so neener yeah stuff someday maybe. I'll bite my tongue now, K?

The "random hilarious statements about Dateline NBC" category...
From 2004...
Really now. Dateline was present while PJ was making a bust? And you automatically spin this into a statement that PJ will be "featured"? Funny how your interpretation of things are so different from the rest of the world. Suffering from a bit of misdirected narcissism, are we? If they even do a story, it will be about a firefighter who allegedly attempted to solicit sex from what he thought to be an underage girl. At the most, PJ may be mentioned. But here's the $64,000 question... Does the Dateline crew know the whole story behind PJ? Or, like the supposed law enforcement and Harvard law professors that you claim have given approval on PJ's work, do they only know about the front page and have been kept in the dark regarding the REAL reason for PJ's existence. Well, they will know soon.
At the most, PJ may be mentioned! That's the most. And then later they'll attack Perverted-Justice 'cause of evil revelations that will reveal themselves. Man, looking at the above quote is just hilarity in retrospect. That's just great, that makes my day.

From 2004...
No, here is what will REALLY happen- the moment Dateline airs it's story, we will contact Dateline, and give them access to the PJ Forums, so they can see all of the private information of neighbors, friends, family, bosses, etc. of the busts, and they can read the forums where people are being told to go to the house of the bust, call the bust repeatedly and harass them, etc. and they will then have a REAL story to tell.
That'll be a REAL story, I wonder how long the production is going to take on it because usually Dateline kicks out stories in a faster fashion. They must really be putting time into this one, polishing it up real good.

The "wishful thinking with autocratic despot line thrown in" category...
From 2004...
PJ is getting some real media attention now moreso than ever I believe. As the popularity of PJ grows, I feel the loose-knit anarchist hierarchy with its autocratic despot will eventually be caught slipping up. When it is caught slipping up, it will most likely be shut down. I believe the bubble will burst on PJ.
I have to say, autocratic despot is something that is very awesome to be called. And man, I don't know where this person buys their bubble solution, but I've never seen bubbles last this long. It's like, you use the wand and blow the bubble and then you age over 1,200 days and then your friend, now called "Bubbley" finally dies. Poor Bubbley, he never saw his fifth birthday :(

The "Xavier is a Nazi Kevin Smith" ending category...
From 2004...
AG would never admit it, but you can tell by all his attention to this stie that he is shitting in his wittle pants. He is scared TO DEATH of what we can do. He knows his methods are fucked up. He knows it is only amatter of time before he goes down. HE KNOWS THAT SOON HE WILL AGAIN BE A NOBODY. His nazi like followers will dry up and AG will be a loner, sitting alone wacking off while watching wrestling.
Luckily, I don't watch wrestling anymore and haven't for years. It's all about Mixed Martial Arts now. Go Karo Parisyan! You are the uncrowned champion, I believe in you!

From 2004...
He has pictures of himself with Alan Rickman and Alainis Morrisette on his blog. Knowing the other info we know about him and these pictures, can't he be found by someone, like the FBI? Just a thought.
Yeah, but they didn't account for the fact that Rickman knows how to keep his dirty English mouth shut. You may cast Alan Rickman in horrible movies, you may deny his talent and make him do B movies... but not even under incredible torture and interrogation will Alan Rickman ever drop the dime.

The man is just not a rat.

Anyways, so sums up a nice look back at stupid statements from four years ago. I'm sure I can make this a yearly thing and we'll look at dumb statements from 2005 in 2009. Unless...


Goodbye, old friend

March/2008: Tonight, my roommate and I said goodbye to an old friend.

[10:56] XavierVE1: What'd he do, if anything?
[10:56] phoebus: He installed a new modem, tested the line said it wasn't the line, so if anything it probably was the modem.
[10:57] XavierVE1: Makes sense. Lord knows our modem was older than PeeJ.
[10:57] phoebus: Yeah, that was as old as time. We hadn't even had a proper email account setup because of how old it was.
[10:57] XavierVE1: Haha
[10:57] XavierVE1: Good to hear, maybe our network performance will improve.
[10:57] phoebus: Well, I figure it can't hurt, and it's been long overdue to have a new one.
[10:57] XavierVE1: Ha, long overdue indeed.
[10:58] XavierVE1: Man, if I was running a computer as old as that modem, I'd be pissed.
[10:58] XavierVE1: We got that thing before 9/11
[10:58] XavierVE1: Seriously.
[10:58] phoebus: Yeah, I know. It was one of the first things we did after I moved, was upgrade to cable internet.
[10:59] XavierVE1: Ha, yep.
[10:59] XavierVE1: Poor old modem, it has seen a long life.
[10:59] phoebus: You were still running Windows 2000 if I recall.
[10:59] XavierVE1: Nah, I was on 98.
[10:59] XavierVE1: I was playing Civ on Win 98 on that old ass Tiny computer.

I'll be pouring out a little data tonight for my homie.

Navigating stupidity

February/2008: People often ask me how I deal with all the pedophiles and predators we come across. Truly, we delve into the depths of depravity to expose pedophiles and get internet predators arrested. It's a question that I don't like to answer, because the answer usually startles people. Not only does it startle people, I think it also puts people off a bit. The answer is that it's not nearly the most disturbing part of the job. Compared to some things, it's downright easy.

You read right, the worst part of the job isn't dealing with predators or pedophiles, it isn't reading their writing in order to expose them, it isn't interacting with them via to get them arrested. The worst part of doing what I do as the Director of Operations of and is navigating stupidity. I blog a lot about stupidity, my last blog was about the top five most ridiculous media experiences we've had, for example. Most of them were stupid pitches. Still, it's not even that sort of stupidity that is the most difficult to deal with.

The worst sort of stupidity to deal with, what makes this job very ponderous, is dealing with people who want to be your "allies" or who want to exploit going after pedophiles and predators for a personal profit. This is something I receive a lot of emails for. Anyone who is familiar with knows that we don't make many friends. There's only a couple organizations we tolerate in general, and when it comes to people outside of the organization, we don't often bother to build bridges. Most of the time when I get an email of support from someone who thinks we should partner with them, I don't bother replying.

That might seem fucked up and callous, but it is the way I prefer things.

Now, obviously, if you're interested at all in this topic, you're wondering... "Why?" Easy question to answer, and it can be done in one lone example of a self-styled activist that basically begged for our attention and that of everyone else in the world. When he didn't get it? He begged for the attention of the pedophile community and kissed their ass. Stupidity.

The example of Ron Tebo
I don't wish to pick on this guy Ron Tebo too much. He's just one example. Instead of this guy, I could have picked out a number of individuals and organizations over the years who have tried to coddle up to us. What Tebo is, however, is a succinct illustration of why I've always navigated us to stay mostly insular.

For those who don't know, Ron Tebo is a guy who saw Jack McClellan on TV. He didn't like what McClellan was saying, presumably, and registered the domain He's done a crapload of interviews about McClellan since then. CBS news, Larry King, ABC News, and dozens of other publications. But the guy has always been kind of a putz. First, his website didn't actually DO anything. One of our criteria for even listening to a person or even communicating with them is that they should at least DO something, anything. Back in the day when Tebo emailed me, I checked into him.

This is a guy that goes around making websites and trying to promote himself. He tried to make a site called and have users upload videos to it using a interface. When that didn't really take off, he writes strange and bizarre press releases talking about how he has refused to sell the domain and speaks in the third person as though he has interviewed himself. Seriously, take a second and click that link. Give it a read. Bizarre. Want more? More strangeness. After creating his "anti-McClellan" website, he then wrote the following weird press release. Social networking website and using McClellan's infamy to promote it? Yeeeeaaaahhhhh... okay.

So Tebo is a strange cat, and out of the blue wants to try to "take the banner" against Jack McClellan and online pedophiles. Of course, he slathers his slapped together website with donation buttons, his unhinged press releases beg for funding for his many projects and the guy goes around and acts the clown. Of course, because apparently it's the hip thing for every weirdo to do, he wasted his time emailing our administration address for

Email from Ron Tebo - July 20th, 2007

Here's a great web site that you should visit I took his name, built an anti web site and rerouted his internet traffic from his "How 2" pedophile site to an ANTI Jack site. The guy is disgusting and he is NOT liked!

I have been interviewed by many media outlets (soon to be Inside Edition) and I think this is a great story for your web site.

If you're interested...great, you can contact me at 716-400-2075. If not, just the same and thanks for reading my email.

Ron Tebo
Anti Jack Site

I didn't bother replying.

There's plenty of people online who don't like me, and I'm cool with that. Being disliked and/or hated by people isn't a very big deal in the big picture. Fact is, I don't like many people and I'm fine with people not liking me personally. But where I demand respect is in my motivations and intentions. You've never seen me or anyone in the organizations I have a part in release weird ass press releases touting themselves and other non-related side projects. It simply will not be done. You've never seen our organizations go beg for money. Sure, we've established a non-profit website, but do you see big blinking f'n donation buttons all over PeeJ, Wikisposure and other websites? Do you see advertisements? No, and no.

End of the day, I started in the summer of 2003 and it had 100 hits a day. All we did was work on the site and it gained popularity, volunteers, and eventually tons of arrests. I didn't receive any income from until three years after it was founded and that income was a huge surprise. Couldn't really plan for it, couldn't anticipate it. Who would have predicted back in 2003 that we would hook up with Dateline to do a series of successful and popular sting operations? Who would have predicted all the arrests? Nobody. It was worked on and it was established without pandering or expectation. Definition of grass-roots, the entire damn project was an accident that went very well.

So one has to excuse me when I get a little annoyed at people like Ron Tebo. And there's a lot of them out there, over the years that has been illustrated. This goof really had no impact in "fighting pedophiles" or even "fighting Jack McClellan." Most of the successes against McClellan can be traced to legal actions taken against him in California or widespread media coverage due to his ridiculousness. One of those first reports was in the Bellingham Herald up in Washington State, I spoke with the reporter about the story. It ran, and it turned into a larger story. Large stories attract goofs like this. It's a fact of life, and one you learn to live with.

So what's the problem?
If it were just goofs like this getting "involved" and then fading away as they seem to do within a year, there wouldn't be a problem. I can't even recall the number of anti-pedophile or anti-predator sites I've seen come and go. They give it a shot, they find it's harder than it looks and they go away. Big whoop, that's not damaging to the overall goals that our organization and I have.

However, Tebo is a good example of the kinds of damage these n00bs (Excuse the net-speak, but there's no better term for it) can do. These guys getting involved have no idea what they're getting into. They have no idea of the kinds of virulent attacks pedophiles will try to wage upon them verbally, the kinds of bullshit that will be written about them personally. Tebo for example, had a picture of his son posted on a pedophile website and went kind of bonkers when the pedophiles (oh-so-predictably) started making sexual comments about his son. Recently, McClellan used a pedophile website to ponder suing ol' Tebo for using a domain that has his name and attempting to profit off his name in that manner.

End of the day, ol' Tebo poked a hornet's nest and didn't have a clue of what he was getting into. Now, had Tebo done this and just walked away, I wouldn't have much of a bitch with Ron Tebo. He wouldn't have become this strident example and would have faded into memory like all the other goofs I've seen come and go over the years.

The problem? Tebo is now encouraging the pedophiles with verbiage that has to be read to be believed. See, Tebo hasn't the stones to actually deal with pedophile activists, he didn't quite realize how many of them are out there. So now, he has panicked and ran into their arms.

Big, bad quoting spree of Ron Tebo on
I am NOT angry with the pedophile community. I am pissed off at the people that verbally attacked my family and my friend Tony Z. I have no beef with anyone here and I will respect you! However, I will NOT respond to rhetoric or threats.

I do hope that many understand why I am so angry and why the pain is overwhelming. I'm sure most here agree that children should stay innocent and abuse should not be tolerated.

Also, if Jack feels the urge (he has many urges) to sue me, then I say bring it on Jack boy!

Again folks...I just don't understand why there is a need to attack my family. If you're pissed at me then keep it between us. A "real" man does not attack another man's family when the beef is between the two! Simple. In my neighborhood, a beating would be justified without a doubt!

Thank all for you time.

Now that's civil and I truly thank you. My wounds are deep and I know that I need to heal! Jack may not be the enemy; however looking at Jack I saw my enemy...through my eyes only. MY abuser deserves no mercy and I will find him; however it's not Jack and I'm blaming the wrong person.

Blaming jack was easy, because I don't know my abuser.

I do NOT want another child to feel the pain that I feel! Enough is enough!

Thank you.

You're probably right and I have concluded that (through conversing with others here) that I will eliminate the message; however. I will be using the name ( to educate people about pedophilia (with educational links etc), how to protect your children and child abuse (NOT synonymous with pedophilia). I think time has come for me to "just" let go and maybe counseling is something I should seek.

I do appreciate your understanding.


Look, if my intentions were not sincere I would not bother putting information on my anti Jack site about pedophilia. I'm trying to educate the public!

IMO, get a better spokesperson: A sharp dressed man! Educate the public with stats and reach out with an Olive branch. Don't hate me (non-pedophile) for what has happened in the Dark Ages. Let's move forward and form an alliance so the public (non-pedophiles) can understand your feelings and misconceptions about this disease (sexual orientation).

Also, people (especially parents) do NOT want to hear that having sex with an 8 year old is ok! Talk about how you love children and you would NEVER put a child in harms way!

Thank you for your time and God Bless.

Look, I know that most children are abused by neighbors or family members; however we should educate and NOT fight. Let's form an alliance and educate people like me about pedophilia. Show the world that most pedophiles are not abusers.

I truly believe that most pedophiles are harmless and mean no harm.
However, what happens to the child after you befriend him and he becomes a grown man? Once the relationship is over, the child (man) is put aside because he is no longer a child. The emotional pain must be devastating.

Again, my advice is for your community here to educate people like me. Have two spokes people: 1) a pedophile 2) a non-pedophile.

I could go on for days quoting the ridiculous statements that this goof has laid out there. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

The problem with people like Ron Tebo and the thing that drives me nuts about guys like this is that the only thing he's likely to accomplish? Unintentionally getting more kids molested by pedophiles. Pedophiles seek acceptance, they crave it. They come up with their arguments and their justifications, they try to convince people to accept them. It's their big goal, to promote the acceptance of their "lifestyle." Of course, they never throw in the extra sentence that their lifestyle consists solely of attempting to fuck children. That part is a bit too unsanitary, I guess.

Guys like Tebo, people without any chutzpah, balls, cajones, or backbone just play right into their hands. Rather than walk away silently from the verbal attacks he received, he chose to try to "build an alliance" by kissing the asses of hardcore pedophile activists. He chose to tell them everything they want to hear, that they're just misunderstood and they'd NEVER hurt children, that they just LOVE them. In short, he's gone on a pedophile message board and encouraged pedophiles to keep being pedophiles. He has sympathized with them.

He has sympathized with a crowd that houses and supports this oh-so-delightful group of people and worse? He has encouraged them.

That, as we've seen, is a very bad thing.

So if you ever wonder how hardcore PJFI volunteers deal with pedophiles and their ilk, remember that dealing with pedophiles and predators is far easier than dealing with random stupid non-pedophiles who stumble in the way like drunkards, wasting your time and making asses out of themselves pointlessly. After all, you can always get pedophiles and internet predators arrested...

...but you can't put stupid in jail.

Top Five Most Ridiculous Media Experiences

December/2007: Now that the top five best media experiences have been covered, time for the inverse and the far more interesting... top five most ridiculous media experiences. With successful media like "To Catch a Predator" nationally and prior to that, tons of successful local media stings across the country, I've been subjected to many a bad pitch. And of course, doing a ton of interviews also means that I've dealt with some idiotic media "personalities" or aspects. It was hard to narrow this list down to five, but what follows? Definitely some ridiculousness.

Let's get listing! And yes, beware, each write-up is far longer than the first part of this. Get some popcorn or something, but if you plan on reading this... well, you'll be here a while.

5: Larry and the Dots
I was asked to do Larry King in a "round-table" sort of segment. Chris Hansen and John Walsh were also slated. I guess the point was for us to talk about the "Predator" series and everything to do with it. Of course, the experience was something I found to be, well, quite ridiculous on a number of levels. First, doing remote media is always somewhat difficult because you've got an IFB in your ear, you can't see who they have queued on screen and there are no real "second takes." It would be quite easy to fuck up. However, usually, the host is well... predictable. Either he'll throw it to you at the start of the question or the host will know who should answer what question in a multi-guest setting.

Larry King? Not so much.

Being on a multi-guest show with Larry King was like playing a really warped game of hot potato. You had no idea who he was throwing a question to and he had no idea who he SHOULD throw a question to. He asked John Walsh something about how Predator operates. Walsh has no idea and responded with a confused answer. He asked me something about missing kids... something Walsh is an expert in. He just threw questions around randomly, with that hilting hitchy delivery of his. It was unnerving and annoying to say the least. Still, that wasn't the most ridiculous thing about doing the Larry King show. Nor was it the idea that they wanted a makeup person for me (I declined) because to me, if Larry King can go on TV looking how he looks, then it doesn't matter how I look. No, neither of these... it was the dots.

Prior to the show, the technician has to put together the background, lighting, etc. Usually I have a Portland backdrop behind me on every interview, because normally I'm sent to Fisher Pathways, the main satellite studio here in Portland, Oregon. For CNN, they sent me to a new, different one because... they had the dots. That's exactly how it was explained to me. New studio has the dots (Fisher Pathways now has the dots too!) so I have to go there. They didn't explain what the dots were or why they were important, but I would later learn. Anytime you watch the Larry King show, all the guests have these little slightly-moving dots behind them. Larry King has the dots, the guests have the dots. Everyone has the dots. Check out the show tonight, you'll see dots.

See? Dots.

Well, these dots I come to find out are very important. I get there and the technician brings out this old big TV screen. He pulls out a DVD and explains to me that he has to put on the dots. He puts them on, calls into the Larry King producer who tells him that the dots are too dark. Dots are too dark, have to brighten things. Technician tries to brighten the TV. Dots too bright! Dots aren't showing right! Back and forth, for about an hour... the dots, the dots. the dots aren't working! Eventually, after much boring back and forth, the Technician gives up and tries to order a new TV quickly. Can't be done. So yes, he'll have to get a new TV that shows the dots better at some point.

What happens? They pull out a night-time Portland background and I use that. So you see Hansen... has the dots, Walsh... has the dots. Me? Night-time Portland. I could tell the Larry King producer was none too happy about it because the first thing they say into my ear when I finally get the IFB on? Apologies over the dots, not having the dots, we're sorry the dots aren't working! Like I care if they have moving dots behind me. I'm nice, explain that it's cool, I like night-time Portland, dots aren't a big deal... and then the producer starts bragging about being the guy that created the dots. You see, these are important dots indeed.

It was very surreal. I was barely out of "Wow, dots" mode when Larry King started throwing around random questions like a baseball pitcher with tourettes.

4: Montel and the Hat
Back in 2004, Del, Frag, DMO and I found an abducted kid. Yeah, that's still weird to write. Anyways, there was some controversy because the cops in the area tried to sluff the blame off of their inability to do anything onto the kid, slurring the kid to the media and talking a lot of ridiculous shit. I then attacked them, we eventually as an organization brought enough pressure to bear that the police had to apologize to this family. It's a long story, it's a messed up story. Due to this, every freakin' talk show was contacting the kid and her family, trying to book them. They decided to go with Montel Williams. As part of it, they wanted Del and I to go and "meet the family for the first time" and explain how things went with the recovery.

First question I had to the booking producer was... "Can I wear my hat?" She said she had to check and then emailed back yes. Then I agreed to do the show. Fact is, if you're a show and you think I can't wear a hat, then I'm not doing your show. I wear a hat. I always wear a hat. I like hats, I have many of them. It's something I always check on, especially with daytime talk shows because I had already heard horror stories about how ridiculous they can be. So we get to New York, they book us in a nice hotel, have a limo service, they really deal you to the nines. Del and I hadn't met prior in person. We had fun. I blogged about all that.

What I didn't blog about was Montel and the fucking hat.

First, if you don't know, TV talk shows tape a ridiculous number of shows in a row. They tape like a whole week at a time usually. The experience is very frenetic, everyone is very rush rush and for good reason. People think that these hosts are all friendly and personable, but they're not. You never meet them. Montel never says hello or anything like that, not even to the kids on the show who had been recovered. You're hustled like cattle, here and there. The producers are all really nice, but the experience is rather weird because once you get on the stage, a talk show host will act like he's your best pal. Just a very fake experience in general.

I'm backstage, we're ready to go on. All of a sudden, I hear yelling from the soundstage area, the area where they tape the show right in front of the live studio audience. "Nobody wears a fucking hat on my show, I don't care who the fuck they are." A pause, the producer responding to which I can't wear. "I don't fucking care what you told him, he's not wearing a hat on my show." Just really angry yelling, near hysterical screaming from this guy in front of his studio audience. It's fucking unbelievable. I'm standing back there and thinking "Wow, this guy is a fucking psychotic." It's a hat, you're screaming because a producer told a guy he can wear a hat. Seriously?

The producer, basically with tears in her eyes, comes backstage and informs me that I can't be on the show with a hat, so it's up to me what I want to do. She apologizes for Montel's unprofessional outburst and I basically replied that he sounded like kind of a jerk and that I was told I could wear my hat, and that I'm cool with Del doing the spot and just going home because again, Montel sounds like a real asshole and not professional. Of course, I end up doing the show without a hat. Why? Del and I were supposed to leave that day, right after the taping. Rush, rush, like cattle, remember? They offered Del and I another expenses paid night in New York. I did the math later on, getting me to do the show without a hat cost ol' Monty thousands of dollars. They had to rebook the flight, get us new accomodations, etc, etc. That was good enough to buy me off.

So I did the show, Montel was nice as pie during the actual questioning part, and then we left. They asked me to come on again a year later for another show, I can't even remember the topic and I declined, explaining that I basically think Montel is crazy. And he has Sylvia Browne on every other day for fuck's sake. He's definitely a crazy psychopath.

3: Everyone wants to be Chris Hansen
With PeeJ, I'm the primary media contact. That means I get all the media requests. Now, just because you work with the media and have basically created a popular show (To Catch a Predator), this doesn't mean anyone will want to hear new ideas from you. When producers contact you, they basically give their pitch. You listen, usually reject it, and then they try to conjole you with compliments, promises or some other sweet nothings... well, as you will come to learn! Beware, number three here? Very long. Why?

Because literally, everyone wants to fucking be Chris Hansen.

- Prior to us doing "To Catch a Predator", Al Roker wanted to be Chris Hansen. Roker's production crew had seen the local stings we had done and "The Roke!" wanted to do the same thing. The pitch? Guys would come to a house, knock on the door and America's Favorite Weatherman would confront them about trying to have sex with a kid. I respect Al Roker (Fuck, never thought I'd write that in my life prior to PeeJ) because the guy doesn't try to be just a weatherman, but the idea of him confronting internet predators is just too ridiculous not to chuckle at. CourtTV ended up telling them that they wouldn't air predators without unblurred faces (this is all prior to large-scale police cooperation), so the issue was moot anyways. Still, you have to give Roker props for wanting to be "Chris Hansen" before Chris Hansen.

- After "To Catch a Predator" got popular, we started getting a deluge of requests. How about Dr. Phil? The Dr. Phil show contacted us wanting to do a segment where we opened a house and had predators arrive. Then Dr. Phil would be in the "Chris Hansen" role grilling predators. We, for obvious reasons, declined the offer.

- John Walsh and his production company contacted us wanting to do TCAP editions on America's Most Wanted with Walsh in the Hansen role. We declined the offer, again. Walsh went on to do his own TCAP-copies while trying to attack the "To Catch a Predator" shows saying that his are better (Which, btw, is pretty fucking odd. The point is to expose pedophiles, what is this competition shit?). Of course, they never mention that they tried scooping us up away from Dateline.

- Internet gossip website TMZ wanted to discuss a show opportunity with us. Again, another entity wanting to be Chris Hansen. I still to this day have no idea how the hell this would fit into their syndicated gossip show. Apparently my mind isn't attuned to the level of genius that show producers are. I've been attacked a couple times on since turning down the proposal though, so I think they're uh... not happy when jilted?

- Current talk show host Steve Wilkos (Ex-bodyguard of Jerry Springer) and his staff emailed me a very unique proposal. Oh, did I say unique? Here, judge for yourself:

Dear Perverted Justice/To Whom it May Concern,

I would like to make a request for your participation on the new "The Steve Wilkos Show". Steve Wilkos, a former police officer and Marine, was Head of Security for "The Jerry Springer Show". He now has his own talk show, starting this fall.

We would like to tape an episode similar to Dateline's "To Catch a Predator" - with the hopes that it will be ongoing through the series. If you have an exclusivity with Dateline, it is still possible that we may be able to work with you as well, we are daytime not primetime - and like Dateline, we are also an NBC/Universal show.

In exchange for working with us, you would be featured in the show, as well as have your organization mentioned on the show, and in the credits.

To Catch a Creep (working title)
The Steve Wilkos Show
Tentative taping date: Mid-Late August
On location and possibly in our Chicago studio

To Catch a Creep, huh? Well, we turned down this opportunity as well. I did recently catch Wilkos on his show grilling a convicted sex offender so apparently they found another way to do this. It's not that I hate guys like Wilkos, they're just trying to put on their show. But to cook up something like this without even consulting with us? It's amazing how unimaginative producers can be. Too many are simply wanting to copy other crap rather than trying to put heads together to come up with something new.

- Ever hear of Dr. Keith Ablow? Well, he Dr. Keith Ablew and I think his show has been cancelled. Awful, awful show. I saw one episode about polygamy where ol' Ablow was going on and on coddling and defending the polygamists. At the end of the show, he pretty much came out and said there was nothing wrong with that lifestyle and that people should have an open mind. His production crew wanted his show to have a weekly segment where Dr. Keith put on his Chris Hansen pants and confronted predators we'd have arrive at a location. Unfortunately, it simply wasn't meant to be as I turned them down. Ironically, this was the same producer that pitched us the T... oh wait, that comes up later on!

- The whipped cream and cherry on the top of the wannabe Hansen parade? The Maury Povich show. It's not that I have all that much against Povich, I've never been on that show and... well, there's a good reason I've never been on that show. The Povich show has some sort of weirdness going on with it. They put a producer on getting our cooperation to work with them. I talked to this lady a few times, because they would email and call with various ideas. The producer well, how to put this delicately... was a sexkitten? At least, that's how she came off or was ordered to come off. Constantly hitting on me and saying stuff like "I just can't wait for you to come out here" and basically asking me out to dinner (Weeeeeiiirrrrrddddd), the whole experience just creeped me out. I will give her the credit of having a very attractive voice though. It almost felt like the whole Sirens thing in the Odyssey, really.

As if wanting Maury Povich to be an ass-kicking predator confronter wasn't bad enough, I kept getting the feeling as if they thought I'd be so stupid as to believe their producer really wanted to "get to know me" in person. Well, later on, I heard about a lawsuit at the Maury Povich show. The producer in question's name was Bianca Nardi. The person suing the Povich show? You guessed it, Bianca Nardi. You can read more about the lawsuit here.

The claims in the lawsuit included the following:
Among the many inappropriate things she says she was forced to do under threat of being fired include the following:

# wear short skirts, low-cut blouses and push-up bras
# go backstage and have her breasts photographed or videotaped
# speak in a "sexy voice" and talk "dirty"
# use adhesive tape on female guests breasts to create cleavage, earning her the nickname "tape lady"
# pose in "sexually explicit positions"
# go undercover wearing hidden cameras or microphones to bars to "secretly videotape married men agreeing to have sex with her"
# watch porn with Faulhaber in a private room

I can definitely testify to the bolded section. I would not in any circumstance believe this producer was speaking in that voice or flirting with me unless she were ordered to by her superiors. I keep trying to find a resolution to this suit, but "journalists" are great at reporting seedy gossip... not so great at following up on it. Regardless, I'm glad I was born with a brain large enough to see through such things, otherwise we might have been subjected to Maury Povich trying to talk tough to internet predators.

Truly, everyone wants to be Chris Hansen.

2: The Predator and the Movie Premiere
Everyone knows what extravaganza's movie premieres can be. Red carpets! Stars! Cameras! Screaming fans! Well, one movie wanted something extra to spice things up... an internet predator to randomly show up. Now, I'm no movie producer, but that's a really stupid fucking idea. We can't remember which movie it was, exactly. Del says the movie was "Hard Candy", but I think the movie was "CHAT", I'm 99% sure of it. Either way, what a terrifically awful suggestion.

I can't imagine the scenario, really. How in the world were we to get the predator there to begin with? "Hi, I'm thirteen and I'm going to a movie premiere about internet predators, lol, want to come and have sex with me?" Not to mention, how in the world is anyone supposed to stop the guy when he gets there, or how was he supposed to actually be interviewed for the... audience? Yeah, just a minute ago you were thinking that nothing sounded more ridiculous than Maury Povich confronting internet predators, weren't you? And now you're thinking "Wow, that's more ridiculous, holy shit."

I'm not sure precisely how they were going to plan on doing this, as we rejected the pitch very quickly.

1: Tyra fucking Banks
You might wonder why I feel so confident doing this blog entry now. "But Xavier", you might be thinking, "there could be a more ridiculous media experience to cover later!" Fact is, I can do what I do for another twenty years and nothing will ever top Tyra fucking Banks. Or, well, Tyra fucking Banks producer. The same producer that wanted us to do weekly "stings" with Dr. Keith Ablow also wanted us to do something "new" with Tyra! Then the female producer proceeded to give me the absolute worst pitch of all time.

You see, they wanted us to pose as perverted photographers. Yes, adult males. We were then to go into internet chat rooms in the Las Vegas area and solicit teen girls to do photo shoots. Yes, photo shoots where they would be expected to take off some of their clothes. The girls would then arrive at the location, be greeted by a male Tyra producer (I guess), and then after they agreed to but prior to them disrobing, Tyra Banks would pop out from behind the back like Soul Sistah Number Eleven and lecture the girls on being so unsafe!

That, for so many reasons, is truly the most awful idea of all time.

But, it gets worse. The producer also went out of her way to say that we could not have any of our gay volunteers working on this, as the show "isn't a gay show" and that there were not to be any gays working on this or any gay females or males, apparently, to show up to their mythical photo shoot. To this day, I have no idea why she said this. She was leaving me a voicemail, so it's not like I brought up gay people. She was just rambling on about this idea they wanted to have us help them with. I guess we just have a rep of having a lot of gay volunteers. No matter where it came from, the idea that the Tyra Banks show couldn't have gay volunteers associated in any way is a bit odd since y'know, America's Next Top Model has all sorts of gay "characters" on the show each year. The entire pitch was bizarre enough, but that factoid capped it off in quite the odd way.

After that, I stopped taking calls from the producer who pitched me that level of awful. I doubt it will ever be topped, as no producer before or since was daft enough to suggest that we go solicit kids to do pornographic photography shoots. Of course, now that I watch "highlights" of the Tyra show on E!'s "The Soup", I understand the level of lunacy associated with the Tyra Banks show. Then, however, I was almost scratching my head until it bled. The world is often too stupid for me to process mentally.


There you have it, the best and most ridiculous five media experiences in our four and a half year history. Perhaps I'll be surprised and we'll end up having pitches or... whatever... top the level of crud I've described, but it'll take some work on the part of those in the media. Without any doubt, I seriously don't know how I would have lived with myself had we taken up the vast majority of those pitches.

People in the media world can be very stupid, very often.

Top Five Best Media Experiences

December/2007: I've been cracking away at the whole thing for four and a half years now. Long time, and for almost all of it, we've been dealing with the media. Having to deal with reporters and the media can be an odd thing. I'm going to post my top five best media experiences in this blog. The NEXT blog will be the top five most ridiculous media experiences. I've got some doozy's we've never talked about planned for that one. I'd just do that one (because it's the really good one) but you can't do the most ridiculous without the best.

So without any further ado, the top five best media experiences.

5: The French!
Back in January 2007, I got an email from a guy named Dominique asking if we can help him on a story for French television. I was pretty busy at the time and replied no. The French were so excited about doing the story that they had already FLOWN TO PORTLAND to do the interview prior to ever talking to me.

Apparently they had talked to Frag and Del and the French had started calling them incessantly for weeks, to the point where both of them didn't even want to answer the phone anymore. Well, at some point, the French had gotten confused, and thought they had spoken with me. Long story short, the French were sad, disappointed and sitting around bored.

It was one of the rare times I relented on saying "no" to something as the emails from these guys were basically broken disappointed English. I mean, read this and tell me you could say "no" afterwards.

Emails from the French:
Unfotunatly, we stay in Portlnd a very quick time.
I really want to meet your association since we're convince we must o the same in France and we want to explain it.
So, what can we do? If you are agree for a report, we can wait till tomorrow, if not, we must leave because we have a very short time to do it.
Excuse me to be so direct. I don't want to hurt you.
It will be a great pleasure to meet you

C'mon, that's adorable.

They had booked one of the most expensive and oldest hotels in Portland, which I thought was pretty weird too. I guess people don't know any better coming into town. I did the interview and was struck by just how nice those guys were. They were simply nice people wanting to do an interview and talk about how citizens can fight against predators and pedophiles. As regular readers of my blog know, I'm not much a fan of the media but guys like these help redeem doing any media to begin with.

Definitely the nicest media people I've dealt with and they were French. Goes against the stereotype, eh?

4: Beating down Julie Posey
Back in early 2005 I was asked to go debate a woman named Julie Posey on an old Fox News program called "Dayside with Linda Vester." Posey had been going around attacking us for being private citizens conducting chats, despite the fact that Julie Posey was herself a private citizen that conducted chats. The difference between us was/is pretty simple... Posey says that only she can do such chats, we say anyone can be trained to do so. She trolled rooms for nine years and got about sixty convictions. Kudos for that, but considering that in 2007 alone we have over 120 convictions... well, let's just say I couldn't wait to finally be able to address her bullshit directly.

I had one my research on Posey and realized that her anti-citizen message wouldn't play well with most watching. What I didn't know about the Dayside program is that it had a live studio audience. The audience surprised me by applauding everything I had to say (chiefly that Posey is a goofy elitist hypocrite and in it for personal fame) against her. At the time, our "Conviction Machine" was just being built, but we had come off a nice run of arrests and convictions. After that head to head debate, Posey stopped trying to criticize us. Probably both from the embarrassment of her performance and due to the fact that since then we've accomplished what took her nearly a decade in the span of barely a year's time.

3: Calling out a defense attorney on CourtTV Radio
Yes, you can obviously tell I like strife too much. I was asked to do a radio segment on CourtTV talking about online predators, To Catch a Predator, etc. I love doing radio because it's long-form explanation. You can actually take the time to develop ideas unlike television and print media. On this particular show, a really mouthy female defense attorney was on trying to shit-talk us, stating that our cases don't hold up in court, the usual defense attorney bullshit. It was the first time I got to take on some mouthy celebutorney and I did something she didn't expect nor knew how to respond to.

I called her out.

Rather than listen to her blather on hypothetically, I made an off-the-cuff challenge... to go take a case! Insulting her, I stated that she had no chance, couldn't do anything more than a public defender and basically would get beaten down by our evidentary procedures if she even dared to take a case. I asked her where she could practice law, she noted California... fuck, we have dozens of arrests in California. So I out and out challenged her to go take her pick of any arrest we have in California and to defend the case pro-bono. She stuttered and then after having her shit called out, weakly said she would.

She never did. Now, anytime a defense attorney talking head gets mouthy? I just call them out and tell them to go take a case. They never do and never will.

2: Shenanigans on the O'Reilly Factor
The second time I was on the O'Reilly Factor I was booked to "debate" the Mayor of Murphy Texas, a Bret Baldwin. This guy had no PR training and I got to go straight at him. It felt almost unfair, I have been doing dozens of these types of Cable News interviews and I'm certain he had never done one. End of the day, I beat him down and went straight at him. The guy just didn't know what he was getting into. Not to be too pompous, but all I did in college was do formal debate. I was mean at it and won quite a few trophies the two years I did it. End of the day, getting into a verbal confrontation with me in such a setting probably isn't going to go too well for anyone.

The element that made this my second favorite media experience? Calling shenanigans. It can easily be guaranteed that no person on this planet has ever said "I call shenanigans" during a cable TV news interview, let alone on the O'Reilly Factor. Ending one of my verbal attacks on Baldwin, I literally "called shenanigans" on him. I'll likely never do another cable news interview (What's there to talk about? Internet predators isn't a hot news topic anymore) and that's fine because I doubt I could do anything cooler during one than that.

Otherwise, O'Reilly went on in later segments to attack us because we work with NBC (O'Reilly and MSNBC have had a long-running feud) but what will never be aired is the last laugh I got. O'Reilly had me on to talk about the Marsha Bartel lawsuit against Dateline NBC. He went on and on about how NBC would have to settle and how the producer raised "serious issues." What he didn't know was what I know... she's a liar and her claims were groundless. Well, as any reader of knows, Bartel's lawsuit was tossed out of court like the cheaply written piece of shit it was. After that, I couldn't resist emailing O'Reilly.

My petty but fun email to the lead producer of his show:
Hello Ron Mitchell,

The Marsha Bartel lawsuit against NBC News and Dateline NBC was tossed out by the New York Supreme Court. You might remember it as it was the one O'Reilly told me that NBC would "have to settle on" because Bartel "brought up serious issues." I told him that NBC would not settle and would win and that she was a liar. Since then, all you guys have done is attack us without any logical reasoning, seemingly just because we work with NBC News.

Just wanted to officially note:
O'Reilly: 0
Von Erck: 1

Xavier Von Erck
Director of Operations

PS. It'll be 2-0 when the sister of the child pornography freak loses her's too. :)

Mitchell replied that they may do an update to the story. Of course, they never did. Doesn't matter, I got to write the "O'Reilly: 0, Von Erck: 1" line which felt fucking awesome to do. Of course, none of this is to say O'Reilly is a bad guy in my eyes, out of all the cable news hosts that I've done interviews for, he's the only one that takes the time out of his day to have a cordial quick conversation with his guests before going on air. It's the little things when you deal with the media that make the difference to me.

1: Al Roker asks me if I'm a Nazi
Yeah, anyone who reads my blog should know this story as I already blogged about it years ago. The full story can be found by clicking this link. Yeah, I blogged this already. Look, I wanted to do something different for the best media experience, but I have to be honest. Al Roker asking me if I'm a Nazi will never be topped. It's impossible. I can't think of anything more surreal, more off the wall and more strange than having America's Favorite Weatherman ask you if you're a follower of Hitler.

When I reconnected with a couple old friends I hadn't spoken with since college, the first story I told of what I had been doing was Al Roker asking if I'm a Nazi. When I spoke with my half-brother who I hadn't spoken with over ten years, one of the first things I mentioned when he asked about my life was the Al Roker story. I love that goddamned story, so it shall be number one for eternity.

I'll be posting the top five most ridiculous media experiences in the next couple days. Everything on that list is stuff I haven't talked about before, some of the most ridiculous pitches you can imagine, a bunch of dots, drama over a hat, and... a movie premiere? You'll be left scratching your head, without a doubt.

Lord knows I was at the time, myself.

I now understand why "gamer" is used as an insult

December/2007: Anyone that knows me knows that I've been playing video games since the original Atari. When the NES came out, my grandparents bought it as a gift for Christmas, 1986. I was seven and I still remember this. We used to do gift-giving on my mother's side of the family on Christmas Eve because I would have to go to my father's side of the family on Christmas Day, that is, until I hit the age where I could say "no mas, no mas" to that arrangement. I came back a couple days later and there were two NES systems.

My grandparents had played mine while I was gone and had gotten hooked. They had to have their own system after that.

Since then, I've played video games more days than I haven't. My grandparents turned into huge gamers as well, playing every RPG that came out for the NES, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis... all the way through the original Playstation and Nintendo 64. They loved video games and one of the saddest parts of their getting old and dying was watching them no longer be able to enjoy them as they once did. Fun turned into frustration as memory went away and games became more complicated. Still, they both played video games nearly until the day each of them died.

Both of them died before became well, what it is. Which, obviously, means they died before they could witness the media stories and learn much of the ridiculousness that comes along with those. Reporters are always looking for an angle with which to attack you, so they ask you about your hobbies a lot of the time. I've always responded that I play video games. I had no reason not to, in my mind. I've been playing them as long as I can remember and I consider it a great hobby to have. It certainly beats weekend drinking, partying and the random stupidity that most people of my age at the time made frequent practice of.

What surprised me at the time was that this fact was made into a frequent attack. "He's a gamer!" Even recently, a goofball reporter for Rolling Stone wrote a over-the-top hyperbolic article and literally, wrote the following sentence to describe me...

Rolling Stone
One of the few who know their true identities is their elusive leader, Xavier Von Erck, a twenty-eight-year-old libertarian and atheist who kills on Civilization IV.

You might think I used the italicizing for effect. I didn't. It's in the piece italicized like that. Obviously, anyone who has ever played Civilization 4 is snickering at the description right now. KILLS on Civilization 4? A person couldn't be more out of touch than writing that. When you think of a game that would satiate a "bloodlust of killing!" you wouldn't really think of Civilization 4. It's a nation-building strategy game, of all things.

Of course, that's just one example!

Random Internet Moron
Perhaps we need to begin asking whether it is acceptable for unemployed twenty-something drop-out computer-gamer cyber-vigilantes or pretend-news entertainers to hand out death sentences


Easily, I could go on and on. Since the summer of 2003 when we had our first media attention, those seeking to attack the organization via myself, the founder, have often used the fact that I play these apparently evil video games. For the last few years, I've found the entire tactic humorous. It is hard to look at it any other way, as the entire idea that is evil because the founder of the organization enjoys video games just happens to be one of the most absurd statements I can imagine from looking at things from a logical perspective. However, the general public often doesn't do this. For example...

Man, just look at that douchebag

The guy above is a fellow named Jack Thompson. He's a Florida "attorney" who is on a huge campaign against video games. One of his favorite targets is one of my favorite companies, Take Two Interactive, the publishers of Civilization, the NBA 2K series, etc, etc. They also publish games like Grand Theft Auto, Manhunt, Bioshock, etc, all games with disturbing elements to them, admittedly. Anyways, this guy is bat-fruit-nuts-crazy. He's more certifiable than your average piece of sports memorabilia sold on QVC. He submitted pornography in an argument to a court, has staged countless publicity stunts, has settled out of court regarding a lawsuit against him and has come within a hairsbreadth of being disbarred in Florida.

Still, despite all this, Jack Thompson is regularly featured on cable news programs, his "work" has resulted in some really wonky legislation (all of which has been struck down due to the efforts of the games industry) and the guy makes crazy money going around the country to give speeches regarding the evils of video games.

I mean seriously, the guy is fucking bonkers, check out these quotes:

- "The 'video game community' (what's next, 'the necromancy community'?) surely seems exercised about someone who is a 'joke' and who is accomplishing nothing. You all seem rather bothered and worried about a nonentity. God is in this battle, and I am privileged to be a foot soldier. You all should be concerned, not about me, but about Him."
- "Any letter from a video gamer like you would deepen his concern. Are you actually so confused that you think gamers have any influence on anyone. Gamers are considered by normal people to be cretins. Get used to it."
- "Jack Thompson keeps racking up wins and you gamers just can't handle the truth. What's the truth? It is this: Adults with common sense and common decency who respect law enforcement are still running this country. Video gamers are not, and never will..."
- "I have made a choice, and it is a choice for Jesus Jesus said: "If any of you should cause any of these little ones to stumble, then it would be better for you that a millstone be tied around your neck and that you be cast into the sea." Rockstar is marketing adult murder simulators to kids. You are an apologist for that molestation. You're the one who needs to square his actions with the Bible, not I. I'm the one winning cases in the Bible Belt, not you. Please go to Hell more quietly. Thanks."
- "Actually, I'm succeeding and you're not. We're moving toward the trial in Alabama, and Rockstar is on the ropes. You and Xenu can go to Hell."

While I'm no fan of ol' Xenu myself, the guy is bats in the mental belfry. However, because he's more cracked up than Courtney Love hanging out with Kate Moss, the media loves to put him on television. And of course, he goes on there and says crazy alarmist things that make great soundbites to scare the crap out of people who don't know any better. You go down the line a bit and tragedy-chasers like ol' Thompson create such a stigma about gamers that reporters then use that stupidity to attack me, because I dare to play video games and run an anti-pedophile organization.

From my own experiences doing cable news interviews, guys like Thompson are what they die for. I've had a producer in my ear during one show excoriating me to tear into another guest because they needed "more passion, more fire!" for the interview. I've had times when producers I've done interviews with in the past would contact me about related stories and ask me questions, gauging to see if I'll say something fiery. If you don't, you don't get booked to do the interview. That's how little crazy people like Thompson get interviews... by being unreasonable, crazy and frothing, he (justifiably) in the minds of producers will keep a viewer watching. Producers are right about that, there's nothing that the public in general hates more than a reasoned discussion.

But is that it? Are toadies like that goof the entire reason why people who wish to attack me feel that they have a free hand with the "gamer" slur? Sadly, after much deliberation over it the last couple of years, no.

Gamers are also to blame, themselves.
As much as I'd like to, you can't just blame goofs like Thompson for the word "gamer" being demonized in many people's minds. You also have to blame... well, gamers. With the internet, gamers have banded together and created a "gaming culture." Over the last couple years of reading Joystiq, Kotaku and other blogs, I've come to know it all too well. There's a myriad of aspects to it that make it condemnable.

Anime and Japanese culture - Loads of gamers are into anime along with anything and everything in Japanese culture. Unfortunately, many gamers are into all the dark sides of Japanese culture. Tentacle rape, drawn child pornography they call "lolicon", and all sorts of other crap. The gamer blog Kotaku is the worst of this, as they have a contributor that lives in Japan and feeds the garbage by covering everything and anything under the sun regarding the worst of Japanese culture. From Japanese games such as rape simulators to peripherals designed to be vibrators, the Japanese have "classy" scrawled out of their dictionaries when it comes to gaming.

Rape - Even innocuous posts on Kotaku, such as one post where they showed a picture of a sleeping Japanese "booth babe", elicit a disturbing reaction. The commentors immediately started in talking about how she made a good target for rape. Yeah, literally. Morons. A large subsection of gamers think rape is great. Sounds like hyperbole, I know, but the amount of positive rape comments disguised as "jokes" really illustrate why date rape is at epidemic levels. So glad I'm male... as I feel so bad for females trying to find someone suitable to date in this modern age.

Racism - I've been on XBox Live since it launched. It is, without a doubt, the scummiest cesspool you can imagine. I've been called the N word more times on there than I can count. Not "nigga", but with the "er." I'd just type the whole thing out but I'm sure some dipshit would then probably state that I throw around that word on my blog in an attempt to smear me. It's a common insult on XBox Live, you're bound to hear it in any game you play from other players. You'd probably think that it's stupid moron teens that throw it around, and you'd be right... but you'd be wrong to think it's exclusively them. Players who are obviously in their twenties, thirties, etc, toss it around liberally. But it's not just racism against black people, it's every kind of hickery you can imagine. Hatred towards Mexicans, the French, the British, the Germans... hell, you name a nationality and I've heard someone on XBox Live use a racial slur regarding it. Oh, yeah, anti-semitism is rampant as well, don't let me forget.

Hatred of females in general - There's nothing more embarrassing than trying to play a game on XBox Live with your significant other. Playing Rainbox Six: Vegas with my wife, for example, was pretty excruciating. I was trying to get her into playing more first person shooters as playing them online is quite fun... except for the fact that 80-90% of other gamers basically hate females. Their conversations about their "love lives" usually pour contempt towards women. Whenever we play now, I just play in private voice chat with her. That way we don't have to hear the idiots with their idiotic conversations but we also don't have to deal with morons on XBox Live hating my wife because she's a female.

Drug use - Every other gamertag I've played against online are pot references. The amount of conversations I've had to endure listening to two morons who don't know each other "bond" over the fact that they both ~gasp!~ people who smoke pot. I'm not morally against people smoking pot and I think all drugs should be legalized, but as a non-druggie, there's nothing more boring than hearing two druggies get all friendly because OMG POTASAURUS! Fucking boring people.

Webcomics - One of the more noxious aspects of "gamer culture" are webcomics. Webcomics are quite much like the "Sunday Comics" you're used to in the newspaper. With the success of gaming webcomic "Penny Arcade", every other gamer in America decided to go make a shitty website with a shitty webcomic detailing "gamer culture." Of course, the vast majority of them are sexist, racist, anti-homosexual, dumb and most sinful of all, unfunny. Oh, and did I mention a lot of them tread into pedophilia? There's a great blog called "Your webcomic is bad and you should feel bad that breaks down these crappy examples of gamer culture intellectually, something most gamers don't have any ability to do. Hell, reading it was the entire reason I wrote this blog and the reason I've come to understand how "gamer" is an insult to begin with.

Gamer Kids - I'm 28 years old. I don't like children. I don't like being around them. I don't like hearing them. As much as I don't like kids, I really, really, really don't like gaming kids. It's another negative of XBox Live. As good as Microsoft is about parental controls and building a great online interface, they suck ass when it comes to identifying exactly who you don't want to be around. For me, I don't want to be around kids. They have the online service denote who are kids, teens and adults in order to set up various permissions and try to keep kids on XBox Live safe. I appreciate that. What I would appreciate even more is an option for me to select so I can then only play with other adults. Segregating the kids from the adults is what I advocate and not to "save the kids" from adults (Microsoft does a good job in general of doing all they can) but rather to save me from having to hear them scream and yell. I've heard kids curse at their parents, siblings, friends, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. They're dumb, they absorb the worst of gaming culture like a giant garbage disposal.

Hatred of gays - If they're not calling you the big 'N' word out of racism, they're calling you a gay, a "queer", a "faggot", etc. Think of it as one giant male locker room, say football. Just worse, because there's no coach around to kick someone in the ass for being a giant douchebag. While the racism bothered me more as I had naively believed it mostly a dead issue in this country (At least, in the Northern United States), the amount of gay-bashing was slightly more than I expected. If that sounds like a compliment towards gamers, it's not... I expected a fucking lot of it to begin with.

At the end of the day, gamers are to blame. Even moreso than guys like Jack Thompson, gamers themselves have illustrated exactly why people like me have to deal with nutty reporters calling me names because I'm an "open" gamer. I simply wished I had taken a clearer look at the gaming community before I dared to expose the fact that I play game series such as Civilization, Halo, NBA2K, and uh... everything else I can get Gamefly to ship me.

So my advice to anyone reading is pretty simple. If you're going to embark on a career that involves anything relating to the public eye, avoid noting that you play video games because more than likely, you as well will end up described hilariously as someone who gets a murder lust on from playing world building simulations... and worse, associated by the public as being like the vast majority of gamers people encounter.

The problem isn't the stereotyping of gamers by non-gamers. It's the gamers themselves.

Just call me Mr. Number 27


Some things are so dumb that you don't know where to begin. First, the guy in the picture above is obviously not me. He's actually a blogger that once blogged the Rabbi David Kaye story... well, back in 2005. However, when you search my name on Google Image Search, it comes up with my name underneath next to actual pictures of me taken from various cable shows. Of course, comparing the pictures... it's pretty obvious that's not me. Plus, I'll never take a picture that awesome, I doubt I could blow cigar smoke anywhere near as good.

Of course, it's not so obvious to all. I recently received an email illustrating that some people are incompetent at googling.


Is the image attached you? I can't tell! My researcher found it on the internet and wasn't sure!? Again, let me know!

Thank you!


I received that back in late October. The "Hali" is Hali Feldman, the photo editor of Details Magazine. Hali Feldman is also an awesome name. Not so awesome at research though. I'm not sure quite who her researcher is, but if that person were any good at research you'd kind of notice the blurb underneath the photo by the guy stating who he is. This is the second time our experience with paid media researchers has made our own unpaid volunteer researchers look like they're evil genisues from planet nine. Anyways, I should have said it was me, but then the poor blogger probably would have heard about his photo in Details Magazine and I'd be sued for picture fraud or some other nonsense.

The question is, why was Details Magazine, some random magazine for men, emailing me? Pretty simple, they were asking for a photo so they could do something more ridiculous than thinking I'm some swarthy cigar-smoking man. Details Magazine has featured me on the "The Details Power 50: the most influential men under 45." As soon as I saw the email saying they wanted to put me on that list, I laughed. Then I showed my wife and she laughed. Since then, I've told her that she's married to someone on the Power 50 list, because that sounds awesome. The only question I had was just how ridiculous of a ranking would these dorks give me?

Turns out? You can just call me Mr. Number 27 from now on.

Yes, of all the men under the age of 45 in the world, I'm the 27th most influential. My blog gets between 30-100 hits a day, I've never been recognized on the street (nor by Details Magazine researchers, apparently) and 99% of all people in the country haven't heard of me. So you might be thinking, "Jesus, how many other nobodies are on the list as well if you are, Xavier!" And that is where it gets really ridiculous. Apparently, I kick a whole lot of ass. How much ass? Check the list, guys.

I am Mr. Number 27.
Jay Z, president of Def Jam Records, co-owner of the New Jersey Nets, boyfriend of Beyonce is... 44.

I fucking OWN Jay Z. I influence him, not the other way around. When he did the "The Blueprint": The Gift & the Curse" album, he was influenced by me. I'm fucking seventeen spots ahead of him! I could have had Beyonce, but I told her that she is too annoying for my tastes and that she isn't influential enough, really. You have to be way up there for me to be with you. Hell, if they had a similar thing for females, I'm sure my wife would be like number 26 or something. Beyonce wouldn't even make the list.

I am Mr. Number 27.
Justin Timberlake, former boyfriend of Britney Spears, former Mouseketeer and famous actor/singer guy is... 37.

I don't OWN Justin Timberlake as hard as I OWN Jay Z, but I OWN Justin Timberlake pretty f'n hard. That kid, who is he? Nobody. I'm so much more influential than him, it hurts. I told Britney back in the day that I wasn't interested and she'd end up dating some white trash back-up dancer (Who outranks me, K-Fed is NUMBER SEVEN!) and boy, was I right. Plus I mean, who couldn't rip Janet Jackson's top open and cause a huge backlash of government censorship? Everyone has at this point.

I am Mr. Number 27.
Barry Bonds, all-time home run steroid king, the most polarizing figure in sports... is 33.

I hit a couple home runs in Little League. Wasn't very exciting, just wasn't my thing. Plus I knew it wouldn't be influential. Sure, he caused a federal investigation, but we at have owned him because we've got a bunch of federal convictions we worked on. How many does he have? None, well, one pending. That's not influential. Sure, he's tarnished baseball, America's Pastime, but other than that, it's not like he's me or anything.

I am Mr. Number 27.
Tyler Perry presents Tyler Perry's Influential Tyler Perry is... 50.

I knew I'd kick his ass too. He has to put Tyler Perry's Tyler Perry presents Tyler Perry in each of his projects. You don't see "Xavier Von Erck's presenting of Xavier Von Erck presenting Wikisposure" or anything, do you? Hell no. I'm Mr. Number 27, I don't need to put my name on everything. People already know, obviously! Tyler Perry has to put his name on precisely because he's so not influential. I would never put "Xavier Von Erck presents an Xavier Von Erck production of" It'd be... below my status. Then again, I might if I were number 50 like Tyler Toolbox here.

I am Mr. Number 27.
Iggy, Ellen Degeneres ex-dog is... 29.

Kicked your ass, Iggy. Kicked your ass.

I own all those people. I'm Mr. Number 27 and they're obviously nobodies because if a nobody like me can be Mr. Number 27, all those bitches should be ahead of me. And some of those guys are older. I've got seventeen years to move up that list with my nobody style. Barry Bonds is an old guy and he's that low? Weak. Just weak.

When Details emailed about this, I had a pretty good idea that their paragraph about me would be negative. In my head I figured they'd put me on because I represent the "fear children have towards men" or something equally out there. Instead, they wrote the following paragraph which isn't as negative as I could have wrote it, but compared to most on the list, is still pretty out there negative. Here is the write-up they did on me:

27 // Xavier Von Erck
Founder, Perverted Justice; Age: 28
Xavier Von Erck founded the website with the goal of outing suspected pedophiles by any means necessary. Von Erck and his minions troll chat rooms and dating sites, flirting with fellow users with the intention of entrapping them and shaming them to oblivion. But as with any vigilante, Von Erck's methods attract controversy. Since he joined NBC's Dateline for the "To Catch a Predator" series in 2004, the segment has led to the arrest of more than 250 alleged sex offenders, and as many objections from civil-liberties experts-not to mention a $105 million suit filed by the sister of an alleged offender who, after his bust, shot himself. Even if Von Erck hasn't learned how fitting the name Perverted Justice is, he's taught the rest of us.

That's pretty negative, really, but not as good as I could write just cutting and pasting old articles. Of course, we've had negative press since we got our first press back in late 2003, so it's all old hat by now. As we've found, controversy creates news which creates volunteers which creates convictions. Mainly because whenever someone reads something negative about us, they go to the website, see the convictions, read a log and want to volunteer. What I found hilarious about the paragraph isn't something in the paragraph. What's hilarious is comparing it to other paragraphs of other people.

Keep my paragraph in mind... here's the one on Joel Osteen, bible-beating pastor of the Lakewood Church:
16 // The Spiritual Leader
Joel Osteen, Pastor, Lakewood Church; Age: 44
The most popular pastor in America casts God in the role of benevolent life coach. Known as the Smiling Preacher (his lovely blonde wife, Victoria, might be the reason for the grin), Joel Osteen doesn't rail against sin, threaten damnation, or even refer to the Bible all that often-a strategy that's helped his brand of "pastorpreneur" sell in precincts where Dr. Phil and Deepak Chopra hold sway. Each Sunday, Osteen's services draw 40,000 people to a church that was once the home of the Houston Rockets, and he hosts the most-watched inspirational TV show in the United States. All of which helps explain how the Oral Roberts University dropout has sold 4 million copies of his 2004 book Your Best Life Now and why his new book, Become a Better You, had an initial print run of 3 million. "For men," says Jim Twitchell, the author of Shopping for God: How Christianity Moved From In Your Heart to In Your Face, "seeing a minister with a hot wife kind of says this guy is one of them."

Of course, the best example isn't some goof pastor, it's Muqtada al-Sadr!
8 // Muqtada al-Sadr
Shiite Cleric; Age: 34
As the major players begin to plan for a post-U.S. Iraq, Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr has already burnished his statesman credentials, ordering a cease-fire for his Mahdi army (while still unofficially siccing them on his enemies). He's also strengthened his grip on parliament and the government, including the Interior Ministry. Now, formerly warring Shiite and Sunni factions are uniting, apparently in the hopes of countering Sadr's dominance. "This year his influence has been at least as high as it's ever been," says Austin Long, a political scientist at the RAND Corporation. "It's very rare that someone has so much extralegal power-in the form of an armed militia-yet has so much influence within the government." But Sadr's real base of power is the street, where among nationalists and Shiite fundamentalists alike, his name is synonymous with resistance to the occupation. "It's a name to conjure by these days," Long says. "You saw that at Saddam's hanging." And you'll see it when the last U.S. chopper leaves Baghdad.

Pretty positive, really! I'm more disliked in influential male media than Al-Sadr. That rules so hard. Of course, people won't quite understand why I'm more than happy to be basically reviled by the writer of a men's magazine. Men's magazine. If there's any publication I want to hate on me, it's a fucking men's magazine.

The best part of the whole thing, however, is that I'm younger than 90% of those listed. That means if I keep up my reign of anti-pedo terror, fuck, I could move up that sucker! Screw you Ryan Seacrest, I'm kicking your ass in 2008... this I vow!

PS. Apologies to Jason "Mr. Number 43" Jones, the creator of Halo. Please don't take away my copy of Halo 3! I didn't mean to totally kick your ass, after all. Which I totally did. Kicked. His. Ass.

PPS. Anyone else notice how that list is like a transit bus in 1940's Georgia? All the influential black people at the back of the list. I dare declare that Details might have something against black people, actually. I didn't notice this until later. Even the Muslim terrorists rank higher. Weird.

Email: Individual calls me out due to Wikisposure stance

November/2007: So recently we had some anti-gay site link the Wiki in order to attack some pedophile who attacked them for being anti-gay. While I'm all in favor of people linking Wikisposure to expose a pedophile, I'm not in favor of it being used incorrectly by a group to try to attack homosexuals. We target pedophiles. If you want to use our work or tout it, you better be anti-pedophile, not anti-gay.

Anyways, we did a redirect to the following link: AmericansforTruth Redirection. Have a read if you want so you can get proper context. Here is the email, from a guy named Steve.

Email from Steve
Dear Sir:

I saw your attack on Americans for Truth due to the connection they make between homosexuality and pedophilia. You clearly are unaware of the research in this area but it is well established. I'm the author of the attached article which appeared in Regent University Law Review and it summarizes much of this research.

Yes, it is true that not all homosexuals are pedophiles and not all pedophiles are homosexuals, but there is a very strong nexes between the two groups. Indeed, you can be sure than many of the people profiled on your website molest males exclusively and many also carry on adult homosexual relationships. There is a whole body of research that shows that if a boy is molested today, the odds are that his molester is at least five times more likely to be a homosexual pedophile than a heterosexual pedophile.

You also seem to be aware of the vast amount of homosexual literature that is focused on child sex, or that many of the founders of the modern day gay movement are pedophiles or support pedophilia as a subset of homosexuality. Even the lists of "Famous Gays in History" created by the gay community on numerous websites are replete with pedophiles.

Did you really think that the explosion of child molestation and the growth of the homosexual movement over the last few decades were unrelated? Come on, get real. You need to quit being politically correct and accept what the research says. This attack on Americans for Truth for simply pointing out what we've all known for years really undercuts the credibility of Wikisposure and Perverted Justice. If you can challenge any of the studies I presented in the attached article, then do so because right now your personal opinions about this subject are discrediting the work you are doing.


I guess I'm getting cranky, because usually I'd write off an email like that but the gall of the guy to write me like we don't understand pedophiles and pedophilia in general. We're the goddamned boots on the ground in this fight and it's pretty annoying for some random fundamentalists who probably have only ever heard of "Boo scary NAMBLA boo!" think they know more about this shit than we do... too dumb to ignore.

My long reply, which I think is pretty good so if you're bored, have a read.
Hello Steve,

While you are putting together articles of opinions, we are putting together action on the ground against pedophiles and internet predators. What we've found:

- Vast majority of adult males who solicit our underage male decoys are married, usually with children. We've been at this for over four years, everyday, in the chat-rooms and social networking websites across the internet. Rabbi David Kaye, shows up for an underage male... married, with children. Clifford Wallach, shows up for sex with an underage male in Florida, brings his son along. Still with his wife to this day. I could spend all day giving case after case of married men with children showing up for sex with underage males. Most retain their marriage after arrest. The amount of out homosexuals that have hit us up for underage males is dwarfed by the amount of married men with children who have done so.

- The idea that areas which accept homosexuality are more prone to adult males molesting underage boys is not borne out by our many experiences. When we worked Northern California, we were exactly an hour away from San Francisco and Oakland, the largest concentrated amount of open and "out" homosexuals in the country. We had figured we would be awash with homosexual men arriving to have sex with underage minors. This wasn't the case, those who showed up were, in almost all cases, married men.

- We had more males show up to molest underage male decoys in Georgia and Florida than we did in Northern California. The reason? Societies which discriminate against homosexuals and push them into a "closet", create individuals who have no access to traditional gay areas of interest, say gay bars or any sort of well-established homosexual community from which they can draw adult interest. The closeted homosexuals, pushed into a corner by fundamentalists, then act out in whatever way they can. I fully believe that if Clifford Wallach lived in San Francisco rather than a traditionalist area of Florida, he likely never gets married, never has his kid and most importantly, likely never goes after a minor to begin with.

- The idea that there are "more" males out lurking for underage boys vs. underage females doesn't bear witness to the facts on the ground. Each sting operation we do, pedophiles with a heterosexual orientation outnumber pedophiles with a homosexual orientation. However, there is one interesting note. Heterosexual females and homosexual females have never approached our decoys and shown up. Homosexual and heterosexual males have. The problem with pedophilia has nothing to do with homosexuality or heterosexuality, but rather gender and cultural stereotypes. The high importance male culture places on virginity or having "pure" relations is a driver for many individuals to approach underage females and males.

- We chronicle actual stories of molestations that occur due to internet solicitations. Over 90% of cases we've seen are males luring females. Our foundation helped locate a 13 year old girl who was lured over a year by a 47 year old man. She was abducted, chained, tortured and raped over a two week period. The vast majority of internet abduction cases we've seen are focused on luring females.

- Pedophiles have long sought to attach themselves to homosexual groups and causes. However, you make the mistake of noting this as a result of "homosexuality" and not as a result of their attempts to compare themselves to every beleaguered group in hopes of gaining mainstream support for pedophilia. For example, is listed as an anti-gay hate group by one so-called homosexual who claims that we're "anti-gay" because we target individuals who seek to have sexual relations with minors. We could be completely illogical like "Americans for Truth" and say that means there is a connection between pedophilia and homosexuality, well, if we were dumb. At the end of the day, pedophiles wish to associate themselves with beleaguered groups in order to try to gain support from those groups and those who support such groups. Your argument is easily turned back upon you... if a Nazi claims to be Christian and not a Nazi and says that Christianity is all about "helping white people avoid minorities"... would I not then be completely incorrect by attacking Christianity as racist? Scum of all groups will try to masquerade as others in order to try to gain acceptance of their viewpoints.

- Confusing the above is exactly what pedophiles want you to do. We wrote that there are only two groups that try to associate pedophiles with homosexuals. Right-wing religious organizations and pedophiles themselves. You do it to try to demonize homosexuals. They do it to try to gain acceptance for their desires. When you sit there and try to claim that pedophilia has a common cause with homosexuality, you are literally playing right into what pedophiles WANT you to do. We cover this more in-depth with the pedophiles own writings at the following link:

- The idea that pedophilia has "exploded" recently is beyond the pale. World history and yes, American history have the fight against pedophiles as a new endeavor, based upon the civilized and modern notion that relations with underage kids are negative. They are negative and quite destructive. It is a scourge. But it is not by any means a new scourge, mere generations ago it was the church and religious society that would arrange marriages between older males and younger females. Those females being stripped of all rights, all ability to make their own choices. Commonly in history, it was western churches arranging such things, even today break-away sects of the Mormon religion and many Christian cults still engage in these practices. That's not to mention Islam, which deified a man who in their mythology had sex with a nine year old. Today in Iran, for example, the age of consent for females is still nine years of age. We would like to see that being argued as a result of the acceptance of homosexuality in Iran. Heh.

- We don't have personal opinions randomly. Our "opinions" are based on years of being the boots on the ground in the fight against online pedophiles and internet predators. No organization or group has dealt with more of them than we have. We've dealt with pedophiles and predators of every type. We've made this fight our lives, and the idea that we've not considered these arguments a hundred times is insane. We've encountered the very argument you've made. If there were truth to it in our experience, we'd say so. There simply isn't any truth to the argument people like Americans for Truth and yourself make. You can put together all the off the wall research from political think-tanks you wish, we're the guys on the ground getting the job done and we're the ones dealing with these guys directly.

Lastly, I suggest you click the following link:

This is a partial list of members. It is one of many "Girl-love" websites that exist online. Vast majority of these individuals are male, online, organizing to try to have sexual relations with extremely underage females. Again, the idea that "accepting homosexuality" fuels this is just... dumb.

We take the fight against pedophiles and predators seriously. Those trying to fracture the movement against pedophiles and predators by attempting to lump in random groups due to their own bigotry illustrate that they have no idea the seriousness of the problem of pedophilia. It shows a lack of first-hand knowledge and experience fighting them. If tomorrow every person who was bigoted towards homosexuals became enlightened about the nature of pedophilia and put even a tenth of the effort and passion they put into gay-bashing and hatred of homosexuals into the fight against pedophiles... well, let's just say that within a week we wouldn't have anything close to the problem regarding this issue that we have today.

Unfortunately, however, that won't happen anytime soon with people being more inclined to fundamentalist "sin-preaching" rather than actual harms to society and kids. So if we have to choose between lying to society about the problem of pedophilia in order to gain the support of short-sighted fundamentalists in this fight or telling the truth about the issue and gaining their ire, we'll choose the truth everyday of the week. At the end of the day, we'll take a hundred gays that are committed in the fight against pedophiles over a thousand hardcore fundamentalists who are stupidly more worried about thirty-five year old males and females trying to get married.

Xavier Von Erck
Director of Operations

Yeah, long reply, I warned you. Anyways, hopefully some much needed logic will get into the brains of one or two of these guy's followers and we can convert them into proper anti-pedophile activists. That way they can quit wasting their time bothering homosexual consenting adults for no good damn reason.

Arctic Circle in Portland!

October/2007: Holy crap, driving around today and saw an Arctic Circle up on 161st and Division. Of course, I had to stop.

All the Arctic Circles here went out about fifteen years ago and turned into Arbys. I like Arbys, but Arctic Circle fry sauce is golden! The most impressive thing about the new Arctic Circle? All the stuff was the same! Same fry bags, same cups, same stupid kids meal box, same fry sauce plastic containers for the drive thru.


If you're a REAL Portlander, you'll recognize this information for the awesomeness that it so truly is. Yeah, they've had them in the boonie-shit places in Oregon, but nothing counts unless it's in Portland. Arctic Circle is back!

Definitely closer than it appears!


Objects in mirror are closer than they appear indeed!

The above is a great picture taken of Erika's dog, Reuban (Uh, Reuben, but I guess Canadians can't afford extra e's). It wasn't photoshopped in any way either. Creepy!

Credit to Erika's brother for the picture.

A symphony of motivational material in B-minor

August/2007: People often ask, what's the most rewarding part of all the anti-pedophile work? Everyone assumes it is when another guy gets arrested and convicted... while that's very rewarding to one's morale, there's something else that notches just a sliver higher. That being when I see evidence of just how much of a difference we're making.

You might be asking... what evidence is that? The answer?

Pedophile death threats.

Pedophiles by their very nature are cowards. They can't handle relationships with adults. Grown women and grown men are beyond their ability in general. One other thing they also can't handle are anti-pedophile activists that refuse to debate them. Too many in the past would "ask them questions" or "try to understand them." Thankfully, our organization is smart enough to eschew all of that and go right after them. They don't like that.

Typically though, the pedophiles will try to put up this brave bold front that all the efforts against them aren't having an effect. However, when you see a small cross-sampling of just how angry and hate-filled they've become at us due to our efforts, you see just how large an effect those efforts have had.

So here is a medley of the "best of the pedophile threats"... all taken from ol' BoyChat.

xavier von shit is a living joke
Posted by Santi on 2007-August-8 12:57:44, Wednesday
In reply to Sting on TV show questioned posted by newshound on 2007-August-8 11:47:49, Wednesday
I laugh so much at his misery and suffering. The animal reminds me of mike "the already dead buried shit" echols.

So I know, for sure, he suffers and how he really feels, and that makes me amused. His inferiority is so real and so deeply perceived by him, that don't think the shows and the media attention palliate his pain.

Sooner or later, the resentment and suffering will take him down, and believe me I'll be laughing at him at the moment.

Heh! :D


They like to compare me to a guy named Mike "Wow, so crazy" Echols. Which is great, because it shows how little of the situation they understand. Echols was this guy who wrote "I know my first name is Steven", one of the more "known" made-for-TV movies. Echols also hated BoyChat and all the other online pedophile activists. Problem was? Echols was probably a schizophrenic. Rather than make a real difference by organizing people, Echols launched into obsessiveness, broke a bunch of laws and eventually shot himself (I believe). Problem is for Santi and his ilk, I'm anything but obsessed. Anyone with a knowledge of the history of would know that, though few have much of a knowledge regarding it.

In 2003, before we bought the domain, I let the entire project go to dust. The only reason it came back was because a bunch of idiots on the Danish Pedophile Association insulted the fact that I stopped doing the subsite on my blog. I was content to go off writing about nonsense online. When we bought the domain in the summer of 2003 and then re-launched, that's when everything got really "big."

Echols never had the ability to take a step back and say "You know, this might work better if I didn't act like a crazy nut and brought in some hombres." Of course, he was such a serious guy that he would likely have never written the word "hombres" like I just did either. That's the crucial difference.

I'm pushing back a little bit
Posted by slvrspun on 2007-August-7 11:32:39, Tuesday
In reply to Blue Panthers? posted by dreambrother on 2007-August-7 07:41:07, Tuesday
I just sent four emails to different firms in Oregon. They do property title searches, and I asked them if they do reverse searches on names. I'm gonna see if I can help the filth find their man, because I'm a good guy and I don't mind paying a small fee for the info. Anyone know where Oregon keeps it's voter register and if it's searchable? Sometime this week I'm gonna try and get a name behind another vigilante website. I've had them up to the eyeballs.

Got a quick reply from one
Posted by slvrspun on 2007-August-7 12:23:59, Tuesday
In reply to I'm pushing back a little bit posted by slvrspun on 2007-August-7 11:32:39, Tuesday
A reverse search can be done, and it cost me nothing to search on both Phillip John Eide and Xavier Von Erck. Unfortunately, there is no useful info. Here's a portion of the email I got:

I wasn't able to find any info for you. What I did was search the three counties that have Portland as the city. This tells me that Mr. Erck does not currently own property. He may have had property here and then sold it but in order to check that I would need a property address or the name of the person he sold to. If you can get any further information I'd be happy to search again.

..and she double-checked.

Pedophiles daily try to hunt me down because they think that if they're able to IM me with my home address, I'll say to everyone "let's fold up shop!" Fact is, let's pretend that I get hit by a car tomorrow and die. What changes with, and such? Well, they'll need some restructuring and the work I do daily will have to be done by someone else. It would be a bump in the road, but we've built the organization with enough redundancies to handle the loss of any single person.

Regardless, I'm mostly amused by the fact that they think I own property.

Of course, they like to threaten Chris Hansen too.

A Perfect Act of Powerlessness
Posted by Nickless on 2007-August-6 22:24:07, Monday
I will not rehash all the reasons why we cannot change the world to our liking. I will not state the obvious. No, I'm going to try something a little different tonight. I'm going to reach back into my past and pull forward a little trick that I will share with you, and if it works, will utterly destroy Chris Hansen. Interested? I thought so.

The idea behind this little trick is that the key lever behind history's most momentous events is nothing more than a perfectly random, chaotic act. Think of it as a directed "butterfly effect", the theory that a butterfly flapping it's wings in Kansas can set a series of events in motion that results in a killing storm in China... only directed at a target.

Let's pick Chris Hansen as our initial target, and if it works on him we can move on to others.

I'm going to create a mental picture of Chris Hansen's demise, and I'm going to ask that you do the same. This simple act, if executed properly, will have interesting consequences. To be "executed properly", the act must be:

1. Completely pointless (for example, digging a hole only to fill it up again)

2. Self-conscious without embarrassment (you must be fully aware of and accepting of the pointlessness of the act, and comfortable with that fact)

3. Tied to detailed mental imaging (prior to the pointless act, you imagine, without wanting or desperation, the detailed scenario that you will to happen)

4. Discardable (Once finished, you walk away from the act, having no emotional investment, and no worries or concerns about the ultimate outcome)

Some may label this as "mysticism", but I prefer to think that the universe is completely unknowable, and we still cannot answer how a universe behaves as a single thing consisting of infinitesimal parts interacting through "forces", or "actions at a distance". By performing our little "trick", we change the sequence of the universe, and consciousness (whatever that is) acts on the universe in infinitesimal and chaotic ways that somehow nudges the universe in the direction of our will.

What is cool about this little trick is that you don't even have to believe that it will work, all you have to do is DO IT!

So, think of Chris Hansen's financial ruin, terminal illness, maiming, or even death in excruciating detail -- without gloating or longing, dispassionately, as if it were real, then set up and implement your pointless act as the physical expression of your imagining, then walk away from both the imagining and the pointless act without caring or expecting any particular outcome.

I will preempt and redirect all negative and critical responses to this post as just more negativity to be heaped upon Chris Hansen's dire fate, hehe.

So take your time, think about it, set up the act, and execute...

Such is the power of the powerless.

Heh, a perving act of powerlessness...

We can then check back in a few weeks to see how Mr. Hansen is faring.

So here goes............


Yes, the pedophiles really think that if they can just imagine ill will on someone, even someone like Chris Hansen, it'll happen. This is how disconnected from reality these guys are. I guess pedophiles are big fans of the book "The Secret."

Why bother?
Posted by Bill Evans on 2007-August-9 02:41:09, Thursday
In reply to A Perfect Act of Powerlessness posted by Nickless on 2007-August-6 22:24:07, Monday
If he keeps doing this predator bullshit, it won't be long before one of the targets turns up at the sting house armed and blows his ugly head off, anyway. Now that WILL make good ratings!

Of course, others have more direct wishes.

Posted by Vespucci on 2007-August-6 22:01:46, Monday
In reply to I hope that posted by Nickless on 2007-August-6 20:37:13, Monday
I do imagine a few of next years predators might just open fire after texas ruled the whole debacle illegal. Nice to know they could shoot and kill anti's for free.

...And others still are so delusional that they think a state has ruled sex stings "illegal." Of course, I much prefer it when pedophiles try to make the argument that unless society accepts them, they'll go off and shoot people. It really undercuts their idiotic ramblings about how peaceful they are and how their organizations are just "support sites."

That line in the sand
Posted by Nickless on 2007-August-4 19:58:56, Saturday
In reply to I dunno about that posted by IrishBL on 2007-August-4 18:44:47, Saturday
As I've said more than once, each and every one of us is going to have to decide when enough is enough.

For me, that line in the sand will be crossed when I am involuntarily outed and my peaceful life ruined as a result. If that ever happens I will make war on those responsible, and I will come after them with everything I've got without respect for life or limb or my own personal safety.

PJ be warned: there is no "undo" button on the keyboard of life (or death).


Don't worry, we're working on outing you as we speak. "I will make war" - You normally only see lines that bad on old Steven Seagal movies.

I think PJ should learn a lesson
Posted by slvrspun on 2007-August-2 23:40:38, Thursday
In reply to PJ Skewers Another Alleged Pedophile posted by Secret Squirrel on 2007-August-2 22:45:06, Thursday
Sometimes people get really really upset when they are libelled:
# (http site) 'All I did was call him a nerd and he came to kill me'

Golly gee, another example already
Posted by slvrspun on 2007-August-3 00:53:00, Friday
In reply to I think PJ should learn a lesson posted by slvrspun on 2007-August-2 23:40:38, Thursday
Shit happens. Here 'tis:
# (http site) Newspaper editor shot dead

Oh yes, we better shut down the Wikisposure Project because all the Rambedophiles will be all First Blood on us! Of course, the vast majority of these boylover freaks look like this...

Not too scared of the weaponry there, fellows

Perhaps they blocked you
Posted by slvrspun on 2007-August-2 23:27:45, Thursday
In reply to Is something wrong with PJ/CSO? posted by Akira Yamaoka Pwnz on 2007-August-2 23:07:41, Thursday
They blocked me after I tried to slam their server a few times, not that such a simple tactic will stop me if I become really determined.

The pedophiles often try to launch distributed denial of service attacks against us. We block them. They try again. We block them. Amateurs. Still, shows you another level of things we put up with.

Then again, we hear from ol' Nickless once more.

What's sexier than a nuclear bomb?
Posted by Nickless on 2007-August-1 21:40:54, Wednesday
Two nuclear bombs!

Okay, this doesn't seem to be boy-related, but with a little stretch of the imagination it actually is.

As a boy I was hypnotically enthralled by films they showed us in science class during the Cold War which captured nuclear explosions in slow-motion. Damn. If there was something that could make me cum in my pants besides thinking about the boy in the next row, it was slo-mo nuclear explosions!

oh yeah...

How many girls do you know that wax ecstatic to such unbridled violence? I didn't think so. It's a boy thing, or maybe just a male thing. I even went and bought a couple of DVDs last year. They were fun to watch, but they just didn't inspire the same level of awe as when I saw those same videos when I was 14. So maybe it's a boy thing after all.

Wouldn't it be fun to have a nuclear device at a PJ convention? Uh-huh!!!




They hate us because we're effective. You don't see them wishing upon a star for a nuclear device to blow up say, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Teens or some other random group. The more hate you engender from these sick in the head miscreants, the better off you're doing.

Of course, it also raises the question: "Do they really think we have... conventions?"

Overkill, doncha think?
Posted by Bill Evans on 2007-August-4 03:49:25, Saturday
In reply to What's sexier than a nuclear bomb? posted by Nickless on 2007-August-1 21:40:54, Wednesday
Let's face it, the crowd at a PJ convention would be so small a hand grenade is all that would be needed. The only advantage with using a nuke is that there wouldn't be any need to clean up a bloody mess afterwards...

Hand grenades, nuclear bombs... why, we have a little pedophile army on our hands, don't we? However, once again, I present you with a more realistic version of what that army would look like.

Sticks and little shields oh my!

I wish one day newshound will bring us...
Posted by Santi on 2007-July-30 22:45:43, Monday
... some news that depicts the gruesome killing of the Peej members and/or any other scum-based group of sorts.

And, hopefully, as the start of a series of murders that would only stop until all, or at least 99 percent of the antis and their families are gone.

Hopefully with included images as the one I am linking below.

I swear that I will run a wild party that day!


You'll see a lot of "Santi" in this post. This guy hides down in Mexico trying to avoid the law while he goes after Mexican boys. The only thing he's really reliable for is mouthing off with posts that make any sane person that views them see pedophiles for what they are, rather sick examples of twisted psychology.

The ones that need us to be docile and...
Posted by Santi on 2007-July-30 12:16:59, Monday
In reply to No need... posted by dreambrother on 2007-July-30 09:24:51, Monday
... politically correct are the antis.

Hell, they don't have a difficult task ahead, being mental problems so prevalent in our population.

Some people promote this attitude as "showing that MAAs are not as them. We can't afford to be as low as they are. We are better!".

The actual truth is that just pussiness is behind it: "Oh, I am afraid to fight".

Take my word: had the first Dateline-Peej production ended in a mass murder, no extra programs would be made.

"Oh, but that will show us as evil, and we want to be perceived as good".

We won't be never be perceived as good. So the hell with it.

Besides, legally you lose less with mass murder than with a single naked boy pic.


If you ever get into an argument with someone who tries to make the case that pedophiles are just oh, normal human beings that deserve compassion, I invite you to show that deluded soul some Santi postings. The pedophiles try to put on this benign mask, try to make the argument that they just LOVE kids, they would never hurt anyone. That veneer is easily exploded with people like the above around.

Nickless and Phillip Eide - Comparison + Contrast
Posted by Nickless on 2007-July-29 00:37:02, Sunday
I was reflecting today on the sheer magnitude of the hatred facing sexual minorities, and that the most vile hatred is targeted against expressions of love even moreso than the sexual activities. Historically, hatred and bigotry have been directed at the love between mixed-race couples, gays, lesbians, and of course, pedophiles and their beloved ones. While sex is the ostensive target for derision, any sexual activity is usually hidden from view, but what is not so easily hidden is the love, caring, and nurturing that a couple may exhibit in public.

Make no mistake, it is minority LOVE that is the bigot's target of hate, and only incidentally the taboo sexuality.

Now, when it comes to hatred of boylove and girl-love, such hatred is understandable in the context of ubiquitous, religious proscription against "deviant" sex, and one can understand why many parents are concerned about love and sex with their minor offspring. What is not so easily understandable is the seething hatred for pedophiles and other minority sexualities by people who have no vested interest in the "deviant" lovers.

Take Perverted Justice's Phillip Eide for example: he is young, single, and has no obvious connection to pedophilia either pro or con. Yet he is one of the most dedicated haters and vigilantes of the modern world, targeting pedophiles for destruction regardless of the circumstances of each case.

I have watched Phillip in action, I have listened to him being interviewed, and I have come to this conclusion: Phillip Eide has no love, joy, or mirth in his life; his soul never smiles. Oh, he smiles and gloats when he "bags" another pedophile trophy, but he has no natural affection for life. Whether his condition is hard-wired or the result of psychological trauma I cannot say, but he is devoid of joy nonetheless. Phillip Eide finds satisfaction and temporary relief from his own internal void by attacking and destroying the lives of others.

I, on the other hand, am a naturally happy person. What I mean is, my normal state of mind is a mildly happy contentedness with life. Depression, anxiety, and sadness are temporary aberrations even while living life as a closeted pedophile. I am personable; I make friends easily; I have a loving family and my joyful personality is a core feature of my family's love and stability; I have loved boys who continue as adults to love me as a good friend; I am a rock, a foundation, that others in my life rely on for balance and stability and predictability. In short, I have achieved, in spite of tremendous challenges and obstacles, everything that Phillip Eide cannot.

Phillip Eide would like to destroy me. It doesn't matter that boys like me and look up to me; it doesn't matter that family and friends find joy in me being me; it doesn't matter that I am a responsible and productive member of my community -- all that matters is that I have love in my life and Phillip Eide does not.

Phillip and I do have one thing in common: We both hate humanity. I hate humanity because their dominant values prevent me from ever experiencing the full expression of romantic love; he hates humanity because he is lacking at an even more fundamental level -- Phillip Eide cannot even express minimal affection and receives even less in return.

I assure you, if Phillip Eide had to choose between destroying a stereotypical pervert (drooling, sex-crazed, predatory psychopath) or a strong, kind, loving, and loved pedophile such as myself, he would surely choose the latter. His gloating would be orders of magnitude greater at having brought down someone stronger and happier than himself.

If he could get away with it, he would target "normal" people out of inherent jealousy, but the wrath of the majority and ultimately the law would come down upon his head. So instead he takes his self-hatred out on the scapegoats of the modern era, the ever-present pedophiles, people of all walks of life but who are attracted to the sexual beauty of children. He can vent all his self-loathing, jealousy, inferiority, and hatred on a targeted group with relative impunity.

On an emotional level I hate people like Phillip Eide because they take what joy they can in hating for the sake of hating, in hurting for the fun of hurting, but on an intellectual level I understand Phillip Eide, his emotionally stunted fate, and I pity him and his pathetic fellow haters. Nevertheless, I do not lose sight of the fact that Phillip Eide and all hate-filled people are the enemies love, tolerance, and peace... and must be stopped.

So Phillip and I dance our little dance: He continues to create meaning and purpose for himself by hurting and destroying innocent people, I continue to create meaning and purpose for myself by filling my life with friends, family, beauty, and love. And if, by chance, Phillip Eide successfully targets Nickless, destroying all that Nickless holds dear, then I will grant Phillip Eide his most secret wish and burning desire: annihilation.

Here's a question for all you haters in this world: If you take away a person's reason to live, how will you stop a suicidal killer?

You won't, because you can't.

Nickless, still a happy pedophile and not yet a suicidal killer...

Oh look, more threats from Nickless! I think researching him will have to lead us to look at emo bands and their lead singers. I can't imagine anything I've ever read online being more emo than the above post. "His soul doesn't smile!"

Of course, the entire post is just an overt threat that if we out him, he'll turn from emokidwunderbar into a "suicidal killer." Then he wonders why people like us target him. Apparently this "strong, kind, loving and loved pedophile" Nickless is just that close to being a suicidal, homicidal maniac.

Have you ever seen someone contradict their own statements as readily as that?

This next one is kind of a poem.
a million dangers
Posted by anonymous on 2007-July-29 01:23:41, Sunday
In reply to Nickless and Phillip Eide - Comparison + Contrast posted by Nickless on 2007-July-29 00:37:02, Sunday
pj doesn't understand when you destroy people's lives, and they are left alive, they seek revenge that is deep

this is as true for pj stings as it is for child molestation

the pj body count is piling up, and it looks as one long victory

but some day somebody is going to snap, and put and end to the fun and games

probably it will be somebody humiliated on NBC

when will be the first bunch convicted for breaking NBC laws get out of jail?

much has been said about the sleepless nights of criminals

but what of the vigilantes?

a million are sex offenders

a million poison brewers and revenge seekers

a million dangers in dark alleys

jim finn had made himself a target of revenge and rage

so too philip eide

Poison brewers!

I do though like the fact that our "body count" is piling up and we're having one long victory. That's a nice way to put things.

'I am disheartened by the verbal attacks against'
Posted by Santi on 2007-July-27 02:28:44, Friday
In reply to On Our Community’s Response to PJ. posted by Kevin Brown on 2007-July-27 01:18:22, Friday
Jesuscocksuckingchrist!!! I completely missed this rubbish!

What the hell?!???!!?

What you linked is actually mislinked, so I don't know what you are talking about. But if you are talking about the fun they were making of subhuman xavier von shit, or when I call names to the razor they have (I mean the morbidly obese cunt that I'd love to ride as those pigs they have in some fairs), you are nuts.

The day the cunt or von shit are murdered, and pictures of their gruesome killing, or they slowly dying in a hospital, be sure I'll be laughing at them for hours and more.

Hell! I'd even profanate their graves (well, not me, I am not that good digging, but I'd pay somebody) to take the carcass and display it in a extremely disgusting way, for everybody to watch. I mean, imagine the semi-rotten xavier von shit corpse dressed as a woman and up an stick! :D

One thing is being nice and other being stupid. This "I will not give them the evil they give me" is not honourable. Is pure pussiness.


Xavier Von Shit! Unique. I've seen Xavier Von Jerk and Xavier Von Asshole before, but not Xavier Von Shit. Leave it to Santi to provide another clear window into the mind of a pedophile and exactly how they are.

Not that at all...
Posted by Bill Evans on 2007-July-25 12:44:40, Wednesday
In reply to He probably has absolutely no self-esteem posted by Akira Yamaoka Pwnz on 2007-July-25 09:42:49, Wednesday
The gutless weasel (with apologies to TPKA Weasel) is too shit scared that we will all get too familiar with his face and come around and blow him away. Fortunately for him, there are very few of us who have access to a cannon or anti-tank gun, and anything less would be ineffective at penetrating the 6 ft of blubber surrounding his vital organs.

Oh, and could you all please stop using that pseudonym. His legal name is Phillip Eide. He hates his real name so piss him off some more by using it.

So far I've done interviews on Larry King Live, the O'Reilly Factor, CBS Evening News, a CourtTV documentary, an E! Channel Documentary (which is weird to actually write), Tucker Carlson's show, Scarborough Country, and a variety of other cable shows whose names I've forgotten.

Man, I do a TERRIBLE job of hiding my face!

You and me both...
Posted by Bill Evans on 2007-July-24 13:21:10, Tuesday
In reply to They'll cost the taxpayers more money posted by slvrspun on 2007-July-24 04:23:01, Tuesday
I don't give a fuck anymore. I'm probably going to have to get used to living on social security payments before long anyway, but if I do get financial again, every spare cent will go to making Phillip Eide's life hell, what little time the fat fuck has left. I expect the piece of shit will be dead by 35 from all the toxins and carbs he stuffs down his throat, anyway

Oogah boogah says the pedophile.

Recently we were able to get a lead administrator and long-time webmaster of BoyChat arrested by exposing him to his community. The police in his community searched his home. They caught him in the act of downloading child pornography. His online handle was Jimf3. Here's his supposed "real life friend" helping provide even more evidence against him.

Posted by Jim's IRL friend on 2007-July-22 16:52:21, Sunday
In reply to Oh yes, he had it posted by Santi on 2007-July-22 15:49:36, Sunday
...maybe you're right about our "Prisonland," and perhaps, since Cole and Dylan are finally in Jim's AOA, that's what the cops found on his computer. On the other hand, while it's not all that hard to get arrested for that kind of shit, it's still kind of hard to get convicted.

I haven't gotten through to jimf2 yet. I bought a phone card, but I haven't been anywhere you still can find a public phone -- they seem to be vanishing a hell of a lot faster than the polar ice, for example, or Windows 3.1. I may find it necessary to find one at some rest stop on the freeway.

I can easily connect with your sense of anger, by the way, but I wouldn't put a bullet in XvE -- not enough pain involved. How about soaking his underpants (tighty whities, I imagine, because his mother still buys them for him) in gasoline and striking a match? Can you dig it?

Nothing makes your friend look innocent than publicly threatening death to the organizer of a website that helped result in his arrest. Slick!

Of course, not all death threats are all that notable. Some are mundane.

The better best you can do...
Posted by Nickless on 2007-July-21 23:52:04, Saturday
In reply to I hate to be a naysayer... posted by weasel on 2007-July-21 23:27:33, Saturday
is penetrate Von Erck's mind with hot lead.


See? Mundane.

Of course!
Posted by Santi on 2007-July-22 01:06:53, Sunday
In reply to The better best you can do... posted by Nickless on 2007-July-21 23:52:04, Saturday
I hope he will die in horrible circumstances, with extended cancer as my first choice. However, your fast-track remedy seems quite agreeable.



good one...
Posted by middy on 2007-July-22 06:12:59, Sunday
In reply to @ Xavier Von Erck (I know you are reading this) posted by The Boy on 2007-July-21 22:51:45, Saturday
...great strategy...

Mr Von Erk could very well laugh so hard that he accidentally up-chucks and inhales at the same time...

...fitting demise choking on his own bile....yer a genius Boy ;))

I don't know if that one is so much mundane as it is really poorly thought out.

I'd rather he choked on
Posted by Personally on 2007-July-22 06:59:21, Sunday
In reply to good one... posted by middy on 2007-July-22 06:12:59, Sunday
Bubba's dick, while he's in the act of 'performing' for his new prison buddies. Maybe a little extra shove from behind could be what starts him choking.


Posted by Santi on 2007-July-21 03:00:01, Saturday
In reply to PJ’s Xavier shows true colors on Dallas TV posted by ABC Lover on 2007-July-20 22:44:15, Friday
.. is the only thing that the subhuman gringo shit-filled smeared excrement of peej deserve.

All, regardless their age. Including their offspring. And their asslicking god.

And, of course, anybody who disagrees with this is just an accomplice of these debris.


As an Atheist, I really hope he doesn't murder my asslicking god.

In daily basis I defecate on the mouth of the god
Posted by Santi on 2007-July-21 02:55:28, Saturday
In reply to What ... posted by Aztram on 2007-July-20 15:38:30, Friday
that created that subhuman inferior excrement known as Xavier von shit.

As in anybody who disagrees with this statement. Without exceptions.

As for all them, they deserve, at least, the murder Jack the Ripper provided to Mary Jane Kelly (link below).

Santi (not implying Mary Jane Kelly deserved such a death, but of course implying all the peej members, without exception again, deserve even a more gruesome death).

The only part of their death threats that bother me is the incredible lack of research that they put into such things. I am an Atheist. I note so on my staff page bio, here on my blog and it's been reported. These guys are so mentally far gone that they assume I'm a Christian. I guess they're so used to Christians attacking them that they've lost any awareness that it's not merely the religious that hate pedophiles, it's pretty much everyone with a brain.

I do though appreciate his consistency in keeping it "Von Shit" rather than choosing another adjective to use. That's somewhat impressive.

get fucked
Posted by your shadow on 2007-July-23 07:34:06, Monday
In reply to Hey bitches, where's James Finn? posted by Xavier Von Erck (The real motherfucking one) on 2007-July-20 03:19:47, Friday
your the fucking predator, ya fucking bitch eddie....for the attrocities youi have commited against countless innocent people, you need to be smacked the fuck up...and even that would be letting you go easy....

keep peddling your bullshit war against innocent people and darkness will surely shadow your life...

Not sure who Eddie is.

I had a dream!
Posted by Santi on 2007-July-1 13:37:48, Sunday
I had a dream, where I saw a BL busted in a Dateline "To Catch a Predator". The BL arrived prepared, that is, different from the usual poor saps that get busted in the program.

I had a dream, and while Hanson started to humiliate him, the BL took out a gun and shot the whole load on Hanson's lower face, precisely skipping the middle line and upper portions, to destroy without killing. You know, to allow Barbara Walters to cry in the interview that would take place as soon as the monster was in conditions to talk, after a year or so of semifailed reconstructive surgery.

The crew got wild and the Stasi members tried to get inside the home, while the BL, in a amusing rampage, chased all them and shot them down, trying this time to produce as many mortal wounds as possible.

I had a dream, and in it the BL got inside the room where the Peej team was. The extreme nature of the lacerations produced with a saw and a knife forbid me for describing them. Maimed and bubbling, they were soaked in gasoline.

The charred corpses smelled as inciense.

The dream continued, and at the end the BL used a mallet to smash the heads of those members of the crew that survived.

I had and I have a dream!


Remember the part where I said to link any friends you have who state that pedophiles are just normal people with an abnormal sexual fetish? Yeah, link them to that one instead. Hell, link any such people to both.

My dreams are less gory
Posted by slvrspun on 2007-July-3 04:43:30, Tuesday
In reply to I had a dream! posted by Santi on 2007-July-1 13:37:48, Sunday
Why can't you dream like me, and just imagine the house filling up with chlorine gas. For the uninitiated, sea-water + battery acid liberates chlorine gas.

I've had similar nightmares
Posted by regular poster on 2007-July-1 21:30:00, Sunday
In reply to I had a dream! posted by Santi on 2007-July-1 13:37:48, Sunday
In my nightmare he kills everyone in sight then himself.

The talking-heads make the lawmakers crack down on pedophiles. In a few months, the fury is over but the damage is done.

BUT police departments around the country come out and say "this was bound to happen sooner or later, you should leave this to professionals."

Dateline cancels future stings and PJ cutting off one of PJ's major revenue sources.

PJ is relegated to low-profile work like monitoring the Internet and holding classes for police departments. Within a few years tuitition income dries up as police departments rely on the FBI and each other for training.

By 2017 PJ is reduced to a small group of self-funded volunteers.

In 2027 Xavier dies a young death from a stress-induced heart attack. What's left of PJ folds.

A week later the BoyChat administration creates the fake nick "Ghost of Xavier Von Jerk."

I would be 48 in 2027. It shows you exactly how old these guys are when they call that a "young death." And we already "monitor the internet" with the CSO Wiki and we already hold classes for police departments. That's some of the most rewarding work we do.

Of course, I would be remiss to not note the compassionate side of the pedophiles, you know, the human side that they tout! The side that shows that they're real human beings! The side they just want the public to see! The side that the "evil hysteria" against them covers up!

The crew too?
Posted by valerio on 2007-July-2 00:05:17, Monday
In reply to I had a dream! posted by Santi on 2007-July-1 13:37:48, Sunday
Yeah, I could fantasize about wrecking Chris Hansen's too-pretty face, killing a bunch of redneck cops, and perhaps tossing a can of gasoline and a match on the Dateline producers and their stooges from PeeJ -- but the guys running the cameras and the microphones are just guys doing a job! Yeah, it's a sickening job, but a guy's got to make a living. Maybe they'd rather be recording Paris Hilton flashing her pussy for the judge, but somebody else got that assignment.

Anyway, you need the crew to record the carnage -- so the rest of us can enjoy it when it appears on "America's Funniest News Videos."

See? They'd want the crew to live. How dare we note that they're not individuals worthy of debate but only attack in light of such compassion and humanism.

At the end of the day, pedophiles will continue to try to attack our web presence and will continue to make death threats against myself personally. They've been doing it for years. The problem is that the idiots never have realized that by doing so they only make our motivation to see their members carted off to jail... their organizations disrupted, confronted and exposed... all the more greater.

If you've read this and you've had the thought "oh wow, what a dangerous job or actually think that my life, or our volunteers lives are in danger... I only have one thing to tell you. Err... show you?

Think again :)

Syrups, recipes and marriages! I mean... marriage.

August/2007: Syrups!
Here on the West Coast we have little shops all over with drinks called "Italian Sodas." I say it like this because a few of my friends on the East Coast had never heard of such a thing. Italian sodas are pretty grand in general, tasty carbonation that doesn't feel like it's blowing up your stomach. The syrups used in such concoctions come from a company called Torani. They make a crapload of these syrups, everything from Peppermint to White Chocolate to Marshmallow to Grape to Root Beer to... well, you name it. Everything. Cheesecake, cherry, strawberry, etc. And they all taste good.

The problem is, if you go to a store and try to buy the 775 ml bottles, they cost an arm and a leg. Commonly 6.50 to 7.00 dollars a bottle. THAT... is not worth it. However, the magic of the internet finds these bottles much cheaper. Best deal I've found? 4.25 a bottle if you buy twelve at a time. Of course, you'll want to buy twelve at a time because HOLY CRAP MAGICALLY DELICIOUS!

You can mix these things into milk, milkshakes, sparkling water, club soda, or my personal favorite... Jones Cream Soda (cans, not bottles). That means if you want oh... White Chocolate Orange... you can do that. Of course, it likely wouldn't taste good. So if you're picky and want something that tastes good, you'd say... have White Chocolate Caramel Milk. And yes, that's very good. Of course, you can always "kick it up a notch!" by buying some chai powder and using your Magic Bullet (I assume you have one since everyone should have one) and you can say... make a butterscotch chai milk. Oh yes, a world full of flavor.

My personal favorite is to buy one of those big cheap ass tubs of vanilla ice cream, y'know, the big one. Then drop the ice cream along with some candy miniatures (Pick your candy poison!) into the Magic Bullet and voila, with some milk and the syrup choice you have a milkshake of your choosing. Cheap homemade cinnamon chocolate mint milkshake with crunched up milky way fun size bars? Yes. Easy. Cheap. Wow.

Here's the flavors we've picked up so far.

Chocolate Mint
English Toffee
Irish Creme
French Vanilla
Root Beer
White Chocolate
Butter Rum

Blood Orange

Why orange twice? Because that's what Erika drinks 90% of the time. Literally the only bottle that is near empty is the first orange bottle. That's a lot of orange as those bottles last a fuckload of time. You only put about an ounce of syrup into each drink, just an ounce is a huge shot of flavor.

These syrups have completely changed the drinks I have, now I can have any kind of flavor I want and the cost savings over regular soda is un-freakin-believable. For the price of a twelve pack of regular soda (about five bucks) I can make twenty-four 12 ounce drinks that taste much better.

Torani syrups rule. If I ever get the capital, I'm going to take all our drink concoctions and make a drink shop. And unlike other people I know, it wouldn't cost a couple hundred thousand dollars. Jesus. I'd call it the "Designer Drink Shop" and undercut all the other drink shops since I could sell one of these things for a buck twenty five and still make tremendous profit. Of course, the customer service would reflect that since there's no way I'd make my employees be friendly to the customers.

We've been experimenting with all sorts of recipes. A couple years ago, I could make frozen waffles and top ramen. Now I can make like twelve other things too. And they're better than frozen waffles and top ramen, even. So now, each blog I'm going to post a recipe so you too can have the healthy diet of an pedophile-reviled internet quasi-lebrity. This entries recipe is...

Double-cheese chicken and steak double decker tacos
That's a long title for a food dish. This one is pretty involved to make too, probably the most involved dish I make. First off, you'll need the following ingredients...

Some frozen chicken
Some steak
Oversize hard shell tacos
Soft-taco shells
Can of refried beans
One can of Campbell's Cheddar Cheese
Some Kraft pre-shredded Mexican blend cheese
A1 sauce
Red sauce
Some Mexican spices (double points if you wrangle some Original Taco House seasoning salt... not the kind they sell in the fridge, but the kind they serve at the table. They WILL sell it to you if you badger them)

First, you prepare your cheese sauce. Take the can of campbell's cheese and put it into a container. Then add some red sauce and some A1 sauce. Finally, sprinkle in some mexican spices. Keep heating through the process in the microwave on low.

Second, prepare your chicken and steak. Cut it up into small fine chunks. I cook my chicken and steak in a large non-stick wok with a pool of worcestershire sauce and some mexican spices. This allows you to keep the steak and chicken juicy. The blood cooks out but the worcestershire sauce keeps the meat tender and juicy. As long as you keep a mixture of 'shire and water in there, you can cook this while you do the other steps as well.

Thirdly, make a thin layer spread of refried beans onto your soft shells, then put them on a cookie sheet and put them in the oven for four or five minutes. Take them out, put the hard shell upright in the middle of the soft-shell. Then pull up the soft-shell tortilla onto the sides of the upright hard-shell. They will stick like cement.

Lastly, combine it all. Fill the bottom of the hardshell with a bed of the kraft mexican blend cheese. Then judiciously lay down a big layer of chicken and steak. After that, put in a small bit of red sauce. Over the top of it all, create a river of the melted cheese. It'll pour down into the meet and the pre-shredded cheese. Put some mexican spice over the top of that and you're ready to eat! Next blog I'll break out the big guns and tell you how to make my Cheesy Chicken Bean Dip. Good lord, is it good.

Well, plural is probably bad form. Marriage! I recently got married to Erika of the forums, so now she is officially Erika Von Erck. We started dating in 2005, October 9th, to be exact. She's moved here and now we live together. Our wedding was very simple. It took ten minutes. Why'd it take ten minutes? Because man, weddings suck. There's no point to blowing a ton of cash on them, it's just a wedding.

The best part of the wedding was when the judge started reading off all these lame lines, like we're supposed to "promote idealism within one another" and my wife, I'm proud to say, laughed. Out loud. Loudly. Hard. Right in the judge's face. So now I get to call her my "little judgelaugher" until the end of time. I was able to stifle my laugh, but it was somewhat hard. I felt kind of bad for the judge since the judge obviously had written the vows to read, but man, lame vows.

Afterwards we went to the Outback Steakhouse, because that's really where everyone should go when they get married. Alice springs chicken is the perfect wedding-topper. Then we went home. And got on the computer.

That means my marriage day was far better than yours, I'm sure you'll admit.

Otherwise, marriage is marriage. It's a relationship that the government says "okay" to. The WEIRD... thing though? The VERY weird thing? Is what we discovered leading up to the marriage. It is so weird and crazy that I can't believe they haven't patched this loophole.

The weird loophole? You don't show ID during the entire process. None. No ID.

Think about it. We didn't show ID when we did any of the paperwork, when we booked the judge nor when the judge showed up. AND you don't have to supply an SSN when you get married. That means anyone can marry off anyone in Oregon. You and a friend can go marry off any other two people you know. It's literally freakin' crazy. All of a sudden a person can go to get married and realize that uh... he's already married. To someone he doesn't know. Of course, anyone doing so could be charged with criminal fraud under the law, I just thought it was a pretty crazy loophole to exist to begin with.

So at the end of the blog... married to the woman I love and I have a crapload of Torani syrups and recipes I came up with. Alone, this equals a very good life all by itself.

Musings on why Wikipedia fails

July/2007: From those that know me, I've been an avid reader of Wikipedia ever since I can remember the website being of any prominence. Prior to forming, I had Wikipedia as one of my favored links on my personal blog. Wikipedia in general is great until you learn how Wikipedia works.

Wikipedia itself is, as most know, user-edited. It prides itself upon that fact. Much has been made of this, especially in criticism of Wikipedia... so I won't bother to rehash that aspect of the criticism against them. Wikipedia basically works as "information by democracy." If there's a conflict, other editors weigh in on it. If there's a clear consensus, the conflict is decided by majority rule. For the uninitiated, if you edit an article to point to your website that says "JFK liked to smell socks, he loved it. He loved socks and smelling them"... that information is true if you can convince a majority of people who weigh in on it that it should be included.

Now, in a perfect world, the above model works. In a perfect world, people know that a random person on a random website saying something outlandish like that means it needs a better source. In that perfect world, the edit is deleted. In a perfect world, people are smart and Wikipedia's guidelines help guide nutcases away from the project.

We obviously don't live in a perfect world.

Let's pretend that the sock-smelling JFK allegation has a following. Let's say that there's a cadre of individuals who also love to smell socks and believe that JFK is "one of them." On Wikipedia, those individuals, without registering an account... on an anonymous IP address... have the same input that oh, Joe User who edits a broad-based selection of articles does. Wikipedia protects those individuals, random IP's and the like by their "assume good faith" rule.

What is the "assume good faith" rule?
The rule itself means that you are to... almost literally, take a lawn-mower to your brain. You are to assume that every edit by every user is done with the best interests of Wikipedia and "truth" at heart. Each edit is to be assumed as though the editor is free from bias and that the edit is designed to advance the concept of learning and knowledge and all these fluffy flowery things that we SHOULD all value.

This rule itself, however, shelters trolls and those who come with a point of view they wish to propagandize. You cannot challenge a person on the basis of their edit history. This leads to examples where a user will solely edit an article towards one direction... yet you cannot point out this bias nor can you make any insinuation that the user may be POV. Nor are any other editors allowed to sniff out those who come with a point of view. Instead you are expected to shut your eyes, stick your fingers in your ears and try to find a consensus.

The only other aspect of the world that is dumb enough to use this viewpoint is, in most cases, international diplomacy mediated by a power with two parties who hate each other. This principle of "must consensus" is pretty much the entire reason the Israeli/Palestinian conflict spirals on to this day.

My experience editing Wikipedia.
The last thing I ever wanted to do was to get caught up editing Wikipedia on any articles. However, due to my position with the CorporateSexOffenders thing, I figured I'd give it a shot. Fortunately, I learned enough about rudimentary Wikifying that it greatly aided the Wikisposure Project we launched. However, it also has robbed me of the ability to read much of anything on Wikipedia.

I made the mistake of trying to get involved from the inside to throw my (admittedly beyond POV) viewpoints against the pedophile viewpoints on a couple articles they had made calls to campaign over. Prior to that, I had the good policy of merely lobbing attacks at Wikipedia for their really fucked up pedophile articles by pedophiles and for pedophiles. However, when Wikipedia banned a ton of pedophile user accounts for pedophile trolling, I figured they might finally start having NPOV editors fixing their pedophile sections.

Oh man, that was naive!

Wikipedia now shelters itself behind it's "assume good faith" policy. It effectively is a "don't ask, don't tell" policy and the pedophiles know it. They have remarked on it, they have celebrated it. Now, instead of having an account where they note that they're a pedophile and their edits go unchallenged as they mass in numbers... they merely mass in numbers and hide their status. At the end of the day, status quo is unchanged.

Instead of it being BlueRibbon that edits while you have to assume good faith about his propaganda and ridiculousness, it's a random string of numbers. The end of the day sees this... a contentious area of articles such as the pedophilia articles themselves being nothing more than a bunch of people on both sides, invested in the topic, having edit and revert wars. Eventually, one side will tire or realize they have less numbers and one POV will then reign supreme. There are no editors outside of this paradigm that arrive to create any encyclopedic content, rather, the information is decided by who has the bigger "voting block."

Even if neutral editors arrived, they would have no more weight than random IP's that one has to pretend is anything other than a pedophile when they're only editing pedophile articles in favor of child rape and using resources that few others outside of the pedophile activist community know about.

That, my friends, is lunacy.

How this affects other areas.
Take any area that is even quasi-controversial. Forget pedophilia for the moment, think of any other topic. Let's say... the Armenian Genocide.

The Armenian Genocide was a campaign by the Young Turks who rose out of the ashes of the Ottoman Empire to wipe out the population of Armenian Christians from Turkey. The Armenian Genocide is one of those things history has weighed in on. It happened. We know it happened. The Turks, deep down, know it happened. It's like air. You know air is there. If someone asked you to prove it, you'd say "It's fucking air."

Well, as I probably shall become fond of saying... "it's the fucking Armenian Genocide."

Of course, if you wish to read about the Armenian Genocide on Wikipedia, good luck. As Wikipedia assumes that good ol' faith and because the topic is controversial, the articles relating to the Armenian Genocide aren't encyclopedic but rather the product of tit-for-tat warring between Turkish and Armenian editors. The content is little more than a tug of war. It's not information, it's weighed propaganda. Currently the pro-viewpoint is winning the fights against the anti-viewpoint. It's like a sports game, just with information.

The viewpoint that it was actually a genocide is up by ten points in the third quarter. GOOOOOOOOO TEAM!!!!!!!!

The Srebrenica example.
It's one thing to simply say this stuff, people's eyes glaze over and they don't really get it. Here's a "talk page" for people to read to understand what I'm going on about: Srebrenica Massacre Talk Page.

The following is an example from the linked talk page. It's in the debate of whether it should be called a massacre or a genocide. One of the users wants more supporters for his position... so what does he do? He lobbies.

From Wikipedia talk page
Comment. Apart from WP:RM, this debate was announced at bs:Wikipedia:Čar'ija#Srebrenica_Genocide by User:Kahriman. Translation:

I would only like to ask you to vote for moving of Srebrenica massacre article to Srebrenica Genocide on English Wikipedia. You can vote here. Thanks in advance.

Information by democracy... except that in any case of an article that is even remotely controversial, it's all about which side is better organized and entrenched to swing decisions their way. The Srebrenica example is just one of hundreds. I've seen it myself when I was dumb enough to try to take part in lending a voice on the pedophile articles. The second an action was proposed, pedophile websites had threads instructing their users to circumvent the process. At the end of the day, they got their wish because they mobilized enough accounts to "win the day."

So what's the value in Wikipedia?
When it comes to articles, if you want information on something that isn't in any circle even remotely controversial, you'll usually find good information. Wikipedians that edit with the ideals of the foundation in mind are usually really good editors that can write some quality articles. However, the entire project fails when it comes to any article that has any controversy whatsoever. They have no workable mechanisms to ensure the integrity of articles that have opposing viewpoints.

Instead, such articles are like one long-winded argument that only ends when one side gets tired of wasting their time mobilizing, propagandizing and arguing. There is no "core" of established Wikipedians that are dispatched to send both sides "to bed" while they fix the problems of the articles. There are no, oh, say "Wikipedia Special Forces" to come in, lay waste to the battleground and rebuild properly without POV.

This is how Wikipedia fails and from what I can see, those that operate the foundation only seem too content in the reality of that failure.

If enough people fight for the "fact" that JFK was a sock-smeller... a sock-smeller JFK was.