The perfect poor-man living room™

February/2005: Personal - 2005 is already shaping up to be a pretty good year. For the last few years, Phoebus and I have been working on creating the "Perfect Poor-man Living Room™." It has been a long journey, but we have finally accomplished what is living room perfection. The dream of two twenty-something males, finally accomplished. Now remember, this is the perfect poor man living room. No, we don't have a giant plasma screen. But when you consider what we started, it truly is perfect.

The original front room lineup of July 2001 (when Phoebus moved to Portland) included the following:

- Garage sale recliner that ceased reclining shortly after purchase
- Funky sixties-style vintage green floor chair that broke shortly thereafter
- Bean bag
- Old TV
- N64 and Dreamcast

That's it. Three and a half years later?

The view is from the large sectional. I'm WAY back in the corner of the sectional, with the digital camera zoomed out for width on most of these shots, so everything looks further away than it really is, for the sake of getting everything into one shot.

Notation 1 to the left is a TV Phoebus acquired from a neighbor in 2002 for eighty bucks. It sits in entertainment center #1 which will be pictured in the next shot. Notation 2 is a similarly sized TV back where the kitchen is. Obtained by myself in summer 2004, it has perhaps the best picture quality. Notation 3 is the largest TV, acquired by me in late 2003. It sits in an IKEA TV stand acquired in late 2004 from my friend in San Francisco. Notation 4 is Phoebus's old computer, acquired in 2002. It was moved downstairs this year as Phoebus built himself a nice, new computer. So his old computer moves downstairs. That computer has a TV out.

The three TV's are all set to the same feed, with a switchbox above entertainment center #1. In the picture there, the cable box is set to Headline News, who feature a great little story on prescription drug costs. Yawn. TV's 1 and 3 are always set to the same feed. However, TV #2, the "Kitchen Living Room TV" has a switch that can flip it off the main-line feed into it's own cable feed. So if TV 1 and 3 are being used for something, a person can go sit in the Kitchen Living Room and watch their own feed on TV #2. Usually, the Kitchen TV stays on the same feed, that way you never break contact with what you're watching, even if you need to get a soda. There is also an additional computer in the kitchen, for internet surfing while cooking. That computer is old and slow, however.

This is entertainment center #1. It has a stereo system on top that is hooked to the main-line feed that goes to all three TV's. Additionally, the cable-box and switchbox reside above the stereo system. The switchbox is great, as it controls which feed displays in the rooms. Option 1 is the DVD player. Option 2 is the X-Box. Option 3 is the computer feed. In the picture above, you're looking at the desktop of the computer. Off to the right of the entertainment center is a bookshelf filled with books... I guess in case of a power outage. Poor books.

This is the room you read a book in. This is the kitchen. The TV you see here is the one barely seen in the large first image. This is TV #2. You can barely see it due to the photo, but that's Penn and Teller in an episode of Bullshit being streamed from the computer into the switchbox into the three TV set-up. The large dark area is the giant dark green couch I acquired for free in 2004. That's the "kitchen couch." Behind it is the sink and main cooking area where the aforementioned old computer (reading comics while you cook Spaghettios is the American dream) resides. When I read, I come down here and lie in the sun from the giant kitchen window we have. Very comfortable couch.

Dr. Katz streaming from the computer to all three areas. Laura's the bomb... well, for a cartoon character.

Of course, who doesn't like emulators? Oh, but the problem with emulators is that the games are better on the TV? Well, Phoebus and I agree. That's Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Can't see it too well from this shot, but the picture quality is perfect. The controller is long enough that you don't even feel like you're playing the game on the computer.

For the old school, a little castlevania action. Just like having a NES again.

A little Million Dollar Baby, transmitted from my hard drive upstairs via the computer downstairs to the TV set-up. A couple hundred movies instantly at the disposal of the computer downstairs. Complete runs of Dr. Katz, Aqua Teen, Seinfeld, Bullshit and Curb Your Enthusiasm among other shows on demand as well. That's the best "on demand", really.

Of course, there's Not really practical for my personal site, but it's the best way to watch Homestar Runner, of course.

And the ultimate reason to have it set-up like this. Halo 2 all over the place, and notice to the right? That's right, the home of the "Death Throws" Project Wonderboy open for good measure.

There are some other cool features of the room that you can't see. The table is pretty nice, additionally the ikea TV stand works very well and has a chess-set on top of it. Entertainment center #1 has dual black touch lamps on top of it to light the room nicely, and there are three fans set up in a triangle-fashion, three corners, that can create enough wind to deal with Portland's seemingly constant warm weather. Also, behind the computer in the right corner, we have... uh... acquired... for free... one of those convenience store giant round tubs on wheels that are used for promotional sodas. You know, the giant black ones that hold ice and have a plastic lid. Whatever they're called. That's use for empty soda cans and bottles. For there is nothing better than throwing around aluminium into containers from great distance.

Other uses for the front room have been numerous. We've had 10+ people over with three X-Boxes for "Halocaust" and the entire set-up is basically built for system-linking video game consoles together since we always have two or three ethernet cords downstairs already from the upstairs router. Ideally, if we purchased more video-game systems (A second X-Box would be nice), we could play multiple video game systems in the front room with ease. Then there's no concerns over hogging the X-Box. Still, for what we've paid, this is easily THE perfect poor-man living room™. Why poor-man?

Because everything shown has cost us less than one thousand dollars over the last three and a half years.

Yep, less than a grand. The truth is, no one is all that poor in America if you don't have children. If you make less than 12,000 dollars a year, you can still live pretty high on the hog. We've built a massive palace of entertainment which can see us go from X-Box, to a huge movie/TV list, to any of the old school games (NES, SNES, Genesis, GBA, PS1, etc, etc) to BF1942 on the TV from the computer, to... blah blah blah. For HUGE... INTERNET... GEEKS... we've been able to create the perfect situation for very cheap. From green chair to sections and couches, from old TV to three current-gen televisions, from N64 to... well, N64 emulator. With a little spit-shine and polish, we have transformed the front room into braggability without any real budget.

Maybe we'll upgrade a couple of the televisions in the future, but for now we get to enjoy a year of perfection. A long road, but the perfect poor-man living room™ has finally become a reality.

It's people, kid, they just ain't got no sense.

February/2005: PeeJ/Crazy People - I've always been a fairly anti-social person. I don't think there's been any point in my life where I've had more than two concurrent, good friends in the immediate vicinity of Portland. There's just usually something about a specific person that makes them in my mind, unhinged. Or boring. Or trite. I've covered this stuff at length on other parts of my blog, I'm sure. I had thought that perhaps humanity didn't get more mentally unhinged.

But hey, PeeJ came along and now I'm continually proven wrong on that thought of days gone by.

It's always an odd experience when someone who is well-written sends me an email that makes me wonder exactly where their brain went. Under the bed? Behind the sofa? I doubt they even have an idea of where to start looking for their lost sanity, tossed out with so many joints and nausea beverages. Somewhere in their lives, these otherwise normal people simply lost their minds. No, I'm not talking about the Pervs we post. They're males and no depth of depravity in a male can surprise me.

Today, I got the perfect example of my bemusement and bewilderment at humanity in email. At first, I understood the woman's email. It made sense. Then I checked into it and the entire text now just blows my mind.

Here's the email, I withheld her name because really, she has enough problems with her life and "delusional emailing" isn't really a felony yet.

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing in regard to my fiancé Kevin Michael Boedeker on your site.

First off.. as his significant other for 4 years.. yes he was with me at the time of this bullshit 'bust' you call.. and I AM THE ONE THAT UPDATES HIS PROFILES SINCE HE NEVER DOES.. At the time of this bust he was 22.. his birthday is in 1981.. so I fail to see how he could lie about being 22 and you saying his profile says 24.. unless you checked his profile (before Kev changed his email) was no explanation / wasted words. AND I AM THE ONE IN THE PICTURE AND CAN VALIDATE MY AGE OF 23 YEARS OLD NOW.. at the time of the picture I was 19; yes, I am older than I look I also do not act or sound my age at 4'11, 98 lbs.. asian descent.

Unless this chick was asian, I can guarantee you that Kevin had no designs of intimacy with her as he has been highly focused on me and our future. Kevin and I have a wonderful 2 year old daughter as well and since his career takes him out of the state, he doesn't have much time for play on the sly and when he does have the time.. he spends it with his family and friends.

I ask that you remove this file. Kevin has shown me the same log and there are just some things that ARE NOT present in the log you present to the online world. Kevin is a sweetie and granted he is mistrusting of the world.. he does sometimes take chances and talks to people who hold the same interests online as him as there are online programs / games that are multi-player games.

Kevin is highly anti-social outside of his family and friends but will game in Dark Age of Camelot, Neverwinter Nights, games by Blizzard and Magick Online. He does not deserve to have his name dragged thru the mud for something he was innocent of.

Yes he shouldn't have talked to her but when one is online and someone messages.. isn't it just courteous to reply back? It's only online and there is always the Block option.. or going Invisible and ignoring anything from the annoyance. I've known Kev for awhile and what's posted on that site is false. So I implore you that his file be removed. The harassment has got to stop as his email is flooded to the point where he had to get a new one and his residence had to change their number.. it's too bad there's no way to change a house's street address. Thank you for your time.


Now, I get a lot of emails like this. I don't hate these people, receiving these emails is usually a depressing experience. You have someone so blinded by familiarity or "love" that they swallow the biggest bullshit from people who are practiced manipulators. Usually I get these, read them, logically refute them and hope some shining beacon of reality comes through their window one morning and wakes them up to "the land that isn't delusional."

Think about it. These people have invested time and energy into these other blobs of DNA who turn out to be scum. You have to feel for them. Back after World War 2, a common sentiment among German females when confronted with their husband's war-time atrocities was complete and utter denial. These broken, little people with their crushed worlds rejecting reality. We get one life. On average, sixty to seventy years. Not long. To suddenly wake up one day and find that so many years with a person was a lie has to be a bitter pill. Like I said, you have to feel for them.

Except, well, not all of them. And not this woman.

She emails me a "followup email" before I can respond to her:
I apologize for this addition but I sometimes get so upset that I just click 'send' without re-reading email enough.. As of January 29, 2004 (I read Kev's 'Right of Reply').. Kev was 23 and sometimes I have to remind him his age. After one hits the age of 21.. the years seem to blur and a lot of my friends will agree do need reminding sometimes. Sorry again ^.^

After the followup, I checked into her boyfriend's file. After doing so, I realized that she must be literally insane. At first glance, I looked at her with pity. Mentally logged her in with so many others who have emailed similar sentences of denial. Then I read the boyfriends file. And his ROR. And realized that he was one of the guys who showed up at the WDIV Detroit Group Media Bust. Yes, went to the door. To meet what he thought was a teen. Oh, did I mention the ROR? Yes, I did. So did she. She read the ROR. Once I read the ROR, I wondered exactly where her brain went and if the weather was nice there. Why?

Well, read his f'n ROR.

Here, I'll quote a few portions for the few of you whom are too lazy to click anything.

From this guy's ROR:
first, as stated in the commentary by the person that was placing themselves in the young girl's shoes, I should of told them that I am too old to converse with her and that she should use her time better.. But I did not do that. In fact I, for reasons I hope to learn more about from a professional counselor, I took our conversation to levels that even I knew were very out of line and immature of a person of my age. I even went to the home and was met with a crew and taped being at the home.

Yeah. You know what that means. He went to have sex with what he thought was a little kid.

From this guy's ROR:
I am at a loss of words for the trouble I brought onto myself. I sincerely apologize to anyone and all who read my conversation because it gives so many people a very valid reason to hate me and that bothers me... but something like that isn't worthy of pity because if I had actually been there to be with the person I was led to believe was an underage girl, the lasting effects of my appearance would of changed her life forever, and for the worst. Of this I am certain.

The above bolded portions make this one of the best ROR's ever written by someone we've posted. So many of them try to bullshit, lie... rationalize what they wanted to do. This guy owned right up to it. It's a stellar ROR, and I honestly --up until the point his fucking girlfriend emailed me-- believed that there was some sincerity to it. A lot of terrible things are said about me, that I'm heartless... that we just laugh at the ROR's, but the truth is far different. The ROR is very important. It's the person's chance to step up and take responsibility. Their chance to, after the cold water of being posted, speak up and perhaps start a new productive stage of their lives. Few actually take full advantage of the feature because so few care about what they tried to do more than what is being done to them due to what they tried to do. They sit in self-pity and whine to us, which only infuriates people more. However, I want to see ROR's like this guys, where they take self-ownership with their issues. Hell, I usually vote "lighter" than most of the community in the ROR polls. Regardless, back to quoting from his ROR...

From this guy's ROR:
Thank you for your time reading this and I hope the best to you all. I have learned a very valuable lesson from all of this and it is a lesson, I feel, could not of been learned as well any other way. Believe me. Its in there.

Yeah. One of the best ROR's we've posted.

Now... that ROR makes the girlfriend's email insane. Literally. She goes on and rails about her boyfriend's "innocence" and how the information posted is "false"... AFTER READING HIS ROR WHERE HE ADMITS HE WOULD HAVE AFFLICTED TRAUMA UPON AN ACTUAL UNDERAGE FEMALE HAD THERE BEEN ONE!!! Hello! HELLO! HOLA! TOROVA! HALLO! KUZU ZANGPO! ZDRAVO! TANISI! HELLOOOOOOOOOOO! Hello?

Hello humanity, stop the merry-go-round of life, for this shit is getting too insane.

How do you read that Right of Reply, no matter how much you may love someone and conclude that he is innocent! He admitted to everything! He's on tape! He was one of the most honest ROR's we've posted! And there you sit, with your "He couldn't have hit on her because she wasn't ASIAN!" with the stupid idea that unthinking cro-magdon sex-obsessed morons give one shit about the flavor of the pussy when their cock is hard. How stupid must you be, how delusional, to read such text and come to such conclusion. It is an insult, a literal insult, to get an email from a person requesting the removal of such a file on the grounds of "innocence" given the fact that the man admitted that he would have ruined a kid's life had the IM name he solicited actually been the target of his unnatural desire. A more overt attack on my intellect could not be mounted, even if a team of illiterate rednecks got together to ask me web-design questions! It is impossible to be more ponderous, more "to the proverbial moon" than the email I received.

Is this the fruit of thousands upon thousands of years of civilization? No person living today has a right to be that dumb. Nobody! For any reason! Yet... her email is actually composed of properly spelled words. She even followed up with an apology over the 1/16th of her bullshit email that she realized was... yes, bullshit. This person obviously thought about the situation for what? A year? A fucking year! A year! OVER A YEAR! And this is the result of such brain-usage? Damnable, if only were I a theist.

I am anti-social. I play online video games such as those mentioned. I really don't like people. I am not out trying to molest little teens. I do not then enlist my girlfriend to write a very illogical email to "whomever it may concern" on my behalf. The fact that there are people out there this stupid is why I don't like people. It's why I play video games. It's why I'm anti-social. Seemingly normal people, driven to delusion and myopia.

Drinking yourself to oblivion, pot, drugs and meandering self-focus, I condemn. Those who practice those fine arts are scum of the truest sort, cowardly and weak-willed.

But how... oh, how I understand why you people do it.

Really, 2004 was the best year of my life...

February/2005: Personal - I'm 25 years old. Big 25. Quarter of a century, I be. And the best year of my life was 2004. Easily. I hadn't really thought about it until a month and a half into 2005, but 2004 was balls out great all year long. I really had to think about it though, as there were other years that could have contended, but the "goodness" was fleeting. For example...

2000 - I fell hardcore in love that year with a great female and had my best relationship ever. Nothing before or since has been able to touch it. Just a great relationship. Problem was, it ended that same year. So 2000 is out of the running because as great as it started, it certainly went to shit pretty fast. Great, great, grreeea-crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crappy. Crappier. Crap. That was the year.

2001 - Well, September 11th happened. Phoebus moved to Oregon. Otherwise, shitty year. I don't remember anything else from it. Pretty shitty year. I had a one-way relationship earlier in the year that I didn't realize was a relationship and that sucked. I'm friends with the female, friends... and suddenly we're dating I guess. I never agreed to date. But we were dating. It was a stealth relationship. Those are the worst. I started writing at and learned much more about the internet from doing that. That was the lone good thing. Otherwise, crap.

2002 - For some reason, that year is even less memorable. Started this site (it was crappy) and started PeeJ. That made 2002 okay, but PeeJ wasn't anything until 2003. I literally cannot remember what I did at the start of the year. The female from 2000 visited for a long time and I thought we were back together, but then she went back and we weren't. Boy, that sucked. Hmm. Otherwise it was pretty crap. I played a LOT of civilization 3. Oh, and I got Colby Jones. Well, it wasn't all crap, but it mostly was.

2003 - Was pretty crappy until August when PeeJ got big. Had a long relationship in 2003, a very long relationship actually that had started in 2002... but it was just a relationship. The fact that it ended in late 2003 was a good thing, because it was one of those relationships where the female was very "Oh, this is the greatest relationship ever, you're the first guy to ever treat me well!" and I'm quite... "Oh... uh... okay... please don't say that :(" because I actually want to get out of the relationship, but I can't, because I know it will make the female I'm dating cry a lot and I don't hate her so I don't want that to happen but I don't really want to continue the relationship either? Not a bad person at all, a good person, but not the person, you know what I'm saying. I wanted to break up about four months into it but didn't want the guilty conscience from doing so. So it went a year and I found the perfect time to break up that caused no pain whatsoever. Damn that was good. That was really, really classy. No self-loathing over that breakup. Otherwise, year sucked until August and then it was busy which was very weird. Oh, yesterday we got 50 visitors, cool. Oh, today we got 15,000. Oh... shit. Plus, I got Moxie. And she's great.

2004 - What a year! What a year! Professionally, greatest year ever. I helmed PeeJ to incredible success. Just incredible. Stuff I would never dream of. Convictions, arrests, the Dateline piece, just amazing groundbreaking stuff. The entire year was great. Handling the transition from the way it was with Frank around to then getting respect from law enforcement and the media... the entire metamorphisis happened in 2004 for PeeJ. We went from a concept to a reality in 2004 as everything I had sat around and envisioned actually came true. I wanted arrests, we got arrests. I wanted great contributors, we got great contributors. I wanted national media to educate people and we got it. I wanted... oh yes... convictions, and we got it.

Additionally, as weird as it seems, locating the 14 year old in September of 2004 simply put it over the top. It was an absolutely amazing experience to meet someone you were able to help. It wasn't real until the Montel thing and then it was just incredible. While I've always been concerned about the problem of online predators (obviously), the whole episode just took the entire mission of the site to a different level. Truly a life-changing experience. Adding that to the arrests, the convictions, the group media busts, and all the great new volunteers to the site, the expansions to the site, the new technologies... what a year on the professional side of things. I don't think it could've gone better. I know I wouldn't have changed a thing.

On other fronts, I made the current design of this blog/personal site in 2004 and I'm still so fucking happy with it that changing it seems like heresy. I really, really like what I've done with the place. When it comes to design and the creative endeavors I do, I'm rarely happy. What I've done with has made me very happy.

I worked a great job for a few months in 2004, one where I actually won a freakin' iPod. Watched some great movies. Had a relationship that was pleasant but was just that, pleasant. Nothing more. Kind of like the relationship in 2002/2003 and I was starting to fear that it would carry on for a year but then she came to the same conclusion I realized that I had come to, which was that long-term, nada work out-o. The best part was, it was the smoothest breakup ever! EVER! I couldn't have asked for a better breakup. I've realized that while not as good as a great relationship, a very very good breakup can be almost as artistic. Literally, we both agreed to stop dating at the same exact point. No angst, no BS. Just a total agreement that the whole dynamic was simply not working. That's a thing of beauty. So while I didn't have a great relationship, I had a great breakup, which is pretty damn good by itself.

Plus, what a year in movies! Halo 2, BF1942 was much played, I discovered the modding community for Civ3 (Rise and Rule!) and the weather was impeccable! I also made some great online friends and reconnected with a very good online friend.

The problem with having a great year, or for me, the "best year ever" is that now I have to deal with 2005. Is there any chance that 2005 could beat 2004? Hmm. I really don't think so. Literally, at least some of the following will have to happen...

- Get into a great relationship that lasts and is full of the wub. The female will also have to like movies and the internet for there to be any chance. Video games are a plus but not required. So literally, no chance.
- Have the last-update-mentioned REALLY COOL THING happen. If that happens in conjunction with a couple other things, it could be as good a year as 2004 because the REALLY COOL THING is a REALLY COOL THING.
- Many more convictions. Already we have two. I'm talking serious double digits here. After checking my rudimentary calendar of upcoming trials, there's a good chance of this happening.
- I don't think the media can top 2004, no matter what comes up. I'd have to do an interview with Reason magazine, another national GMB, the Conan O'Brien show, in-studio Unscrewed appearence (if that show is even still going), and hell if I know what else. Nothing will beat 2004 because no scenario is feasible that will be as cool as Al Roker asking me if I'm a nazi. You can't beat that.
- Write some really good blog entries. I'm already failing at that. I wrote some good blog entries last year. This year, not so good already.

I don't see this happening. For the year to be better, it'll take a great relationship, the really cool thing, and lots of convictions. Or, the blog entries, the primo year in media, the really cool thing and lots of convictions. Anything less won't measure up. The even larger fear is that perhaps 2004 can't be topped. It is possible that I will simply never have a year as good as 2004 again. That's a screwed-up possibility to imagine. All the years I have left in front of me (I plan on sticking around until my later fifties) and none of them able to measure up to 2004. Goddamn.

There's only one conclusion...

I shouldn't have had such a good year last year.


Hmm... MSN says I should rethink...

February/2005: Internet - Well, according to MSN, I should rethink my statement that I'm not Mr. Photogenic since MSN lists me as the number one result for Mr. Photogenic. Eat your heart out, Brad Pitt.

That's about the only positive of the new MSN search engine. This much-ballyhooed "new" search engine is terrible. I'm seriously considering trying to find a way to redirect certain MSN searches as I'm really tired of some of these assholes hitting my website. MSN is now directing idiot pedophiles and child porn searchers here with totally inaccurate search results. Before MSN launched their new search engine, I averaged about 80 hits a day, give or take. Now with the "new improved MSN search", I average about 160 hits a day. Mostly due to people looking for porn.

Of course, it's not people looking for interesting porn, just nasty usually illicit porn. Here's a random sample of the last few hours...

MSN Search: view all big butt porn girls

MSN Search: pictures of pre teen gays

MSN Search: naked women breast and vaginas pictures

MSN Search: online readable gay guy sex stories

MSN Search: horny gays

MSN Search: pictures of pre teen gays

There is no content on this website that is anything akin to any of the above searches. Contrast that with the recent Google searches that have hit this site.

Google: frank shamrock and anklelock

Google: "American Recordings V"

Google: rap is stupid

Google: marvel supervillain team up

Google: bring the stupid

The above searches make sense. Frank Shamrock is a shootfighter/wrestler and the Anklelock is Kurt Angle's finisher. American Recordings V was a Johnny Cash album, and I've written about him here. Rap is stupid will lead to the translating rap lyrics posts I did. I reviewed Supervillain team up and I certainly brought the stupid to you. Those make sense. Much more sense than horny gays or any of the crap MSN heaps at my blog constantly.

At this point in the internet game, I don't even see why a company would try to compete with Google. You can't do it. Google is the second brain. It is an internet institution. Why does Microsoft even try to make their search engine better? They should simple direct people to Google. It'd certainly be more honest. I highly doubt anyone that works for MS uses MSN search once they go home. I doubt even Bill Gates does. You know they use Google because Google is the greatest search engine that ever could be. The results make sense most of the time, which is more than I can say for the "new improved" MSN search.

When your website search results are so bad that website owners consider blocking your search engine from even leading to the perseon's site, you've got a bad search engine on your hands. I don't want these freaks visiting my blog. I shouldn't have them visiting my blog based off those search results.

Though I do approve of being the NUMBER ONE!!! search result for Mr. Photogenic, even that fact is a sad, sad reminder of just how wrong the new MSN search engine is.


Random Stuff: Whenever I go a couple weeks without updating my blog, that means I have something REALLY REALLY cool I want to talk about, but cannot for whatever reason. Well, this last dearth of updates has to do with something REALLY REALLY REALLY cool that I simply can't talk about. Well, with you, the public. I told Erika about it. She agreed that it was cool. That should be all you need to know. At this point, if this mysterious really cool thing doesn't happen, I will be semi-crushed. For it is that cool. Each day, Phoebus and I say to each other, in some form, how this really cool thing should happen. It should. We'll be pissed if it doesn't. Fear for Portland. Oh well, beyond that...

The "no contest" plea of Tim Sheldon was very gratifying. This idiot, no, wait... let me summon some condemnation... this fat, grossly ugly, balding, pedophile-idiot wannabe kid-fucker ditches his hard drive and was a smug fuckhead about it. He's arrested anyways, tries to get our evidence tossed and then? Pleads no contest when that doesn't work. No contest is right, because he was dead to rights, hard drive or no. That case should be the final nail in the coffin for anyone trying to say that PeeJ cases interfere with prosecutions. Find new spin, kiddos.

Watch "Million Dollar Baby." First, avoid any mention of what happens in the film. Avoid it all. Then watch it. If you do that, you will be as effusively praising as proper about the film. Not as good as "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" but that's only because Eternal makes you want to live, while "Million" isn't as uplifting. I'm a sucker for uplifting media. Even for stuff I don't think I should like. For example...

I could watch Good Will Hunting, Punch Drunk Love, Shawshank Redemption or Scent of a Woman over and over again. They're simply classics. You watch them and decide to keep living. Such nice pleasant films. Eternal Sunshine are those films, times two on the "Go ahead and keep living" scale.

They're up there with my favorite television guilty pleasure, old episodes of "Highway to Heaven." You have to love Highway to Heaven. If you don't love Highway to Heaven, you simply shouldn't be allowed to associate with others. I'm an Atheist and Highway to Heaven is still one of my favorite shows. You'll never see another made like it. It's religious in nature, but subtle. It doesn't preach at you, it simply provides the missions of an angel and the people he's assigned to help. Just quality television, even though you know that it's not realistic. Sometimes you need a bit of unreality to help cope with the stupidity with which we deal with constantly. Beats drugs because you don't become a moron after watching them.

I fucked up my back playing tennis, so if I've been short or curt lately, that's why. I've been very much perpetually annoyed due to it. I guess that's why you don't go onto a court after seven months and go straight into a game balls-out without doing any form of warm-ups. I can feel the exact spot where the muscle tore everytime I stop to think about it and the entire matter has gotten frustrating. Then again, at least I won. I'd probably be even more pissy had I hurt myself and lost.

Oh, and for those who live in inferior sections of the country, it's sunny and warm all week long. Being able to play tennis in early February more than makes up for the time difference, bitches.