It's Bloggerin' Time Again!

November/2005: Back! - That was some hiatus. Yes, let me clear out the musty smell of ol' Mayor Whatshizface real quick... ahhh... there, fumigated. Anyways as you can tell, my bloggin' took a nosedive at the end of last summer. Why? Was it because of my forthcoming rap CD? No. Was it due to my newfound acquistion of noodle mastery? No. Gigantism? No. The real answer?

Man, have I been fucking busy.

Let's see, in the last few months there has been...

- Business trip to Vegas.
- Trip afterwards to San Francisco for three weeks.
- Upon return... helping out on the Tucson GMB.
- Completion of number one draft pick acquistion.
- Emails!
- To count, over a dozen radio interviews.
- Emails!
- Then Scarborough.
- Emails!
- Then the Donny Deutsch show.
- Emails!



Yes. But here I am, back in blogville. Things are finally slowing down, though not to the point prior to Dateline, no sir, no how. Dateline II: Electric Boogalou (By far my favorite name I've come up with for it) has been consistently praised in my email as one of the best investigative news stories done... ever. That's not hyperbole, I just got another email today from another professional saying so. Frankly, I'm a tad tired of hearing it at this point... well, maybe not. What rules is that I hear it all the time and I had a lick to do with it. Thankfully, I get to forward most of the email to Delbius Harvey, who had more than a few licks to do with it.

It's been one hell of a sweet fall though, that's for sure. The best fall on record in my life. Period. Ever. Yep. Just that good. It started out with some business trip to Las Vegas, a city I had never been to (I will be covering this in-depth in my next blog update, whenever that is), and continued with a nice working vacation in San Francisco with my friend who lives there for like three weeks. Fun times, which I'll blog about muchly coming up in December.

Near the end of the trip as most of you know, the Mickey to my Rooney, the Forrest to my Gump, the Boutros-Boutros to my Ghali-Ghali, the Thrilla to my Manila, the Rolls to my Royce, the laffy to my taffy, the hop to my scotch, the Lewis to my Martin, the Moxie to my Colby, the diamond to my rough... said "Hey, btw actually, I love you." Almost literally like that, in fact. So I'm quite pleased, I must say and have said. It's a union that spawned topics on yes... wait for it... SEVEN different message boards across the internet. That puts it only like five message board topics behind the whole Pitt/Jolie thing. That's big time. And to think, I only worked on her, oh, on and off for the last three years or so.

Then, Dateline. Which, no offense to Dateline, compared to the above paragraph is only merely good and not abso-tabulous. Still, Dateline was... oh, I'd say it was pretty good. I'm pretty sure the millions of people who watched it agreed since half of them seemed to hit the website. Well, not half, but we've done well over half a million unique hits in the last 25 days... so more than enough. In all seriousness, it was the best piece of media we've done. Nothing wakes people up about the dangers of the internet like group media busts. Nothing has the same effect on people.

Besides that, an interview I did also aired on The National in Canada, which is a show there akin to our 60 Minutes. It talked about the age of consent up there and has been well-received. And Scarborough, which was one of the most powerful media segments I've been involved in. Sitting there listening to Marc Klaas speak was moving, to say the least. The man has a fire the entire "child protection scene" needs. Less charlatans and more Klaas's and the "child protection scene" could be, someday, worth a damn. And the Donny Deutsch show which I could write another whole blog entry about. Media coming out the ass, really. I can't even begin to count off the number of Information First agreements we've recieved since then. Great stuff.