Bloggy blog part 2: the Remix!

April/2007: It's nice to have my blog back again. Pretty simply, I took down my old blog because people, lacking a way to attack what does, tried to use my blog and political opinions to attack the website by proxy. Nevermind that the organization has one "opinion"... y'know, "Pedophiles and internet predators are bad." That's the opinion. Still, that shit got very annoying.

The last straw was some psychotic goofball in Murphy screaming about how I have "political opinion A!!!!!!" and that's why the sting there was bad!!!!! That was really the straw that broke the camels back. I have no way to accurately gauge how stupid someone would have to be to see 20 pedophiles arrested and then think... "y'know, I'm such an ignorant stupid moron, I'm going to try to attack that because the site founder has political and social opinions I DON'T LIKE!!!" You'd have to be really, very, truly and immensely an idiot to have that thought process.

So between hack print journalists and a hysterical idiot, I had enough for a while. Not to mention the fact that I wasn't blogging much in 2006 anyways, was far too damn busy. "A while" has ended now, with the release of the following story: Law Enforcement Technology Magazine - Internet Watchdogs. That story is beautiful. It is an actual print reporter who did research and reported on it. It's amazing, I thought it not possible. That story is all that is needed. Don't need any more stories. Anyone can write whatever they wish and all that is needed is a link to that story.

I now feel free to blog again. The blog is back as it was, kinda.

I had the URL because when I came online, I was really into promoting who John Rabe was/is. He's a personal hero of mine, saved hundreds of thousands of Chinese lives during the Nanking Massacre ("Rape of Nanking"). Personally, I think he's the most heroic man in history and his diaries are humbling to read. Still, I've got other things going on now. I wanted something to reflect what has ended up as my career, so I chose I'm always amused when people call me names and my favorite thing I've been called so far is "Evil Vigilante!" I mean, the entire idea of it is just so sinister. Vigilantes! Evil! Evil Vigilante! It's so sensationalist and smearing, it's beyond amusing and perfect. So I've decided to make my new URL There's a few skins on the left hand side, pick your favorite of the three. I'll be making some more later on.

For those of you not around the over two years of my blogging, here are some of the better entries over the years:

- "The Great Breadboat Experiment" - Ducks vs. boats made of bread, winner is...?
- "Tip the waiter, tip the attendent, but never tip the pizza guy" - Ripping on
- "Suffering through this season's severe winter weather" - A true story about a brave winter day
- "A conversational look at the K.T. recovery" - The archive of conversations between Del, Frag and I during our attempt to dig up information on a missing kid.
- "A Moment of the Surreal with Al Roker" - Perhaps still the highlight of my life.
- "Moammar and Me" - Hollywood, I'm still up for doing this, call anytime.

Unlike 2006, I now have my responsibilities down to a manageable level and I feel reinvigorated towards blogging. I mainly blog about PeeJ, people who hate me, my cats, people I hate, random things that pop into my head and whatever else is going on. Yep, really specific description there.

No, you probably won't like some of the things I write here. I don't really care. It's not my goal to have you like me. it's my goal to have fun and be me. I don't believe people should have to act a "certain way" in a buttoned-up fashion, so either deal with it or don't come back anymore. I write to entertain myself and to create a quasi-chronicle of things that are going on, as they go on, as a supplement to my atrocious memory. Nothing is blogged in order to appease anyone and I honestly don't care if anyone reads anything I have to write.

With that said, welcome to my kinda new, kinda not blog.