Were PJ Amerikan Taliban trained terrorists?

September/2006: Pedophile ramblings - Anyone who knows me knows that I'm amused by the utterly insane. Enter a pedophile poster who made what I believe to be, the greatest post on the internet in at least a year.

The masterpiece follows:
Title: Were PJ Amerikan Taliban trained terrorists?
I believed that they had went to Afghanistan and being converted to Osama's twisted brand of so-called suicide "Islam" and being trained in terrorism in agreement with our US Gov't and LEOs who hate us and tolerated them and then come back here and start killing and victimizing 1000 of our own innocent people by saying they're pedos even if some of them weren't, just to get to only one real child serial rapist & killer out of them all, and impose near twin Islamo-christianity brand of no-sex pan-hetero only theocracy upon us all through other like Bush and Foley the Hypocrite?

And who is this so-called "Von Erek" guy as his changed legal name as a founder pig of this pig like he is a Amerikan-German neo-Nazi wannabe sadist on us all?

And they're doing it all being illegally against civil rights and wow, no gov't or cops involvements at all? They sure are really encouraging and tolerating them for doing that. Is this another Kristallnacht against us all for who we are? Yes, it is.

America is not safe for anyone at all anymore.

I don't even need to say anything, that post speaks for itself. Gold. So says Xavier Von Erck, the Atheist leader of the... twin Islamo-Christianity no-sex pan-hetero only theocracy! Huzzah!

More how to handle death threats the proper way 101

September/2006: Death threats! - Another in my ongoing education for you people on how to handle death threats the proper way. I feel this is an important class. So pay attention!

This time it's a whole email exchange. You also get to learn how to handle a legal threat along with learning how to handle a death threat.

Original email to me:
You do not have permission to use the webcam image you stole off a cam from this Screen Name.

If it is not taken down immediatly a claim will be filed for defamation of character.

Email in reply:
Hello there,

Shut up.

Xavier Von Erck
Director of Operations

His reply:
Well i hope you like lawsuits then!

My reply (His email name is well, hilarious to me)
Hello Adafd Dafda,

Adafd a dafda doo.

Xavier Von Erck
Director of Operations

And now, two months later, I receive a reply!
Hey Philip Eide (cock sucker)

I really am gonna come find you and rape u with a broom stick so far up ur ass that its gonna come out ur stupid head thats used for nothing (cock sucker) except for whatever it is you do on ur free time (cock sucking) why dont you call the FBI to come protect your dumbass for startin shit your dumbass doesnt want to finish (cock sucker). Oh wait they dont come protect dumbass' who try to fuck with ppl then go cry to them. Its cheaper to kill u then it is to pay a lawyer to expose your lies. Bullets sadly are about .50 cents. You dont need to worry about a bullet with you though. You will get to eat ur own ballz rubed in ur own shit shoved down ur throat then then the broom stick which iam sure you do on your free time anyway (cock sucker) will be shoved up ur ass through ur head. I hope you look forward to it as much as i do. See ya soon!


Who says sincerely and then doesn't sign it? Very strange man.

My reply:
Hello Adafd Dafda,

Adafd a dafda doo!

Xavier Von Erck
Director of Operations

I'll update if I get a reply to continue your lesson.

Oh, and bullets aren't nearly that expensive. What the hell?

Money and the products you should buy with it

September/2006: Products - Obviously I am now drawing a wage. This has of course, not gone unnoticed with grossly-inaccurate headlines declaring I've been paid this sum, or that sum, or this other sum. The most common figure touted is that I've been paid "100,000 dollars by Dateline NBC." Bollocks.

I have not been paid 100,000 dollars by Dateline NBC, Dateline NBC nor any other media company have ever made a check out to me. I've never seen one. It doesn't happen. Our organization however, has been paid a consultancy fee by Dateline NBC. I am not the organization. I am but a part of it. We are currently in the process of filing to become a non-profit. Anyone who has a brain knows that when you file to become a non-profit the income of the entity that is the non-profit can be claimed as far back as six months to a year. And, as well, anyone who has a brain enough to know that knows that the heads of non-profits can only be paid a percentage of the total non-profit income. Now with PeeJ, we are a three-headed dragon as anyone, again, with a brain, knows.

Now obviously that the organization is making money (Which... who would have predicted that ever happening? Crazy) for our consulting on the To Catch a Predator shows, I've been drawing a wage. When you've been poor for 26 3/4ths of your life, you see things that are awesome and sock them away in your mind. I saw and have seen a few things that are awesome and I am here to report on them for you. They are awesome and they are all relatively cheap. I'm going to list out some of the more awesome things I've personally purchased and tell you why they are so... awesome. How many times can I use a word as awesome as awesome? Plenty. There's no limit on words. You don't run out of them.

Products you should buy because they're awesome

#1 - Vidal Sassoon Palm Clipper
Retails for - 24.95

Just look at that thing. Looks crazy, doesn't it? Well, it's awesome. First off, I've never in my life had a facial hair trimmer or hair cut device that I've liked. Never. Ever. Never. This thing is the first all-in-one shaver/clipper that I've tried and liked. Why?

First, you can use it in the shower. Which, is awesome. And it doesn't matter how wet that fucker gets either, it will run. You can just hang it in your shower and use it whenever provided that you have a no-fog mirror in there as well. This allows you to shave without feeling the pain of shaving. I won't use shaving cream, so it's already winning that battle for me. Second, the internal battery in it retains it's charge despite hours of use. And I mean hours. And it charges quickly, too. Third, it straps to your hand. So you can easily trim or cut your hair in the shower without missing a spot or contorting your arm in various uncomfortable ways. Fourth, it's just as good and usable on your face as on your head. Lastly, unlike most razors or electric shavers, the cutting area is easily removed of hair. How? Just let the water run over it and the hair drops out.

It's 25 bucks and if you keep your hair short and have to shave your face often, it is a must-have.


#2 - The Roomba
Retails for - 299.99

You've seen the Roomba and if you were like me, you scoffed. You said, like me, "That shit can't work." Oh, but it does work. It works indeed. I picked up the Roomba Scheduler over at Brookstone after researching it online. I could not find anyone online who bashed the product. Which is rare... since people always bash products. Always. Plus, "traditional" vacuum cleaners cost about that much anyways, the damn things are overpriced to hog-heaven. Why Roomba? Many, many reasons.

First, the Roomba actually works. It actually picks up just about everything. I have two cats. My oldest cat, Mr. Colby Jones, is a long-hair half persian I rescued from some crazy cat lady for 25 bucks when he was a kitten. He has a lot of hair. And it gets everywhere. The hair just falls off of him as he walks around, yet... there's always more hair. Roomba hates his hair as I do. So Roomba picks it all up. That's all I needed. Sold. Sure, every six-eight runnings I have to go through and pick his hair out of the brushes, but I'd have to do the same thing with a regular vacuum cleaner too. After each time Roomba runs, it has a container full of his hair and other dirt for me to pick up.

Second, Roomba senses dirt. Yes, sounds stupid, but it's true. When it finds an especially dirty area a little light on the device goes blue. Roomba then dances around the area, until it is no longer a "blue spot." I know it works because I've purposely put dirt in areas to test it. It works. It targets areas that have dirt that we can't see since we're standing so high up and gets a deep clean on them.

Third, Roomba requires no work. I don't have to vacuum anymore. I don't like vacuuming. It sucks. Roomba does it for me. Oh, but you retort... "Don't you have to turn it on! HA-HA!" I don't have to turn it on at all. It turns itself on according to the schedule I have set for it. Currently, it turns itself on and cleans for about an hour every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 3 PM. 80% of the time it gets back to it's own self-charging "base" by itself. Sometimes it gets stuck somewhere, where it helpfully beeps to let you know to unstick it. The only work required is in the setup of scheduling it and making sure you don't have a shit-load of cords everywhere on the ground because Roomba is not good with cords. Besides, your cords should be on the wall like any true tech geek. That is if you still have cords to begin with.

Fourth, Roomba is smart. It will bump into everything the first few times but after a while it remembers the basic layout of your place and where it last cleaned. My place is pretty narrow, so there's not much room for error. I've observed Roomba start up with it's cheerful beeping song and head straight for the narrow hallway by itself with no prompting, bypassing most of the front room. Roomba also knows when it is stuck and the practice it makes of getting around tight spots is smart. It also includes virtual walls that you can put anywhere you don't want Roomba going. These will turn on automatically with the scheduler as well.

Fifth, and most importantly, my cats hate it. Colby has hissed at it more times than I can remember. He's also hit it a few times. Moxie tries to dart by it all the time. Once it even bumped into her, which scared the crap out of her. Watching my cats enjoy watching Roomba go as much as I enjoy watching Roomba go makes vacuuming not an unpleasant task, but a fun activity to watch.

Roomba rules. It works just as good on tile as carpet and will end up saving you so much time that you're ripping THEM off on how much it is. Experiencing what I've experienced now, I'd easily pay 500 dollars for that thing. That's how good it is.


#3 - The Holmes Blizzard
Retails for - 24.95


The Holmes Blizzard is to indoor air circulation what Chili's Enchilada Soup is to soup. And that means it is THE BEST EVER. I have two of these fans. TWO. Why? Well, that's what the next part is for!

First, the Holmes Blizzard has a remote control. Not just any remote control. Each one comes with a remote control. If you buy two? The remote control works for both of them. You don't have to have two remote controls. Three? Yes, you can use just the one remote control. Sure you'll have a couple extra, but who cares? You don't need them. Multiple fans = One control. Oh, did I mention that the FAN HAS A REMOTE CONTROL? Yes, I did.

Secondly, the Holmes Blizzard is stationary. It has no parts to put together. It comes put together! Oh, but you think... "Why, this fan is the suck, it is stationary, I cannot get circulation!" Bullshit. This fan has a rotating front faceplate that circulates the air from side to side, just like an oscillating fan would. WITHOUT OSCILLATING. Without having to have a ton of space to clear for the oscillating head. Without having to PUT IT TOGETHER. That's right. Oh, don't like oscillation without oscillating? That's fine, because it's YOUR OPTION if it does that or not. But it only gets better.

Thirdly, most fans have three settings. Yeah, low, medium and high. Low is too low. Medium is often too high. And high? Fuck, only if you want everything to blow around the place. The main problem with fans is that they don't simulate wind. The Blizzard? Simulates wind. It has three wind settings that allow you to have the perfect breeze you want. And it has low, medium and high settings. That means there's a potential for nine different settings to simulate wind or to just have the traditional "constant fan effect." I usually run my two on low with the first wind setting. It makes the fan simulate a nice light breeze. It's perfect for all the year 'round. Just enough to refresh you in summer but not too much to make you turn it off in fall and winter. You can always experience the best air circulation money can buy, a natural simulation of a light breeze in your room anytime.

Fourthly, as if I NEED A FOURTHLY BECAUSE I DON'T AT THIS POINT, the fan has a timer setting. Let's say you like a breeze when you go to bed, but not in the middle of the night. You can set Blizzard to turn itself off automatically in half an hour... or oh, six hours. Want it to turn off at 3 AM? Just set it to turn off at 3 AM by setting it to turn off however many hours from 3 AM you are. Of course if you're like me, you rarely have to turn them off because the perfect system of settings will mean that you'll have constant air flow around your room at any time.

Fifthly, unlike other shit fans, Blizzard does not jam up with cat hair. The back of it? Does not jam up with cat hair. Every other fan I've had does. This fan does not. Why? Because it fucking rules. It is the greatest fan ever made.


#4 - Litterworks Automatic Litterbox
Retails for - 278.95 (here w/ demonstration)

If you're a humane cat owner, you have an indoor cat. And if you're sane and not into disgusting things, you hate litterboxes. They're ridiculous. You're scooping shit out of little beds of sand. It's ridiculous behavior. We look like idiots doing it. And it's disgusting. It's the worst part of owning cats. And I own two cats.

So I ran across the Litterworks automatic litterbox system one day and said "Someday I shall own this." And that day came in May of 2006. And now I am a happy cat owner.

First, this is not just some scooping cat system like you can buy at Petco. Sure, you can buy the Littermaid there, but you can't buy the Litterworks system there. The Litterworks system is basically a Littermaid plus a specially designed dumping cabinent for the Littermaid. So rather than the utterly stupid idea of the littermaid removing cat waste into... nothing? It dumps it into a blue bag down inside the cabinent. Or a trash bag, if you prefer.

Second, this makes life easy. Instead of the constant maintenance on the Littermaid and the constant removal of waste, you just tie the bag and take it out to the trash every week to two weeks. It's like an automatic cat waste garbagecan. If you buy clumping litter, it keeps the littermaid litterbox clean, your nose unoffended and your life uninterrupted by constant cat waste needing to be dealt with.

Thirdly, you save money on litter. I used to go through pounds of litter a month because the system I used to use was inefficient. This system scoops out the dirty litter and leaves the clean litter. Now all I have to do is refill from time to time. In a year, you'll save in cat litter what it cost to buy this system to begin with.

Fourthly, it gives your cats something to watch. Everytime the litterworks system goes "off" (fifteen minutes after your cat uses it) your cats will run up and check it out. More entertainment for cats is a good thing. My cats didn't take long to take to the system, sure they were scared the first time the rake went off, but it never goes off with them in it so there's no real danger.

I could never go back to the old way of dealing with cat litter. This system is just too awesome. In fact, it's going off right now. I can hear it. That means that's more cat waste taken care of that I don't have to do anything with. That makes me happy. So I have a product that saves me time, and just by hearing it, makes me happy. Yeah, I would have paid more for it. It's basically a robotic litterbox. It goes nicely with the robotic vacuum cleaner.

There's four products. Now sure, you can't afford all of them right way. I couldn't either. But when you can afford them, buy them. Why? Because as I've made the case pretty clear, they're awesome. Very, very awesome.

Did I mention that they're awesome?

It's nice to be on the warpath again

September/2006: PeeJ stuff - Our recent campaign against what we've coined corporate sex offenders is audacious, in-your-face and important. Which is exactly why I like it so much. While getting predators arrested is ice cream-pie-cake (Yep, THAT good) and I shall never tire of directing the organization in that manner, it is also quite important to oh, how do those corporate mucky-mucks put it? Diversify!

Pedophiles have been running around unchecked on the internet for a decade now. No coherent movement has rose up to challenge the building of their advocacy networks. However, I think we're starting to build the infrastructure that will bring the fight to the pedophiles like never before. First, we're going to go after companies who have services that pedophiles use. Soon, we're going to start going after their websites themselves. But why?

The pedophiles are whining and crying and pitching a fit, about how they are sooooo oppressed and we're sooooo evil for going after them. After all, in their warped minds, they're not predators! They just want a country where they can fuck all the children they wish without going to jail. Honest! It's not so bad, right!

That's where they are stupid and wrong. The advocacy of the sexual fetish of pedophilia is the advocacy of raping children. They will stamp their feet and say it's not the same thing... but guess what? Same thing. They're not advocating some grandiose vision of society, they're simply advocating the rape of children. That's what pedophiles do. That's what they want legalized. That is what the pedophilia advocacy movement is designed to do. They'll say "Oh well, we're not soliciting the breaking of any laws! We're not soliciting illegality! We're advocating pedophilia! Pedophilia isn't against the law!" It's their double-speak. What they're really saying is "Hey, we're advocating the lifestyle of childrape but we're not advocating child rape... just the lifestyle of it."

The sexual fetish of pedophilia is nothing more than wanting to fuck kids as young as 1 years old to as old as 16 years old. For some reason, they believe that the common average person will say "Oh you know, those pedophiles, they're not advocating the rape of children, they're advocating pedophilia. Completely different!" However, most people aren't that stupid. Sure, pedophiles are so stupid as to believe their own spin and propaganda, but most people? Not that stupid.

By advocating a lifestyle of raping children, they are soliciting illegal acts. The vast majority of companies we've targeted understand this. Just going to have to bring the attention to this issue on a grander scale to finish off the rest of the corporate sex offenders.

I like to compare it to say, people who want to kill the president. Imagine if there were a movement online to kill the president. No, not to KILL THE PRESIDENT, but to advocate a lifestyle of well, trying to kill the president. Does anyone really think the Secret Service would stop and say "Y'know, they're not saying they're going to kill the president, but that they want to have a lifestyle of killing the president without being arrested! That's okay then!" Does that argument sound foolish and illogical? Sure, because it is. And it's the same argument pedophiles online make to try to justify their presence on webservers.

Here's a few common truths, hopefully people reading this understand them. I've learned them from the years I've spent organizing PeeJ.

A. People hate pedophiles.
B. People aren't going to care about a company promoting free speech when...
C. That company is promoting the "free speech" of the advocacy of raping children, an illegal act.

It's as simple as A, B, C.

Back when I started PeeJ, those idiots at DanPedo made the mistake of taunting me. They thought my resolve to push forward with the re-launching of PeeJ simply wasn't there. And it wasn't. But they taunted me. The last thing anyone should do is try to mock, attack, or engage me aggressively. All I do, mentally, is go "Oh yeah? Well fuck you." That's why PeeJ is here. It wouldn't be here if it weren't for disgusting pedophiles thinking that they could mouth off to me in mid-2003. It just wouldn't be around.

My motivation in running PeeJ is very simple. It's not your typical motivation of someone who fights against internet predators and the pedophilia community that supports them. Most anti-predators are stay-at-home mothers who worry about their kids. No offense to those people, I like them plenty, they're just not bulldogs. They're not used to initiating aggressive confrontation and controversial action. They're the type that will focus on educating kids, talking amongst themselves, y'know, all fine things.

People like me, whose primary motivation is that pedophiles and what they wish to do are absolutely appalling and disgusting are the types that are going to go out there and aggressively confront those seeking to do evil. I'm not in this to protect children, it's a nice side benefit sure, but my motivation is to make life a living hell for predators and pedophiles online. Anyone who has observed their organizations, their posts and their attempts to promote their child-raping agenda is sickened by it. All you have to do is pay attention. It is the most disgusting shit online. I want to see them arrested, I want to see them kicked off internet services for promoting illicit acts, I want to see them stamping their feet and whining and crying that oh, those meanies at PeeJ are after us!

(Brief interlude here: No, you stupid pedophile fucks, you're not like homosexuals. Homosexuals are not pedophiles. You pedophiles are not like homosexuals. Our dislike of you is not like the dislike of redneck ignorant stupid hicks that dislike homosexuals. Homosexuals have consenting relationships with other adults. They are, by and large, fine people. They seek to do no harm, they are discriminated against and it is a very terrible thing.

Pedophile fucks doubly piss me off by trying to compare themselves to homosexuals. Like homosexuals don't have enough issues with conservatives, the religious and the government that the fucking child-raping advocates need to make things tougher for them. Comparing your fetish for children sexually to their orientation towards a specific gender is ridiculous. It is akin to stating that one who has a lust for feet is "sexually oriented towards feet." It is akin to stating that one who has a lust for animals is "sexually oriented towards animals." Insert any sexual fetish which you know and try to ramrod it into the orientation terminology. Yeah, crazy creepy Bob down the street who is into big ol' riding boots is not a "Bootsexual."/End interlude)

And now I get to see pedophiles whining and crying and stamping their feet. I get to make plans to aggressively "EVIL VIGILANTE STYLE!" (LORD how I've missed that!) go after organized pedophiles. We've just started and already Xanga, YouTube, Cafepress and (partially) Wikipedia have already taken action. Less than a week really, and that's the results. Now imagine what we can do when we focus months on a single company. We're going to have to, because some of these companies are very supportive of pedophiles... but we're going to do it. And sooner or later they will have to abide their own Terms of Service and boot off those individuals advocating and soliciting illict acts. We're not advocating government censorship, we're not advocating discrimination. We're simply asking companies to live up to their own terms of service. That's the beauty in the entire campaign.

Oh, how diversification makes life fun.

Things I shouldn't be amused by, #3432

September/2006: Anti-PeeJ ramblings - Sometimes I run across anti-Perverted-Justice.com ramblings and I laugh really hard. That's the one thing about our continuing evolution that I do somewhat regret, there are just less balls-out insane people ranting and raving against the website. Recently I got the pleasure of reading perhaps, just maybe, one of the most insane paragraphs I've ever read regarding what we do.

VIGILANTISM does in fact threaten the rights of everyone and our entire system of justice and even the way we conduct ourselves in our personal lives.So mr x what Lessons are you going to teach your brainwashed brother and sisters of your anti pedophile cult empire ? The pedophiles are not human therefore they don't have rights ? Oh I forgot you taught that already didn't you. Dateline will gather the ratings ,Jim Henson will be an almost hero (that skit didn't help him you know ) and you be his little puppet like Pinocchio ya him the one whose nose gets bigger every time he lies.Dell will be the fall girl for you .Jimmy boy will be dancing you around with his network of strings and the American public will see the chump that you really are because you can't f--- with the American Peoples RIGHTS and shove it their face and get away with it.The American public will want to know who is the MR X that can screw with our liberties and includes the right to privacy that you so publicly say we really don't have.You may quote the text book on the rights to privacy but make sure you quote the text in books on the laws reguarding vigilantism. While you entertain the the thought of cult leader I'll entertain the thought Your nothing but a Pedophile in disguise if that's okay with you o wise and worldly braindead leader that you are.(it's that freedom of speech thing , did I abuse it I'm sure you'll look it up,I'm sorry your followers will do that for you )

Yes, that's the actual formatting and spelling. I changed nothing. Read it twice.

Perhaps I have a twisted sense of humor, but that, yes, THAT shit is hilarious. I don't know which I like better, being "MR X" since that sounds very creepy and quite cool or the fact that somehow Jim Henson got brought into all of this! I'm not sure what this individual has against Jim Henson, but uh, isn't he dead?

Or is he alive and partnering with Dateline? To Catch a Muppet, perhaps? Dateline, damn you! Damn YOU, Jim Henson!

I also dig the "Anti Pedophile Cult Empire" accusation. I could go on and on about the buffoonry as I have in the past, it's just so amusing to me. Right now, some guy somewhere is sitting at home worked up because I (MR X!), Jim Henson, Dell (Computers?) and god-knows-who-else are stripping away the rights of ordinary Americans by getting pedophiles and predators put in jail (Wait... what?). Seriously, imagine it. Trucker hat, torn up jeans, probably a shirt with a "Big Dog" slogan, all worked up and slothering with angst over all this. It's a Norman Rockwell painting in bizarro world.

As I've found, people who hate what we do fall into one of three categories. Because I'm bored and it's 1 AM, I'll list them out.

Category A: The Bat-shit insane
This category most are well aware of. The paragraph I quoted rambling about Jim Henson is a good example. The old blog update I did quoting the ramblings of some supposed Vietnam vet are another example. The bat-shit insane love to hate us. Back in the day, about late 2003, there were a couple of women who joined the forums. Oh, they hated pedophiles, oh lordy... but they also hated gays. And they loved Timothy McVeigh.

Yeah, that Timothy McVeigh, not say, some guy with the unfortunate happenstance of ALSO being named Timothy McVeigh, but the real Tim McVeigh... boom boom Timmy. That guy. They didn't appreciate two experiences they had when they joined the website. First, the guy that ran the website told them to shut up about gays. Second, almost everyone on the forums went WTF about the McVeigh thing. They thought he was innocent and had a whole website dedicated to supporting the guy. It also went into how "cute" he was. Needless to say, their less-than-warm welcome made them hate the website and off to banned camp they went.

There's a lot of really mentally disturbed people out there, folks.

Category B: The Bat-shit creepy
When we started up PeeJ, we were a very small site. The idea that became Perverted-Justice.com was actually a small page on this blog, of all things. It was called Perverted Justice and it was mostly a small page where we listed guys in Portland, Oregon Yahoo Chat who solicited our profiles. No phone verifications, nothing of what you see now. This was done from mid-summer 2002 to April 2003. We had the idea, but it was not that focused on. It was one of many projects I was doing at the time and not really one I put that much time into. The little page got about a hundred hits a day. It was an amusing effort to clean up the Portland rooms in some small way.

But then I got serious about it. I did not get serious about it because I have children (Lord no!) nor did I get serious about it because I was ever molested (Wasn't) and nor did I get serious about it because I thought there would ever be publicity or well, anything like what it's turned into in store for it. Nah, it was a much different reason.

In April '03, the site had trickled down to nothing. I wasn't really updating it or adding new people to post chat-logs, Phoebus and I were working on a redesign but I had completely lost interest at the time, thinking it was a neat experiment and that I'd move on to other things. What captured my interest and made me somewhat obsessive to then say "screw the blog page thing" and start up a website was organized pedophiles.

They had taken notice of my little small page off my personal homepage that attacked internet predators. A group called the Danish Pedophile Association (Danish!) had found out about our website. Let's be clear, we had done no media. The site itself got about 100 hits a day, which is nothing really. We had no arrests, all that you see now, it was not. It was just a side-project idea. Despite our total and complete unknown nature, these guys at what they called "Danpedo" were attacking us.

I had never run into organized pedophiles while being online. I had of course heard of NAMBLA, but I figured it was a right-wing boogeyman more than anything. The idea of actual organized pedophiles was at the time, absurd. Nor had I ever encountered what we now call "pedospeak." The creepy diction of pedophiles justifying their lust for kids of all ages, from 2 years old to 15 years old. It was an absolutely disgusting wake-up call. After noting their attacks and their glee that I had lost interest in the page, that activity slowed down, I forged ahead and finished importing all the data into the new redesign and bought the domain in a matter of a week, something I had put off as unimportant for months.

We then put serious work and thought into the idea, refined everything and the rest, as is said, was history as Perverted-Justice.com was then born in the summer of 2003. Why? Because pedophiles are fucking creepy, disgusting and dangerous. No other reason.

The Bat-shit creepy of PeeJ-haters is still around today in various incarnations. After danpedo was broken up, other pedophiles took up the fight against us. One of the most notorious is known for posing for diaper pictures and has a long history of pedospeak. He even claimed to have molested a young boy in his past. Not only despite their "best efforts" have we succeeded, but rather because of them. Without conflict, I get bored. With conflict, I'm invigorated. So on that aspect, the pedophiles accomplished something, they roused the disgust of those of we early founders of the site to take it to another level. A level that sees hundreds of these guys arrested.

Category C: People out for themselves
There are various selfish motivations one could have to be against us. One could have a family member exposed as a pedophile due to our acts, one could be a rejected forum member or a banned ex-volunteer seeking revenge. Or, one could be someone like Julie Posey. Posey viciously attacked us back in 2004 in order to try to discredit our growing influence and work. Basically, she, who never knew anything about the website first-hand, tried to discredit us in the media and to law enforcement to save her own self-dubbed title of being "THE cyber crime fighter."

Hell, the woman had a legacy to protect. Back in 1996, she started posing as underage kids online. From 1996 to 2004, she would go into adult chat-rooms (Something we don't do) in order to see if males would hit on something purporting to be an underage female. Of course they would, as Posey found out. So in the eight years that she worked chat rooms, she got 60 predators arrested. No word on the number of convictions, her PR only gives numbers of those arrested, unfortunately. So she got a little less than eight a year arrested. That's fine and dandy.

Where she pissed me off though is coming out viciously attacking us. I had never heard of this woman, she never was on the site and we had never communicated, but suddenly we were the devil incarnate. She even went so far as to state in one interview that she felt sorry for the people posted on the website, that they were the victims. That's the kind of verbiage that will annoy us greatly. Posey at the end of the day was doing what many of those in the so-called "child protection business" do... protecting their own interests, income and notoriety.

Posey in all her years had operated a "group" called Pedowatch. Previously before she took it over, pedowatch was a group of people who wanted to go into chat-rooms and get predators arrested. Sound familiar? Once Posey took the helm, she made such acts verboten... except for her. Basically, pedowatch could have become what we became, many many years prior to my ever even coming online! Posey however, had to have the limelight for herself. Only SHE, the housewife who trained herself, could do the chats and do the media!

Rather than bring the public in, she told the public that they were not to be involved. Leave it to the professionals... all while ignoring the fact that she, herself, has never been nor will ever be a "professional." At the end of the day, she is what millions are... a housewife that saw a problem and acted on it. So instead, she stifled the public and acted holier than thou... and got sixty arrests in EIGHT YEARS.

So once we came upon the scene, we were attacked. It fit the modus operandi of many of those whom hate us... self-interest.

Today, these sorts of attacks are somewhat rare. Our track record is too overwhelming. Consider the Posey example, for one. She garnered 60 arrests in as stated, EIGHT YEARS. We garnered 51 arrests in THREE DAYS in Riverside, California. 30 arrests in three days in Petaluma, California. 24 in two and a quarter days in Fort Myers Florida... hell, let's stop beating around the bush, in a period of nine months (all of 2006 alone thus far) we have notched over 180 arrests. Three times a lone person's efforts in eight years.

Why? Because instead of playing Moses on the Mountain, we told the public that they could do this too, if they worked their way up the organization and were trained.

I think the numbers are somewhat overwhelming for most people to consider, but seriously, read the statistics! 73 convictions in a little over two years. Not bad. Not too shabby. The big number though are those awaiting to become convictions. The conviction total is just the tippy-top of the iceberg. 260+ guys awaiting trial. And we're still growing! I'm bringing on new contributors left and right, we have not even become close to operating at any form of peak strength! If we never got another guy arrested again, we would still be able to claim over 333 arrests in a span of two and a half years. It's a ridiculous number... that is only still growing!

I mean hell, I've gotten 17 arrests myself since f'n April (September 2nd, right now) and I've only trolled for the Datelines thus far!

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if it's category A, B or C, we will grow and become more succcessful month by month. The public has only seen the beginning results of what we're doing, the conviction machine we've been working on ("Conviction Machine" is what I told CBS Evening News in February of 2004 what I wanted us to become. I remember telling Phoebus that I thought I over-stated realistic goals when I said I wanted to have a hundred guys arrested in one year. Whoops! Underestimated again!") is at my estimation, only 20% complete. I would ideally like to bring on 5 times the amount of contributors we have now. A perfect number would be 350 contributors. We currently have about 50-60.

If 50-60 part-time contributors can get the results we've gotten in just the first nine months of this year, think about what we would do if we were at full steam!

Truly, it will be one awesome "anti pedophile cult empire!" (AKA Conviction Machine) once we're done building it.

And not even you, Jim Henson, can stop us!