It's nice to be on the warpath again

September/2006: PeeJ stuff - Our recent campaign against what we've coined corporate sex offenders is audacious, in-your-face and important. Which is exactly why I like it so much. While getting predators arrested is ice cream-pie-cake (Yep, THAT good) and I shall never tire of directing the organization in that manner, it is also quite important to oh, how do those corporate mucky-mucks put it? Diversify!

Pedophiles have been running around unchecked on the internet for a decade now. No coherent movement has rose up to challenge the building of their advocacy networks. However, I think we're starting to build the infrastructure that will bring the fight to the pedophiles like never before. First, we're going to go after companies who have services that pedophiles use. Soon, we're going to start going after their websites themselves. But why?

The pedophiles are whining and crying and pitching a fit, about how they are sooooo oppressed and we're sooooo evil for going after them. After all, in their warped minds, they're not predators! They just want a country where they can fuck all the children they wish without going to jail. Honest! It's not so bad, right!

That's where they are stupid and wrong. The advocacy of the sexual fetish of pedophilia is the advocacy of raping children. They will stamp their feet and say it's not the same thing... but guess what? Same thing. They're not advocating some grandiose vision of society, they're simply advocating the rape of children. That's what pedophiles do. That's what they want legalized. That is what the pedophilia advocacy movement is designed to do. They'll say "Oh well, we're not soliciting the breaking of any laws! We're not soliciting illegality! We're advocating pedophilia! Pedophilia isn't against the law!" It's their double-speak. What they're really saying is "Hey, we're advocating the lifestyle of childrape but we're not advocating child rape... just the lifestyle of it."

The sexual fetish of pedophilia is nothing more than wanting to fuck kids as young as 1 years old to as old as 16 years old. For some reason, they believe that the common average person will say "Oh you know, those pedophiles, they're not advocating the rape of children, they're advocating pedophilia. Completely different!" However, most people aren't that stupid. Sure, pedophiles are so stupid as to believe their own spin and propaganda, but most people? Not that stupid.

By advocating a lifestyle of raping children, they are soliciting illegal acts. The vast majority of companies we've targeted understand this. Just going to have to bring the attention to this issue on a grander scale to finish off the rest of the corporate sex offenders.

I like to compare it to say, people who want to kill the president. Imagine if there were a movement online to kill the president. No, not to KILL THE PRESIDENT, but to advocate a lifestyle of well, trying to kill the president. Does anyone really think the Secret Service would stop and say "Y'know, they're not saying they're going to kill the president, but that they want to have a lifestyle of killing the president without being arrested! That's okay then!" Does that argument sound foolish and illogical? Sure, because it is. And it's the same argument pedophiles online make to try to justify their presence on webservers.

Here's a few common truths, hopefully people reading this understand them. I've learned them from the years I've spent organizing PeeJ.

A. People hate pedophiles.
B. People aren't going to care about a company promoting free speech when...
C. That company is promoting the "free speech" of the advocacy of raping children, an illegal act.

It's as simple as A, B, C.

Back when I started PeeJ, those idiots at DanPedo made the mistake of taunting me. They thought my resolve to push forward with the re-launching of PeeJ simply wasn't there. And it wasn't. But they taunted me. The last thing anyone should do is try to mock, attack, or engage me aggressively. All I do, mentally, is go "Oh yeah? Well fuck you." That's why PeeJ is here. It wouldn't be here if it weren't for disgusting pedophiles thinking that they could mouth off to me in mid-2003. It just wouldn't be around.

My motivation in running PeeJ is very simple. It's not your typical motivation of someone who fights against internet predators and the pedophilia community that supports them. Most anti-predators are stay-at-home mothers who worry about their kids. No offense to those people, I like them plenty, they're just not bulldogs. They're not used to initiating aggressive confrontation and controversial action. They're the type that will focus on educating kids, talking amongst themselves, y'know, all fine things.

People like me, whose primary motivation is that pedophiles and what they wish to do are absolutely appalling and disgusting are the types that are going to go out there and aggressively confront those seeking to do evil. I'm not in this to protect children, it's a nice side benefit sure, but my motivation is to make life a living hell for predators and pedophiles online. Anyone who has observed their organizations, their posts and their attempts to promote their child-raping agenda is sickened by it. All you have to do is pay attention. It is the most disgusting shit online. I want to see them arrested, I want to see them kicked off internet services for promoting illicit acts, I want to see them stamping their feet and whining and crying that oh, those meanies at PeeJ are after us!

(Brief interlude here: No, you stupid pedophile fucks, you're not like homosexuals. Homosexuals are not pedophiles. You pedophiles are not like homosexuals. Our dislike of you is not like the dislike of redneck ignorant stupid hicks that dislike homosexuals. Homosexuals have consenting relationships with other adults. They are, by and large, fine people. They seek to do no harm, they are discriminated against and it is a very terrible thing.

Pedophile fucks doubly piss me off by trying to compare themselves to homosexuals. Like homosexuals don't have enough issues with conservatives, the religious and the government that the fucking child-raping advocates need to make things tougher for them. Comparing your fetish for children sexually to their orientation towards a specific gender is ridiculous. It is akin to stating that one who has a lust for feet is "sexually oriented towards feet." It is akin to stating that one who has a lust for animals is "sexually oriented towards animals." Insert any sexual fetish which you know and try to ramrod it into the orientation terminology. Yeah, crazy creepy Bob down the street who is into big ol' riding boots is not a "Bootsexual."/End interlude)

And now I get to see pedophiles whining and crying and stamping their feet. I get to make plans to aggressively "EVIL VIGILANTE STYLE!" (LORD how I've missed that!) go after organized pedophiles. We've just started and already Xanga, YouTube, Cafepress and (partially) Wikipedia have already taken action. Less than a week really, and that's the results. Now imagine what we can do when we focus months on a single company. We're going to have to, because some of these companies are very supportive of pedophiles... but we're going to do it. And sooner or later they will have to abide their own Terms of Service and boot off those individuals advocating and soliciting illict acts. We're not advocating government censorship, we're not advocating discrimination. We're simply asking companies to live up to their own terms of service. That's the beauty in the entire campaign.

Oh, how diversification makes life fun.