More how to handle death threats the proper way 101

September/2006: Death threats! - Another in my ongoing education for you people on how to handle death threats the proper way. I feel this is an important class. So pay attention!

This time it's a whole email exchange. You also get to learn how to handle a legal threat along with learning how to handle a death threat.

Original email to me:
You do not have permission to use the webcam image you stole off a cam from this Screen Name.

If it is not taken down immediatly a claim will be filed for defamation of character.

Email in reply:
Hello there,

Shut up.

Xavier Von Erck
Director of Operations

His reply:
Well i hope you like lawsuits then!

My reply (His email name is well, hilarious to me)
Hello Adafd Dafda,

Adafd a dafda doo.

Xavier Von Erck
Director of Operations

And now, two months later, I receive a reply!
Hey Philip Eide (cock sucker)

I really am gonna come find you and rape u with a broom stick so far up ur ass that its gonna come out ur stupid head thats used for nothing (cock sucker) except for whatever it is you do on ur free time (cock sucking) why dont you call the FBI to come protect your dumbass for startin shit your dumbass doesnt want to finish (cock sucker). Oh wait they dont come protect dumbass' who try to fuck with ppl then go cry to them. Its cheaper to kill u then it is to pay a lawyer to expose your lies. Bullets sadly are about .50 cents. You dont need to worry about a bullet with you though. You will get to eat ur own ballz rubed in ur own shit shoved down ur throat then then the broom stick which iam sure you do on your free time anyway (cock sucker) will be shoved up ur ass through ur head. I hope you look forward to it as much as i do. See ya soon!


Who says sincerely and then doesn't sign it? Very strange man.

My reply:
Hello Adafd Dafda,

Adafd a dafda doo!

Xavier Von Erck
Director of Operations

I'll update if I get a reply to continue your lesson.

Oh, and bullets aren't nearly that expensive. What the hell?