Things I shouldn't be amused by, #3432

September/2006: Anti-PeeJ ramblings - Sometimes I run across ramblings and I laugh really hard. That's the one thing about our continuing evolution that I do somewhat regret, there are just less balls-out insane people ranting and raving against the website. Recently I got the pleasure of reading perhaps, just maybe, one of the most insane paragraphs I've ever read regarding what we do.

VIGILANTISM does in fact threaten the rights of everyone and our entire system of justice and even the way we conduct ourselves in our personal lives.So mr x what Lessons are you going to teach your brainwashed brother and sisters of your anti pedophile cult empire ? The pedophiles are not human therefore they don't have rights ? Oh I forgot you taught that already didn't you. Dateline will gather the ratings ,Jim Henson will be an almost hero (that skit didn't help him you know ) and you be his little puppet like Pinocchio ya him the one whose nose gets bigger every time he lies.Dell will be the fall girl for you .Jimmy boy will be dancing you around with his network of strings and the American public will see the chump that you really are because you can't f--- with the American Peoples RIGHTS and shove it their face and get away with it.The American public will want to know who is the MR X that can screw with our liberties and includes the right to privacy that you so publicly say we really don't have.You may quote the text book on the rights to privacy but make sure you quote the text in books on the laws reguarding vigilantism. While you entertain the the thought of cult leader I'll entertain the thought Your nothing but a Pedophile in disguise if that's okay with you o wise and worldly braindead leader that you are.(it's that freedom of speech thing , did I abuse it I'm sure you'll look it up,I'm sorry your followers will do that for you )

Yes, that's the actual formatting and spelling. I changed nothing. Read it twice.

Perhaps I have a twisted sense of humor, but that, yes, THAT shit is hilarious. I don't know which I like better, being "MR X" since that sounds very creepy and quite cool or the fact that somehow Jim Henson got brought into all of this! I'm not sure what this individual has against Jim Henson, but uh, isn't he dead?

Or is he alive and partnering with Dateline? To Catch a Muppet, perhaps? Dateline, damn you! Damn YOU, Jim Henson!

I also dig the "Anti Pedophile Cult Empire" accusation. I could go on and on about the buffoonry as I have in the past, it's just so amusing to me. Right now, some guy somewhere is sitting at home worked up because I (MR X!), Jim Henson, Dell (Computers?) and god-knows-who-else are stripping away the rights of ordinary Americans by getting pedophiles and predators put in jail (Wait... what?). Seriously, imagine it. Trucker hat, torn up jeans, probably a shirt with a "Big Dog" slogan, all worked up and slothering with angst over all this. It's a Norman Rockwell painting in bizarro world.

As I've found, people who hate what we do fall into one of three categories. Because I'm bored and it's 1 AM, I'll list them out.

Category A: The Bat-shit insane
This category most are well aware of. The paragraph I quoted rambling about Jim Henson is a good example. The old blog update I did quoting the ramblings of some supposed Vietnam vet are another example. The bat-shit insane love to hate us. Back in the day, about late 2003, there were a couple of women who joined the forums. Oh, they hated pedophiles, oh lordy... but they also hated gays. And they loved Timothy McVeigh.

Yeah, that Timothy McVeigh, not say, some guy with the unfortunate happenstance of ALSO being named Timothy McVeigh, but the real Tim McVeigh... boom boom Timmy. That guy. They didn't appreciate two experiences they had when they joined the website. First, the guy that ran the website told them to shut up about gays. Second, almost everyone on the forums went WTF about the McVeigh thing. They thought he was innocent and had a whole website dedicated to supporting the guy. It also went into how "cute" he was. Needless to say, their less-than-warm welcome made them hate the website and off to banned camp they went.

There's a lot of really mentally disturbed people out there, folks.

Category B: The Bat-shit creepy
When we started up PeeJ, we were a very small site. The idea that became was actually a small page on this blog, of all things. It was called Perverted Justice and it was mostly a small page where we listed guys in Portland, Oregon Yahoo Chat who solicited our profiles. No phone verifications, nothing of what you see now. This was done from mid-summer 2002 to April 2003. We had the idea, but it was not that focused on. It was one of many projects I was doing at the time and not really one I put that much time into. The little page got about a hundred hits a day. It was an amusing effort to clean up the Portland rooms in some small way.

But then I got serious about it. I did not get serious about it because I have children (Lord no!) nor did I get serious about it because I was ever molested (Wasn't) and nor did I get serious about it because I thought there would ever be publicity or well, anything like what it's turned into in store for it. Nah, it was a much different reason.

In April '03, the site had trickled down to nothing. I wasn't really updating it or adding new people to post chat-logs, Phoebus and I were working on a redesign but I had completely lost interest at the time, thinking it was a neat experiment and that I'd move on to other things. What captured my interest and made me somewhat obsessive to then say "screw the blog page thing" and start up a website was organized pedophiles.

They had taken notice of my little small page off my personal homepage that attacked internet predators. A group called the Danish Pedophile Association (Danish!) had found out about our website. Let's be clear, we had done no media. The site itself got about 100 hits a day, which is nothing really. We had no arrests, all that you see now, it was not. It was just a side-project idea. Despite our total and complete unknown nature, these guys at what they called "Danpedo" were attacking us.

I had never run into organized pedophiles while being online. I had of course heard of NAMBLA, but I figured it was a right-wing boogeyman more than anything. The idea of actual organized pedophiles was at the time, absurd. Nor had I ever encountered what we now call "pedospeak." The creepy diction of pedophiles justifying their lust for kids of all ages, from 2 years old to 15 years old. It was an absolutely disgusting wake-up call. After noting their attacks and their glee that I had lost interest in the page, that activity slowed down, I forged ahead and finished importing all the data into the new redesign and bought the domain in a matter of a week, something I had put off as unimportant for months.

We then put serious work and thought into the idea, refined everything and the rest, as is said, was history as was then born in the summer of 2003. Why? Because pedophiles are fucking creepy, disgusting and dangerous. No other reason.

The Bat-shit creepy of PeeJ-haters is still around today in various incarnations. After danpedo was broken up, other pedophiles took up the fight against us. One of the most notorious is known for posing for diaper pictures and has a long history of pedospeak. He even claimed to have molested a young boy in his past. Not only despite their "best efforts" have we succeeded, but rather because of them. Without conflict, I get bored. With conflict, I'm invigorated. So on that aspect, the pedophiles accomplished something, they roused the disgust of those of we early founders of the site to take it to another level. A level that sees hundreds of these guys arrested.

Category C: People out for themselves
There are various selfish motivations one could have to be against us. One could have a family member exposed as a pedophile due to our acts, one could be a rejected forum member or a banned ex-volunteer seeking revenge. Or, one could be someone like Julie Posey. Posey viciously attacked us back in 2004 in order to try to discredit our growing influence and work. Basically, she, who never knew anything about the website first-hand, tried to discredit us in the media and to law enforcement to save her own self-dubbed title of being "THE cyber crime fighter."

Hell, the woman had a legacy to protect. Back in 1996, she started posing as underage kids online. From 1996 to 2004, she would go into adult chat-rooms (Something we don't do) in order to see if males would hit on something purporting to be an underage female. Of course they would, as Posey found out. So in the eight years that she worked chat rooms, she got 60 predators arrested. No word on the number of convictions, her PR only gives numbers of those arrested, unfortunately. So she got a little less than eight a year arrested. That's fine and dandy.

Where she pissed me off though is coming out viciously attacking us. I had never heard of this woman, she never was on the site and we had never communicated, but suddenly we were the devil incarnate. She even went so far as to state in one interview that she felt sorry for the people posted on the website, that they were the victims. That's the kind of verbiage that will annoy us greatly. Posey at the end of the day was doing what many of those in the so-called "child protection business" do... protecting their own interests, income and notoriety.

Posey in all her years had operated a "group" called Pedowatch. Previously before she took it over, pedowatch was a group of people who wanted to go into chat-rooms and get predators arrested. Sound familiar? Once Posey took the helm, she made such acts verboten... except for her. Basically, pedowatch could have become what we became, many many years prior to my ever even coming online! Posey however, had to have the limelight for herself. Only SHE, the housewife who trained herself, could do the chats and do the media!

Rather than bring the public in, she told the public that they were not to be involved. Leave it to the professionals... all while ignoring the fact that she, herself, has never been nor will ever be a "professional." At the end of the day, she is what millions are... a housewife that saw a problem and acted on it. So instead, she stifled the public and acted holier than thou... and got sixty arrests in EIGHT YEARS.

So once we came upon the scene, we were attacked. It fit the modus operandi of many of those whom hate us... self-interest.

Today, these sorts of attacks are somewhat rare. Our track record is too overwhelming. Consider the Posey example, for one. She garnered 60 arrests in as stated, EIGHT YEARS. We garnered 51 arrests in THREE DAYS in Riverside, California. 30 arrests in three days in Petaluma, California. 24 in two and a quarter days in Fort Myers Florida... hell, let's stop beating around the bush, in a period of nine months (all of 2006 alone thus far) we have notched over 180 arrests. Three times a lone person's efforts in eight years.

Why? Because instead of playing Moses on the Mountain, we told the public that they could do this too, if they worked their way up the organization and were trained.

I think the numbers are somewhat overwhelming for most people to consider, but seriously, read the statistics! 73 convictions in a little over two years. Not bad. Not too shabby. The big number though are those awaiting to become convictions. The conviction total is just the tippy-top of the iceberg. 260+ guys awaiting trial. And we're still growing! I'm bringing on new contributors left and right, we have not even become close to operating at any form of peak strength! If we never got another guy arrested again, we would still be able to claim over 333 arrests in a span of two and a half years. It's a ridiculous number... that is only still growing!

I mean hell, I've gotten 17 arrests myself since f'n April (September 2nd, right now) and I've only trolled for the Datelines thus far!

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if it's category A, B or C, we will grow and become more succcessful month by month. The public has only seen the beginning results of what we're doing, the conviction machine we've been working on ("Conviction Machine" is what I told CBS Evening News in February of 2004 what I wanted us to become. I remember telling Phoebus that I thought I over-stated realistic goals when I said I wanted to have a hundred guys arrested in one year. Whoops! Underestimated again!") is at my estimation, only 20% complete. I would ideally like to bring on 5 times the amount of contributors we have now. A perfect number would be 350 contributors. We currently have about 50-60.

If 50-60 part-time contributors can get the results we've gotten in just the first nine months of this year, think about what we would do if we were at full steam!

Truly, it will be one awesome "anti pedophile cult empire!" (AKA Conviction Machine) once we're done building it.

And not even you, Jim Henson, can stop us!