Hmm... MSN says I should rethink...

February/2005: Internet - Well, according to MSN, I should rethink my statement that I'm not Mr. Photogenic since MSN lists me as the number one result for Mr. Photogenic. Eat your heart out, Brad Pitt.

That's about the only positive of the new MSN search engine. This much-ballyhooed "new" search engine is terrible. I'm seriously considering trying to find a way to redirect certain MSN searches as I'm really tired of some of these assholes hitting my website. MSN is now directing idiot pedophiles and child porn searchers here with totally inaccurate search results. Before MSN launched their new search engine, I averaged about 80 hits a day, give or take. Now with the "new improved MSN search", I average about 160 hits a day. Mostly due to people looking for porn.

Of course, it's not people looking for interesting porn, just nasty usually illicit porn. Here's a random sample of the last few hours...

MSN Search: view all big butt porn girls

MSN Search: pictures of pre teen gays

MSN Search: naked women breast and vaginas pictures

MSN Search: online readable gay guy sex stories

MSN Search: horny gays

MSN Search: pictures of pre teen gays

There is no content on this website that is anything akin to any of the above searches. Contrast that with the recent Google searches that have hit this site.

Google: frank shamrock and anklelock

Google: "American Recordings V"

Google: rap is stupid

Google: marvel supervillain team up

Google: bring the stupid

The above searches make sense. Frank Shamrock is a shootfighter/wrestler and the Anklelock is Kurt Angle's finisher. American Recordings V was a Johnny Cash album, and I've written about him here. Rap is stupid will lead to the translating rap lyrics posts I did. I reviewed Supervillain team up and I certainly brought the stupid to you. Those make sense. Much more sense than horny gays or any of the crap MSN heaps at my blog constantly.

At this point in the internet game, I don't even see why a company would try to compete with Google. You can't do it. Google is the second brain. It is an internet institution. Why does Microsoft even try to make their search engine better? They should simple direct people to Google. It'd certainly be more honest. I highly doubt anyone that works for MS uses MSN search once they go home. I doubt even Bill Gates does. You know they use Google because Google is the greatest search engine that ever could be. The results make sense most of the time, which is more than I can say for the "new improved" MSN search.

When your website search results are so bad that website owners consider blocking your search engine from even leading to the perseon's site, you've got a bad search engine on your hands. I don't want these freaks visiting my blog. I shouldn't have them visiting my blog based off those search results.

Though I do approve of being the NUMBER ONE!!! search result for Mr. Photogenic, even that fact is a sad, sad reminder of just how wrong the new MSN search engine is.


Random Stuff: Whenever I go a couple weeks without updating my blog, that means I have something REALLY REALLY cool I want to talk about, but cannot for whatever reason. Well, this last dearth of updates has to do with something REALLY REALLY REALLY cool that I simply can't talk about. Well, with you, the public. I told Erika about it. She agreed that it was cool. That should be all you need to know. At this point, if this mysterious really cool thing doesn't happen, I will be semi-crushed. For it is that cool. Each day, Phoebus and I say to each other, in some form, how this really cool thing should happen. It should. We'll be pissed if it doesn't. Fear for Portland. Oh well, beyond that...

The "no contest" plea of Tim Sheldon was very gratifying. This idiot, no, wait... let me summon some condemnation... this fat, grossly ugly, balding, pedophile-idiot wannabe kid-fucker ditches his hard drive and was a smug fuckhead about it. He's arrested anyways, tries to get our evidence tossed and then? Pleads no contest when that doesn't work. No contest is right, because he was dead to rights, hard drive or no. That case should be the final nail in the coffin for anyone trying to say that PeeJ cases interfere with prosecutions. Find new spin, kiddos.

Watch "Million Dollar Baby." First, avoid any mention of what happens in the film. Avoid it all. Then watch it. If you do that, you will be as effusively praising as proper about the film. Not as good as "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" but that's only because Eternal makes you want to live, while "Million" isn't as uplifting. I'm a sucker for uplifting media. Even for stuff I don't think I should like. For example...

I could watch Good Will Hunting, Punch Drunk Love, Shawshank Redemption or Scent of a Woman over and over again. They're simply classics. You watch them and decide to keep living. Such nice pleasant films. Eternal Sunshine are those films, times two on the "Go ahead and keep living" scale.

They're up there with my favorite television guilty pleasure, old episodes of "Highway to Heaven." You have to love Highway to Heaven. If you don't love Highway to Heaven, you simply shouldn't be allowed to associate with others. I'm an Atheist and Highway to Heaven is still one of my favorite shows. You'll never see another made like it. It's religious in nature, but subtle. It doesn't preach at you, it simply provides the missions of an angel and the people he's assigned to help. Just quality television, even though you know that it's not realistic. Sometimes you need a bit of unreality to help cope with the stupidity with which we deal with constantly. Beats drugs because you don't become a moron after watching them.

I fucked up my back playing tennis, so if I've been short or curt lately, that's why. I've been very much perpetually annoyed due to it. I guess that's why you don't go onto a court after seven months and go straight into a game balls-out without doing any form of warm-ups. I can feel the exact spot where the muscle tore everytime I stop to think about it and the entire matter has gotten frustrating. Then again, at least I won. I'd probably be even more pissy had I hurt myself and lost.

Oh, and for those who live in inferior sections of the country, it's sunny and warm all week long. Being able to play tennis in early February more than makes up for the time difference, bitches.