Email: Individual calls me out due to Wikisposure stance

November/2007: So recently we had some anti-gay site link the Wiki in order to attack some pedophile who attacked them for being anti-gay. While I'm all in favor of people linking Wikisposure to expose a pedophile, I'm not in favor of it being used incorrectly by a group to try to attack homosexuals. We target pedophiles. If you want to use our work or tout it, you better be anti-pedophile, not anti-gay.

Anyways, we did a redirect to the following link: AmericansforTruth Redirection. Have a read if you want so you can get proper context. Here is the email, from a guy named Steve.

Email from Steve
Dear Sir:

I saw your attack on Americans for Truth due to the connection they make between homosexuality and pedophilia. You clearly are unaware of the research in this area but it is well established. I'm the author of the attached article which appeared in Regent University Law Review and it summarizes much of this research.

Yes, it is true that not all homosexuals are pedophiles and not all pedophiles are homosexuals, but there is a very strong nexes between the two groups. Indeed, you can be sure than many of the people profiled on your website molest males exclusively and many also carry on adult homosexual relationships. There is a whole body of research that shows that if a boy is molested today, the odds are that his molester is at least five times more likely to be a homosexual pedophile than a heterosexual pedophile.

You also seem to be aware of the vast amount of homosexual literature that is focused on child sex, or that many of the founders of the modern day gay movement are pedophiles or support pedophilia as a subset of homosexuality. Even the lists of "Famous Gays in History" created by the gay community on numerous websites are replete with pedophiles.

Did you really think that the explosion of child molestation and the growth of the homosexual movement over the last few decades were unrelated? Come on, get real. You need to quit being politically correct and accept what the research says. This attack on Americans for Truth for simply pointing out what we've all known for years really undercuts the credibility of Wikisposure and Perverted Justice. If you can challenge any of the studies I presented in the attached article, then do so because right now your personal opinions about this subject are discrediting the work you are doing.


I guess I'm getting cranky, because usually I'd write off an email like that but the gall of the guy to write me like we don't understand pedophiles and pedophilia in general. We're the goddamned boots on the ground in this fight and it's pretty annoying for some random fundamentalists who probably have only ever heard of "Boo scary NAMBLA boo!" think they know more about this shit than we do... too dumb to ignore.

My long reply, which I think is pretty good so if you're bored, have a read.
Hello Steve,

While you are putting together articles of opinions, we are putting together action on the ground against pedophiles and internet predators. What we've found:

- Vast majority of adult males who solicit our underage male decoys are married, usually with children. We've been at this for over four years, everyday, in the chat-rooms and social networking websites across the internet. Rabbi David Kaye, shows up for an underage male... married, with children. Clifford Wallach, shows up for sex with an underage male in Florida, brings his son along. Still with his wife to this day. I could spend all day giving case after case of married men with children showing up for sex with underage males. Most retain their marriage after arrest. The amount of out homosexuals that have hit us up for underage males is dwarfed by the amount of married men with children who have done so.

- The idea that areas which accept homosexuality are more prone to adult males molesting underage boys is not borne out by our many experiences. When we worked Northern California, we were exactly an hour away from San Francisco and Oakland, the largest concentrated amount of open and "out" homosexuals in the country. We had figured we would be awash with homosexual men arriving to have sex with underage minors. This wasn't the case, those who showed up were, in almost all cases, married men.

- We had more males show up to molest underage male decoys in Georgia and Florida than we did in Northern California. The reason? Societies which discriminate against homosexuals and push them into a "closet", create individuals who have no access to traditional gay areas of interest, say gay bars or any sort of well-established homosexual community from which they can draw adult interest. The closeted homosexuals, pushed into a corner by fundamentalists, then act out in whatever way they can. I fully believe that if Clifford Wallach lived in San Francisco rather than a traditionalist area of Florida, he likely never gets married, never has his kid and most importantly, likely never goes after a minor to begin with.

- The idea that there are "more" males out lurking for underage boys vs. underage females doesn't bear witness to the facts on the ground. Each sting operation we do, pedophiles with a heterosexual orientation outnumber pedophiles with a homosexual orientation. However, there is one interesting note. Heterosexual females and homosexual females have never approached our decoys and shown up. Homosexual and heterosexual males have. The problem with pedophilia has nothing to do with homosexuality or heterosexuality, but rather gender and cultural stereotypes. The high importance male culture places on virginity or having "pure" relations is a driver for many individuals to approach underage females and males.

- We chronicle actual stories of molestations that occur due to internet solicitations. Over 90% of cases we've seen are males luring females. Our foundation helped locate a 13 year old girl who was lured over a year by a 47 year old man. She was abducted, chained, tortured and raped over a two week period. The vast majority of internet abduction cases we've seen are focused on luring females.

- Pedophiles have long sought to attach themselves to homosexual groups and causes. However, you make the mistake of noting this as a result of "homosexuality" and not as a result of their attempts to compare themselves to every beleaguered group in hopes of gaining mainstream support for pedophilia. For example, is listed as an anti-gay hate group by one so-called homosexual who claims that we're "anti-gay" because we target individuals who seek to have sexual relations with minors. We could be completely illogical like "Americans for Truth" and say that means there is a connection between pedophilia and homosexuality, well, if we were dumb. At the end of the day, pedophiles wish to associate themselves with beleaguered groups in order to try to gain support from those groups and those who support such groups. Your argument is easily turned back upon you... if a Nazi claims to be Christian and not a Nazi and says that Christianity is all about "helping white people avoid minorities"... would I not then be completely incorrect by attacking Christianity as racist? Scum of all groups will try to masquerade as others in order to try to gain acceptance of their viewpoints.

- Confusing the above is exactly what pedophiles want you to do. We wrote that there are only two groups that try to associate pedophiles with homosexuals. Right-wing religious organizations and pedophiles themselves. You do it to try to demonize homosexuals. They do it to try to gain acceptance for their desires. When you sit there and try to claim that pedophilia has a common cause with homosexuality, you are literally playing right into what pedophiles WANT you to do. We cover this more in-depth with the pedophiles own writings at the following link:

- The idea that pedophilia has "exploded" recently is beyond the pale. World history and yes, American history have the fight against pedophiles as a new endeavor, based upon the civilized and modern notion that relations with underage kids are negative. They are negative and quite destructive. It is a scourge. But it is not by any means a new scourge, mere generations ago it was the church and religious society that would arrange marriages between older males and younger females. Those females being stripped of all rights, all ability to make their own choices. Commonly in history, it was western churches arranging such things, even today break-away sects of the Mormon religion and many Christian cults still engage in these practices. That's not to mention Islam, which deified a man who in their mythology had sex with a nine year old. Today in Iran, for example, the age of consent for females is still nine years of age. We would like to see that being argued as a result of the acceptance of homosexuality in Iran. Heh.

- We don't have personal opinions randomly. Our "opinions" are based on years of being the boots on the ground in the fight against online pedophiles and internet predators. No organization or group has dealt with more of them than we have. We've dealt with pedophiles and predators of every type. We've made this fight our lives, and the idea that we've not considered these arguments a hundred times is insane. We've encountered the very argument you've made. If there were truth to it in our experience, we'd say so. There simply isn't any truth to the argument people like Americans for Truth and yourself make. You can put together all the off the wall research from political think-tanks you wish, we're the guys on the ground getting the job done and we're the ones dealing with these guys directly.

Lastly, I suggest you click the following link:

This is a partial list of members. It is one of many "Girl-love" websites that exist online. Vast majority of these individuals are male, online, organizing to try to have sexual relations with extremely underage females. Again, the idea that "accepting homosexuality" fuels this is just... dumb.

We take the fight against pedophiles and predators seriously. Those trying to fracture the movement against pedophiles and predators by attempting to lump in random groups due to their own bigotry illustrate that they have no idea the seriousness of the problem of pedophilia. It shows a lack of first-hand knowledge and experience fighting them. If tomorrow every person who was bigoted towards homosexuals became enlightened about the nature of pedophilia and put even a tenth of the effort and passion they put into gay-bashing and hatred of homosexuals into the fight against pedophiles... well, let's just say that within a week we wouldn't have anything close to the problem regarding this issue that we have today.

Unfortunately, however, that won't happen anytime soon with people being more inclined to fundamentalist "sin-preaching" rather than actual harms to society and kids. So if we have to choose between lying to society about the problem of pedophilia in order to gain the support of short-sighted fundamentalists in this fight or telling the truth about the issue and gaining their ire, we'll choose the truth everyday of the week. At the end of the day, we'll take a hundred gays that are committed in the fight against pedophiles over a thousand hardcore fundamentalists who are stupidly more worried about thirty-five year old males and females trying to get married.

Xavier Von Erck
Director of Operations

Yeah, long reply, I warned you. Anyways, hopefully some much needed logic will get into the brains of one or two of these guy's followers and we can convert them into proper anti-pedophile activists. That way they can quit wasting their time bothering homosexual consenting adults for no good damn reason.