Goodbye, old friend

March/2008: Tonight, my roommate and I said goodbye to an old friend.

[10:56] XavierVE1: What'd he do, if anything?
[10:56] phoebus: He installed a new modem, tested the line said it wasn't the line, so if anything it probably was the modem.
[10:57] XavierVE1: Makes sense. Lord knows our modem was older than PeeJ.
[10:57] phoebus: Yeah, that was as old as time. We hadn't even had a proper email account setup because of how old it was.
[10:57] XavierVE1: Haha
[10:57] XavierVE1: Good to hear, maybe our network performance will improve.
[10:57] phoebus: Well, I figure it can't hurt, and it's been long overdue to have a new one.
[10:57] XavierVE1: Ha, long overdue indeed.
[10:58] XavierVE1: Man, if I was running a computer as old as that modem, I'd be pissed.
[10:58] XavierVE1: We got that thing before 9/11
[10:58] XavierVE1: Seriously.
[10:58] phoebus: Yeah, I know. It was one of the first things we did after I moved, was upgrade to cable internet.
[10:59] XavierVE1: Ha, yep.
[10:59] XavierVE1: Poor old modem, it has seen a long life.
[10:59] phoebus: You were still running Windows 2000 if I recall.
[10:59] XavierVE1: Nah, I was on 98.
[10:59] XavierVE1: I was playing Civ on Win 98 on that old ass Tiny computer.

I'll be pouring out a little data tonight for my homie.