A symphony of motivational material in B-minor

August/2007: People often ask, what's the most rewarding part of all the anti-pedophile work? Everyone assumes it is when another guy gets arrested and convicted... while that's very rewarding to one's morale, there's something else that notches just a sliver higher. That being when I see evidence of just how much of a difference we're making.

You might be asking... what evidence is that? The answer?

Pedophile death threats.

Pedophiles by their very nature are cowards. They can't handle relationships with adults. Grown women and grown men are beyond their ability in general. One other thing they also can't handle are anti-pedophile activists that refuse to debate them. Too many in the past would "ask them questions" or "try to understand them." Thankfully, our organization is smart enough to eschew all of that and go right after them. They don't like that.

Typically though, the pedophiles will try to put up this brave bold front that all the efforts against them aren't having an effect. However, when you see a small cross-sampling of just how angry and hate-filled they've become at us due to our efforts, you see just how large an effect those efforts have had.

So here is a medley of the "best of the pedophile threats"... all taken from ol' BoyChat.

xavier von shit is a living joke
Posted by Santi on 2007-August-8 12:57:44, Wednesday
In reply to Sting on TV show questioned posted by newshound on 2007-August-8 11:47:49, Wednesday
I laugh so much at his misery and suffering. The animal reminds me of mike "the already dead buried shit" echols.

So I know, for sure, he suffers and how he really feels, and that makes me amused. His inferiority is so real and so deeply perceived by him, that don't think the shows and the media attention palliate his pain.

Sooner or later, the resentment and suffering will take him down, and believe me I'll be laughing at him at the moment.

Heh! :D


They like to compare me to a guy named Mike "Wow, so crazy" Echols. Which is great, because it shows how little of the situation they understand. Echols was this guy who wrote "I know my first name is Steven", one of the more "known" made-for-TV movies. Echols also hated BoyChat and all the other online pedophile activists. Problem was? Echols was probably a schizophrenic. Rather than make a real difference by organizing people, Echols launched into obsessiveness, broke a bunch of laws and eventually shot himself (I believe). Problem is for Santi and his ilk, I'm anything but obsessed. Anyone with a knowledge of the history of Perverted-Justice.com would know that, though few have much of a knowledge regarding it.

In 2003, before we bought the domain, I let the entire project go to dust. The only reason it came back was because a bunch of idiots on the Danish Pedophile Association insulted the fact that I stopped doing the subsite on my blog. I was content to go off writing about nonsense online. When we bought the domain in the summer of 2003 and then re-launched, that's when everything got really "big."

Echols never had the ability to take a step back and say "You know, this might work better if I didn't act like a crazy nut and brought in some hombres." Of course, he was such a serious guy that he would likely have never written the word "hombres" like I just did either. That's the crucial difference.

I'm pushing back a little bit
Posted by slvrspun on 2007-August-7 11:32:39, Tuesday
In reply to Blue Panthers? posted by dreambrother on 2007-August-7 07:41:07, Tuesday
I just sent four emails to different firms in Oregon. They do property title searches, and I asked them if they do reverse searches on names. I'm gonna see if I can help the filth find their man, because I'm a good guy and I don't mind paying a small fee for the info. Anyone know where Oregon keeps it's voter register and if it's searchable? Sometime this week I'm gonna try and get a name behind another vigilante website. I've had them up to the eyeballs.

Got a quick reply from one
Posted by slvrspun on 2007-August-7 12:23:59, Tuesday
In reply to I'm pushing back a little bit posted by slvrspun on 2007-August-7 11:32:39, Tuesday
A reverse search can be done, and it cost me nothing to search on both Phillip John Eide and Xavier Von Erck. Unfortunately, there is no useful info. Here's a portion of the email I got:

I wasn't able to find any info for you. What I did was search the three counties that have Portland as the city. This tells me that Mr. Erck does not currently own property. He may have had property here and then sold it but in order to check that I would need a property address or the name of the person he sold to. If you can get any further information I'd be happy to search again.

..and she double-checked.

Pedophiles daily try to hunt me down because they think that if they're able to IM me with my home address, I'll say to everyone "let's fold up shop!" Fact is, let's pretend that I get hit by a car tomorrow and die. What changes with Perverted-Justice.com, CorporateSexOffenders.com and such? Well, they'll need some restructuring and the work I do daily will have to be done by someone else. It would be a bump in the road, but we've built the organization with enough redundancies to handle the loss of any single person.

Regardless, I'm mostly amused by the fact that they think I own property.

Of course, they like to threaten Chris Hansen too.

A Perfect Act of Powerlessness
Posted by Nickless on 2007-August-6 22:24:07, Monday
I will not rehash all the reasons why we cannot change the world to our liking. I will not state the obvious. No, I'm going to try something a little different tonight. I'm going to reach back into my past and pull forward a little trick that I will share with you, and if it works, will utterly destroy Chris Hansen. Interested? I thought so.

The idea behind this little trick is that the key lever behind history's most momentous events is nothing more than a perfectly random, chaotic act. Think of it as a directed "butterfly effect", the theory that a butterfly flapping it's wings in Kansas can set a series of events in motion that results in a killing storm in China... only directed at a target.

Let's pick Chris Hansen as our initial target, and if it works on him we can move on to others.

I'm going to create a mental picture of Chris Hansen's demise, and I'm going to ask that you do the same. This simple act, if executed properly, will have interesting consequences. To be "executed properly", the act must be:

1. Completely pointless (for example, digging a hole only to fill it up again)

2. Self-conscious without embarrassment (you must be fully aware of and accepting of the pointlessness of the act, and comfortable with that fact)

3. Tied to detailed mental imaging (prior to the pointless act, you imagine, without wanting or desperation, the detailed scenario that you will to happen)

4. Discardable (Once finished, you walk away from the act, having no emotional investment, and no worries or concerns about the ultimate outcome)

Some may label this as "mysticism", but I prefer to think that the universe is completely unknowable, and we still cannot answer how a universe behaves as a single thing consisting of infinitesimal parts interacting through "forces", or "actions at a distance". By performing our little "trick", we change the sequence of the universe, and consciousness (whatever that is) acts on the universe in infinitesimal and chaotic ways that somehow nudges the universe in the direction of our will.

What is cool about this little trick is that you don't even have to believe that it will work, all you have to do is DO IT!

So, think of Chris Hansen's financial ruin, terminal illness, maiming, or even death in excruciating detail -- without gloating or longing, dispassionately, as if it were real, then set up and implement your pointless act as the physical expression of your imagining, then walk away from both the imagining and the pointless act without caring or expecting any particular outcome.

I will preempt and redirect all negative and critical responses to this post as just more negativity to be heaped upon Chris Hansen's dire fate, hehe.

So take your time, think about it, set up the act, and execute...

Such is the power of the powerless.

Heh, a perving act of powerlessness...

We can then check back in a few weeks to see how Mr. Hansen is faring.

So here goes............


Yes, the pedophiles really think that if they can just imagine ill will on someone, even someone like Chris Hansen, it'll happen. This is how disconnected from reality these guys are. I guess pedophiles are big fans of the book "The Secret."

Why bother?
Posted by Bill Evans on 2007-August-9 02:41:09, Thursday
In reply to A Perfect Act of Powerlessness posted by Nickless on 2007-August-6 22:24:07, Monday
If he keeps doing this predator bullshit, it won't be long before one of the targets turns up at the sting house armed and blows his ugly head off, anyway. Now that WILL make good ratings!

Of course, others have more direct wishes.

Posted by Vespucci on 2007-August-6 22:01:46, Monday
In reply to I hope that posted by Nickless on 2007-August-6 20:37:13, Monday
I do imagine a few of next years predators might just open fire after texas ruled the whole debacle illegal. Nice to know they could shoot and kill anti's for free.

...And others still are so delusional that they think a state has ruled sex stings "illegal." Of course, I much prefer it when pedophiles try to make the argument that unless society accepts them, they'll go off and shoot people. It really undercuts their idiotic ramblings about how peaceful they are and how their organizations are just "support sites."

That line in the sand
Posted by Nickless on 2007-August-4 19:58:56, Saturday
In reply to I dunno about that posted by IrishBL on 2007-August-4 18:44:47, Saturday
As I've said more than once, each and every one of us is going to have to decide when enough is enough.

For me, that line in the sand will be crossed when I am involuntarily outed and my peaceful life ruined as a result. If that ever happens I will make war on those responsible, and I will come after them with everything I've got without respect for life or limb or my own personal safety.

PJ be warned: there is no "undo" button on the keyboard of life (or death).


Don't worry, we're working on outing you as we speak. "I will make war" - You normally only see lines that bad on old Steven Seagal movies.

I think PJ should learn a lesson
Posted by slvrspun on 2007-August-2 23:40:38, Thursday
In reply to PJ Skewers Another Alleged Pedophile posted by Secret Squirrel on 2007-August-2 22:45:06, Thursday
Sometimes people get really really upset when they are libelled:
# (http site) 'All I did was call him a nerd and he came to kill me'

Golly gee, another example already
Posted by slvrspun on 2007-August-3 00:53:00, Friday
In reply to I think PJ should learn a lesson posted by slvrspun on 2007-August-2 23:40:38, Thursday
Shit happens. Here 'tis:
# (http site) Newspaper editor shot dead

Oh yes, we better shut down the Wikisposure Project because all the Rambedophiles will be all First Blood on us! Of course, the vast majority of these boylover freaks look like this...

Not too scared of the weaponry there, fellows

Perhaps they blocked you
Posted by slvrspun on 2007-August-2 23:27:45, Thursday
In reply to Is something wrong with PJ/CSO? posted by Akira Yamaoka Pwnz on 2007-August-2 23:07:41, Thursday
They blocked me after I tried to slam their server a few times, not that such a simple tactic will stop me if I become really determined.

The pedophiles often try to launch distributed denial of service attacks against us. We block them. They try again. We block them. Amateurs. Still, shows you another level of things we put up with.

Then again, we hear from ol' Nickless once more.

What's sexier than a nuclear bomb?
Posted by Nickless on 2007-August-1 21:40:54, Wednesday
Two nuclear bombs!

Okay, this doesn't seem to be boy-related, but with a little stretch of the imagination it actually is.

As a boy I was hypnotically enthralled by films they showed us in science class during the Cold War which captured nuclear explosions in slow-motion. Damn. If there was something that could make me cum in my pants besides thinking about the boy in the next row, it was slo-mo nuclear explosions!

oh yeah...

How many girls do you know that wax ecstatic to such unbridled violence? I didn't think so. It's a boy thing, or maybe just a male thing. I even went and bought a couple of DVDs last year. They were fun to watch, but they just didn't inspire the same level of awe as when I saw those same videos when I was 14. So maybe it's a boy thing after all.

Wouldn't it be fun to have a nuclear device at a PJ convention? Uh-huh!!!




They hate us because we're effective. You don't see them wishing upon a star for a nuclear device to blow up say, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Teens or some other random group. The more hate you engender from these sick in the head miscreants, the better off you're doing.

Of course, it also raises the question: "Do they really think we have... conventions?"

Overkill, doncha think?
Posted by Bill Evans on 2007-August-4 03:49:25, Saturday
In reply to What's sexier than a nuclear bomb? posted by Nickless on 2007-August-1 21:40:54, Wednesday
Let's face it, the crowd at a PJ convention would be so small a hand grenade is all that would be needed. The only advantage with using a nuke is that there wouldn't be any need to clean up a bloody mess afterwards...

Hand grenades, nuclear bombs... why, we have a little pedophile army on our hands, don't we? However, once again, I present you with a more realistic version of what that army would look like.

Sticks and little shields oh my!

I wish one day newshound will bring us...
Posted by Santi on 2007-July-30 22:45:43, Monday
... some news that depicts the gruesome killing of the Peej members and/or any other scum-based group of sorts.

And, hopefully, as the start of a series of murders that would only stop until all, or at least 99 percent of the antis and their families are gone.

Hopefully with included images as the one I am linking below.

I swear that I will run a wild party that day!


You'll see a lot of "Santi" in this post. This guy hides down in Mexico trying to avoid the law while he goes after Mexican boys. The only thing he's really reliable for is mouthing off with posts that make any sane person that views them see pedophiles for what they are, rather sick examples of twisted psychology.

The ones that need us to be docile and...
Posted by Santi on 2007-July-30 12:16:59, Monday
In reply to No need... posted by dreambrother on 2007-July-30 09:24:51, Monday
... politically correct are the antis.

Hell, they don't have a difficult task ahead, being mental problems so prevalent in our population.

Some people promote this attitude as "showing that MAAs are not as them. We can't afford to be as low as they are. We are better!".

The actual truth is that just pussiness is behind it: "Oh, I am afraid to fight".

Take my word: had the first Dateline-Peej production ended in a mass murder, no extra programs would be made.

"Oh, but that will show us as evil, and we want to be perceived as good".

We won't be never be perceived as good. So the hell with it.

Besides, legally you lose less with mass murder than with a single naked boy pic.


If you ever get into an argument with someone who tries to make the case that pedophiles are just oh, normal human beings that deserve compassion, I invite you to show that deluded soul some Santi postings. The pedophiles try to put on this benign mask, try to make the argument that they just LOVE kids, they would never hurt anyone. That veneer is easily exploded with people like the above around.

Nickless and Phillip Eide - Comparison + Contrast
Posted by Nickless on 2007-July-29 00:37:02, Sunday
I was reflecting today on the sheer magnitude of the hatred facing sexual minorities, and that the most vile hatred is targeted against expressions of love even moreso than the sexual activities. Historically, hatred and bigotry have been directed at the love between mixed-race couples, gays, lesbians, and of course, pedophiles and their beloved ones. While sex is the ostensive target for derision, any sexual activity is usually hidden from view, but what is not so easily hidden is the love, caring, and nurturing that a couple may exhibit in public.

Make no mistake, it is minority LOVE that is the bigot's target of hate, and only incidentally the taboo sexuality.

Now, when it comes to hatred of boylove and girl-love, such hatred is understandable in the context of ubiquitous, religious proscription against "deviant" sex, and one can understand why many parents are concerned about love and sex with their minor offspring. What is not so easily understandable is the seething hatred for pedophiles and other minority sexualities by people who have no vested interest in the "deviant" lovers.

Take Perverted Justice's Phillip Eide for example: he is young, single, and has no obvious connection to pedophilia either pro or con. Yet he is one of the most dedicated haters and vigilantes of the modern world, targeting pedophiles for destruction regardless of the circumstances of each case.

I have watched Phillip in action, I have listened to him being interviewed, and I have come to this conclusion: Phillip Eide has no love, joy, or mirth in his life; his soul never smiles. Oh, he smiles and gloats when he "bags" another pedophile trophy, but he has no natural affection for life. Whether his condition is hard-wired or the result of psychological trauma I cannot say, but he is devoid of joy nonetheless. Phillip Eide finds satisfaction and temporary relief from his own internal void by attacking and destroying the lives of others.

I, on the other hand, am a naturally happy person. What I mean is, my normal state of mind is a mildly happy contentedness with life. Depression, anxiety, and sadness are temporary aberrations even while living life as a closeted pedophile. I am personable; I make friends easily; I have a loving family and my joyful personality is a core feature of my family's love and stability; I have loved boys who continue as adults to love me as a good friend; I am a rock, a foundation, that others in my life rely on for balance and stability and predictability. In short, I have achieved, in spite of tremendous challenges and obstacles, everything that Phillip Eide cannot.

Phillip Eide would like to destroy me. It doesn't matter that boys like me and look up to me; it doesn't matter that family and friends find joy in me being me; it doesn't matter that I am a responsible and productive member of my community -- all that matters is that I have love in my life and Phillip Eide does not.

Phillip and I do have one thing in common: We both hate humanity. I hate humanity because their dominant values prevent me from ever experiencing the full expression of romantic love; he hates humanity because he is lacking at an even more fundamental level -- Phillip Eide cannot even express minimal affection and receives even less in return.

I assure you, if Phillip Eide had to choose between destroying a stereotypical pervert (drooling, sex-crazed, predatory psychopath) or a strong, kind, loving, and loved pedophile such as myself, he would surely choose the latter. His gloating would be orders of magnitude greater at having brought down someone stronger and happier than himself.

If he could get away with it, he would target "normal" people out of inherent jealousy, but the wrath of the majority and ultimately the law would come down upon his head. So instead he takes his self-hatred out on the scapegoats of the modern era, the ever-present pedophiles, people of all walks of life but who are attracted to the sexual beauty of children. He can vent all his self-loathing, jealousy, inferiority, and hatred on a targeted group with relative impunity.

On an emotional level I hate people like Phillip Eide because they take what joy they can in hating for the sake of hating, in hurting for the fun of hurting, but on an intellectual level I understand Phillip Eide, his emotionally stunted fate, and I pity him and his pathetic fellow haters. Nevertheless, I do not lose sight of the fact that Phillip Eide and all hate-filled people are the enemies love, tolerance, and peace... and must be stopped.

So Phillip and I dance our little dance: He continues to create meaning and purpose for himself by hurting and destroying innocent people, I continue to create meaning and purpose for myself by filling my life with friends, family, beauty, and love. And if, by chance, Phillip Eide successfully targets Nickless, destroying all that Nickless holds dear, then I will grant Phillip Eide his most secret wish and burning desire: annihilation.

Here's a question for all you haters in this world: If you take away a person's reason to live, how will you stop a suicidal killer?

You won't, because you can't.

Nickless, still a happy pedophile and not yet a suicidal killer...

Oh look, more threats from Nickless! I think researching him will have to lead us to look at emo bands and their lead singers. I can't imagine anything I've ever read online being more emo than the above post. "His soul doesn't smile!"

Of course, the entire post is just an overt threat that if we out him, he'll turn from emokidwunderbar into a "suicidal killer." Then he wonders why people like us target him. Apparently this "strong, kind, loving and loved pedophile" Nickless is just that close to being a suicidal, homicidal maniac.

Have you ever seen someone contradict their own statements as readily as that?

This next one is kind of a poem.
a million dangers
Posted by anonymous on 2007-July-29 01:23:41, Sunday
In reply to Nickless and Phillip Eide - Comparison + Contrast posted by Nickless on 2007-July-29 00:37:02, Sunday
pj doesn't understand when you destroy people's lives, and they are left alive, they seek revenge that is deep

this is as true for pj stings as it is for child molestation

the pj body count is piling up, and it looks as one long victory

but some day somebody is going to snap, and put and end to the fun and games

probably it will be somebody humiliated on NBC

when will be the first bunch convicted for breaking NBC laws get out of jail?

much has been said about the sleepless nights of criminals

but what of the vigilantes?

a million are sex offenders

a million poison brewers and revenge seekers

a million dangers in dark alleys

jim finn had made himself a target of revenge and rage

so too philip eide

Poison brewers!

I do though like the fact that our "body count" is piling up and we're having one long victory. That's a nice way to put things.

'I am disheartened by the verbal attacks against'
Posted by Santi on 2007-July-27 02:28:44, Friday
In reply to On Our Community’s Response to PJ. posted by Kevin Brown on 2007-July-27 01:18:22, Friday
Jesuscocksuckingchrist!!! I completely missed this rubbish!

What the hell?!???!!?

What you linked is actually mislinked, so I don't know what you are talking about. But if you are talking about the fun they were making of subhuman xavier von shit, or when I call names to the razor they have (I mean the morbidly obese cunt that I'd love to ride as those pigs they have in some fairs), you are nuts.

The day the cunt or von shit are murdered, and pictures of their gruesome killing, or they slowly dying in a hospital, be sure I'll be laughing at them for hours and more.

Hell! I'd even profanate their graves (well, not me, I am not that good digging, but I'd pay somebody) to take the carcass and display it in a extremely disgusting way, for everybody to watch. I mean, imagine the semi-rotten xavier von shit corpse dressed as a woman and up an stick! :D

One thing is being nice and other being stupid. This "I will not give them the evil they give me" is not honourable. Is pure pussiness.


Xavier Von Shit! Unique. I've seen Xavier Von Jerk and Xavier Von Asshole before, but not Xavier Von Shit. Leave it to Santi to provide another clear window into the mind of a pedophile and exactly how they are.

Not that at all...
Posted by Bill Evans on 2007-July-25 12:44:40, Wednesday
In reply to He probably has absolutely no self-esteem posted by Akira Yamaoka Pwnz on 2007-July-25 09:42:49, Wednesday
The gutless weasel (with apologies to TPKA Weasel) is too shit scared that we will all get too familiar with his face and come around and blow him away. Fortunately for him, there are very few of us who have access to a cannon or anti-tank gun, and anything less would be ineffective at penetrating the 6 ft of blubber surrounding his vital organs.

Oh, and could you all please stop using that pseudonym. His legal name is Phillip Eide. He hates his real name so piss him off some more by using it.

So far I've done interviews on Larry King Live, the O'Reilly Factor, CBS Evening News, a CourtTV documentary, an E! Channel Documentary (which is weird to actually write), Tucker Carlson's show, Scarborough Country, and a variety of other cable shows whose names I've forgotten.

Man, I do a TERRIBLE job of hiding my face!

You and me both...
Posted by Bill Evans on 2007-July-24 13:21:10, Tuesday
In reply to They'll cost the taxpayers more money posted by slvrspun on 2007-July-24 04:23:01, Tuesday
I don't give a fuck anymore. I'm probably going to have to get used to living on social security payments before long anyway, but if I do get financial again, every spare cent will go to making Phillip Eide's life hell, what little time the fat fuck has left. I expect the piece of shit will be dead by 35 from all the toxins and carbs he stuffs down his throat, anyway

Oogah boogah says the pedophile.

Recently we were able to get a lead administrator and long-time webmaster of BoyChat arrested by exposing him to his community. The police in his community searched his home. They caught him in the act of downloading child pornography. His online handle was Jimf3. Here's his supposed "real life friend" helping provide even more evidence against him.

Posted by Jim's IRL friend on 2007-July-22 16:52:21, Sunday
In reply to Oh yes, he had it posted by Santi on 2007-July-22 15:49:36, Sunday
...maybe you're right about our "Prisonland," and perhaps, since Cole and Dylan are finally in Jim's AOA, that's what the cops found on his computer. On the other hand, while it's not all that hard to get arrested for that kind of shit, it's still kind of hard to get convicted.

I haven't gotten through to jimf2 yet. I bought a phone card, but I haven't been anywhere you still can find a public phone -- they seem to be vanishing a hell of a lot faster than the polar ice, for example, or Windows 3.1. I may find it necessary to find one at some rest stop on the freeway.

I can easily connect with your sense of anger, by the way, but I wouldn't put a bullet in XvE -- not enough pain involved. How about soaking his underpants (tighty whities, I imagine, because his mother still buys them for him) in gasoline and striking a match? Can you dig it?

Nothing makes your friend look innocent than publicly threatening death to the organizer of a website that helped result in his arrest. Slick!

Of course, not all death threats are all that notable. Some are mundane.

The better best you can do...
Posted by Nickless on 2007-July-21 23:52:04, Saturday
In reply to I hate to be a naysayer... posted by weasel on 2007-July-21 23:27:33, Saturday
is penetrate Von Erck's mind with hot lead.


See? Mundane.

Of course!
Posted by Santi on 2007-July-22 01:06:53, Sunday
In reply to The better best you can do... posted by Nickless on 2007-July-21 23:52:04, Saturday
I hope he will die in horrible circumstances, with extended cancer as my first choice. However, your fast-track remedy seems quite agreeable.



good one...
Posted by middy on 2007-July-22 06:12:59, Sunday
In reply to @ Xavier Von Erck (I know you are reading this) posted by The Boy on 2007-July-21 22:51:45, Saturday
...great strategy...

Mr Von Erk could very well laugh so hard that he accidentally up-chucks and inhales at the same time...

...fitting demise choking on his own bile....yer a genius Boy ;))

I don't know if that one is so much mundane as it is really poorly thought out.

I'd rather he choked on
Posted by Personally on 2007-July-22 06:59:21, Sunday
In reply to good one... posted by middy on 2007-July-22 06:12:59, Sunday
Bubba's dick, while he's in the act of 'performing' for his new prison buddies. Maybe a little extra shove from behind could be what starts him choking.


Posted by Santi on 2007-July-21 03:00:01, Saturday
In reply to PJ’s Xavier shows true colors on Dallas TV posted by ABC Lover on 2007-July-20 22:44:15, Friday
.. is the only thing that the subhuman gringo shit-filled smeared excrement of peej deserve.

All, regardless their age. Including their offspring. And their asslicking god.

And, of course, anybody who disagrees with this is just an accomplice of these debris.


As an Atheist, I really hope he doesn't murder my asslicking god.

In daily basis I defecate on the mouth of the god
Posted by Santi on 2007-July-21 02:55:28, Saturday
In reply to What ... posted by Aztram on 2007-July-20 15:38:30, Friday
that created that subhuman inferior excrement known as Xavier von shit.

As in anybody who disagrees with this statement. Without exceptions.

As for all them, they deserve, at least, the murder Jack the Ripper provided to Mary Jane Kelly (link below).

Santi (not implying Mary Jane Kelly deserved such a death, but of course implying all the peej members, without exception again, deserve even a more gruesome death).

The only part of their death threats that bother me is the incredible lack of research that they put into such things. I am an Atheist. I note so on my Perverted-Justice.com staff page bio, here on my blog and it's been reported. These guys are so mentally far gone that they assume I'm a Christian. I guess they're so used to Christians attacking them that they've lost any awareness that it's not merely the religious that hate pedophiles, it's pretty much everyone with a brain.

I do though appreciate his consistency in keeping it "Von Shit" rather than choosing another adjective to use. That's somewhat impressive.

get fucked
Posted by your shadow on 2007-July-23 07:34:06, Monday
In reply to Hey bitches, where's James Finn? posted by Xavier Von Erck (The real motherfucking one) on 2007-July-20 03:19:47, Friday
your the fucking predator, ya fucking bitch eddie....for the attrocities youi have commited against countless innocent people, you need to be smacked the fuck up...and even that would be letting you go easy....

keep peddling your bullshit war against innocent people and darkness will surely shadow your life...

Not sure who Eddie is.

I had a dream!
Posted by Santi on 2007-July-1 13:37:48, Sunday
I had a dream, where I saw a BL busted in a Dateline "To Catch a Predator". The BL arrived prepared, that is, different from the usual poor saps that get busted in the program.

I had a dream, and while Hanson started to humiliate him, the BL took out a gun and shot the whole load on Hanson's lower face, precisely skipping the middle line and upper portions, to destroy without killing. You know, to allow Barbara Walters to cry in the interview that would take place as soon as the monster was in conditions to talk, after a year or so of semifailed reconstructive surgery.

The crew got wild and the Stasi members tried to get inside the home, while the BL, in a amusing rampage, chased all them and shot them down, trying this time to produce as many mortal wounds as possible.

I had a dream, and in it the BL got inside the room where the Peej team was. The extreme nature of the lacerations produced with a saw and a knife forbid me for describing them. Maimed and bubbling, they were soaked in gasoline.

The charred corpses smelled as inciense.

The dream continued, and at the end the BL used a mallet to smash the heads of those members of the crew that survived.

I had and I have a dream!


Remember the part where I said to link any friends you have who state that pedophiles are just normal people with an abnormal sexual fetish? Yeah, link them to that one instead. Hell, link any such people to both.

My dreams are less gory
Posted by slvrspun on 2007-July-3 04:43:30, Tuesday
In reply to I had a dream! posted by Santi on 2007-July-1 13:37:48, Sunday
Why can't you dream like me, and just imagine the house filling up with chlorine gas. For the uninitiated, sea-water + battery acid liberates chlorine gas.

I've had similar nightmares
Posted by regular poster on 2007-July-1 21:30:00, Sunday
In reply to I had a dream! posted by Santi on 2007-July-1 13:37:48, Sunday
In my nightmare he kills everyone in sight then himself.

The talking-heads make the lawmakers crack down on pedophiles. In a few months, the fury is over but the damage is done.

BUT police departments around the country come out and say "this was bound to happen sooner or later, you should leave this to professionals."

Dateline cancels future stings and PJ cutting off one of PJ's major revenue sources.

PJ is relegated to low-profile work like monitoring the Internet and holding classes for police departments. Within a few years tuitition income dries up as police departments rely on the FBI and each other for training.

By 2017 PJ is reduced to a small group of self-funded volunteers.

In 2027 Xavier dies a young death from a stress-induced heart attack. What's left of PJ folds.

A week later the BoyChat administration creates the fake nick "Ghost of Xavier Von Jerk."

I would be 48 in 2027. It shows you exactly how old these guys are when they call that a "young death." And we already "monitor the internet" with the CSO Wiki and we already hold classes for police departments. That's some of the most rewarding work we do.

Of course, I would be remiss to not note the compassionate side of the pedophiles, you know, the human side that they tout! The side that shows that they're real human beings! The side they just want the public to see! The side that the "evil hysteria" against them covers up!

The crew too?
Posted by valerio on 2007-July-2 00:05:17, Monday
In reply to I had a dream! posted by Santi on 2007-July-1 13:37:48, Sunday
Yeah, I could fantasize about wrecking Chris Hansen's too-pretty face, killing a bunch of redneck cops, and perhaps tossing a can of gasoline and a match on the Dateline producers and their stooges from PeeJ -- but the guys running the cameras and the microphones are just guys doing a job! Yeah, it's a sickening job, but a guy's got to make a living. Maybe they'd rather be recording Paris Hilton flashing her pussy for the judge, but somebody else got that assignment.

Anyway, you need the crew to record the carnage -- so the rest of us can enjoy it when it appears on "America's Funniest News Videos."

See? They'd want the crew to live. How dare we note that they're not individuals worthy of debate but only attack in light of such compassion and humanism.

At the end of the day, pedophiles will continue to try to attack our web presence and will continue to make death threats against myself personally. They've been doing it for years. The problem is that the idiots never have realized that by doing so they only make our motivation to see their members carted off to jail... their organizations disrupted, confronted and exposed... all the more greater.

If you've read this and you've had the thought "oh wow, what a dangerous job or actually think that my life, or our volunteers lives are in danger... I only have one thing to tell you. Err... show you?

Think again :)