Yet another stupid email, yet another smarmy reply

December/2004: PeeJ emails - I've done this intro before, our email runs 100 positive to every negative... however, the negative emails are too damn stupid and entertaining not to post along with my typically smarmy response. In that vein, here is goofy email sent to me #239.

From: toughguy chun
Sent: Saturday, December 18, 2004 9:48 PM
Subject: Your Site

Let first say that I think you and your participants need to get a life and spend your time contributing to the GDP of this country instead of framing innocent people. The fact is that one never knows who they are chatting with online; many people pretend to be someone they are not and while some chatters are suspicious of this fact, some may like to egage in a chat fantasy. Or perhaps they are just clowning around. The fact is that it is if the person who who is pretending to be a minor is in fact not a minor than regardless of what you wish to believe the intent was of the alledged sex offender, there is no case. If you really want to help fight minors meeting up with older guiys you should hang out at the malls. Thats where the young girls go to meet older guys. This Internet shit is ridiculous, unconstitutional, and shows what type of malicious person you are. The fact that parents in America have and continue to aband! om their responsibility for policing their children does not justify the violation of human rights that you are encouraging. The currnent actions by police forces nationwide regarding these stings is highly unconstitutional. In addition, what kind of society would we have if citizens tried to take the law into their own hands? We would have a society will no rights, no privacy, and kaos. I will tell you this. While I do not by any means think that minors should be preyed upon by older men, I also think that just because a man says he wants to meet a girl for sex doen't mean he ACTUALLY DOES want to, nor does it mean he will. And even if did meet her, you do not know that he will in fact have sex with her. SHould I pose as a prostitute and solicit sex and record it and send it to the police? Is that right? I think not. Let the professionals handle things. I suggest that if you REALLY wish to stop the illegal sexual exploitation of ! minors that you actually become productive and create a technilogical IT system that does so. In the meantime, as an American concerned for my civil rights, I will be forwarding the approriate information related to your website to the ACLU and I will be contacting civil rights attorneys and supplying them with the names of the victums you have posted. Have a great day.

Of course, my typical asshole reply.

From: Xavier Von Erck
To: toughguy chun
Sent: Sunday, December 19, 2004 1:27 AM
Subject: Re: Your Site

Hello Mr. Toughguy,

I must commend you on your fine and wonderful grasp on our precious constitution. You have convinced me, that yes, I should shut down the website. Why, you sir, are obviously the second coming of Thomas "Better than Jesus" Jefferson. Not a single solitary soul in American history, since that wonderful man Jefferson, has had such an immaculate grasp on the principles and intrepretation of the constitution.

It is a wonder that the Supreme Court of this here United States, has not contacted you for a position of great import. I suggest you contact Mr. David Souter and regale him with your wonderful intrepretations of the constitution. I am sure he will just as impressed as I am. Obviously you have great intellect.

Now that is what I would have believed, had anything you said made even the simplest shred of any fucking sense.

I must say in all my days of receiving nearly illiterate emails, no email has been as wrongfully entertaining as the tripe you called composition. Oh, my good man, where to begin. First, have you read the constitution? Perhaps you missed a few constitutional classes, but the bill of rights was drafted to prevent government abuses towards the populance. I am as much government, as you are the second coming of Thomas freakin' Jefferson. What we do is not unconstitutional and cannot be unconstitutional, for we are not government. Even you were able to grasp that we are not government, yet you were unable to grasp anything relating to constitutional principles and law.

In addition, your claim that "Not being able to talk the sexy to minors" is a violation of human rights is the most pathetic thing you could have emailed, save emailing me your educational background. Sir, there are many violations of human rights occurring across the globe. For example, there's always the heartwarming example of Sudanese genocide. That is a human rights violation. You know, crazy me, also caught something of the Ukranian vote rigging. That, as well, is a human rights violation. I lay down the gauntlet. I'd like you to produce any paper, dealing with human rights, that states the attempted solicitation of what you believe to be a minor, is, in fact, a human right. Here's a hint, your only shot is to consult with NAMBLA, whose organizational lines you have so expertly regurgitated.

Additionally, there is the matter of the rest of your email. It is similarly stupid. I would go through and refute it all, but unfortunately, I am an important person.

I welcome you to contact everyone on this entire planet with your stupidity. It will only make people like us more.

Have a grand and glorious day, your friend and buddy,
Xavier Von Erck
Director -
Established July 2002, PeeJ has established itself as a credible watchdog group, securing convictions, interfacing with LE and even locating an abducted teen. We are time-tested and effective, with membership numbering in the thousands.

Now I am off to go violate some more human rights in my own special unconstitutional way. Me, you should fear, for I am akin to Sudanese warlord.