An update on Robert Crockett... remember this shithead?

December/2004: Site followup - As I do at least once a day, I hit up my stat-tracker to see who was linking to me. I do this out of simple curiousity, knowing that once in a while you can find a few decent gems.

First, let me bring you up to date. Click the following link and read the update at the top about Robert Crockett: Take a stroll down memory lane.

Yep, that Robert Crockett. Mr. "I hate Jews because they sell child porn but the white man should be able to fuck twelve year olds" Robert Crockett. Why would I dredge up a guy as stupid and worthless as Crockett so many months later? Well, unlike most of my entries, I have very good reason. Recently a crappy site called the Vanguard News Network (GET IT? THEY'RE THE VANGUARD OF THE WHITE MAN! LOLZ) broke out in super-flamage about that very fucking update. Yes, that's amusing. Very. But it only gets better.

As most of you know, has a great track record of getting worthless wannabe pedophile fucks of all colors fired from their jobs. We're quite good at it. But now... yes, shares in the fun, as I have gotten my first person fired! And it was Robert f'n Crockett! Apparently, this loony idiot wasn't supposed to spout off pedophiliac bullshit on "White Revolution." And he really wasn't supposed to email me shilling his pedophiliac bullshit. So the site owner axed his shit and kicked him off the site, axing his columnist job.

The Vanguard News Network has a thread talking about it, with Crockett and the "White Revolution" site owner flaming each other about it. You know how most flame sessions are entertaining? Well, when you take southern half-educated racists, they become even more hilarious.

Because I'm such an asshole, I'm going to quote most of the good verbiage and mock it. It's just that fucking funny. If you want to read the thread as it looks like, visit: This link. However, there is also concurrent discussion of some guy named Glenn Miller who is rolling over like the WHITECREMENT he is to the feds. Ooo, damn that Glenn Miller! His music sucks too! To set this up, Crockett starts smack-talking White Revolution members in the thread. Then some guy who is obviously a "big squirrel" in White Revolution chips in with the following post. His name is Ben Vinyard.

(DISCLAIMER: NONE of the text in the grey boxes is authored by myself. I'm the guy in the white boxes mocking it. Nothing in this update should be construed as my being racist. I hate racists just as much as any other logical person. But I must admit that I do find them hilarious at the same time, as delusions can entertain.)

Ben Vinyard, name-dropping my website and why he fired Crockett:
Robert Crockett is not a White Revolution member and has not been one for some time. We began to doubt Mr. Crockett’s mental stability when his fiancé left him for an Asian and he demanded harshly that we post the interracial wedding pictures on the front page of the website and make it a “hot topic.” Thinking he had only been reacting out of grief, we made an error in judgment and later allowed Crockett to write a daily blog for our website. Unmonitored. Crockett did the best Alex Linder imitation he could muster—all of the profanity and none of the wit. He wrote an article promoting child molestation in which he wrote, “…sex with a 13-year-old girl is not a true crime.” No one actually read Crockett’s articles so we didn’t find out about it…until he started e-mailing the story out to other websites in order to publicize himself.
Needless to say we immediately pulled his commentary. Crockett was hostile and argued that this was an issue (penile penetration of 13 year old girls) that “we could really run with.” At this point Robert Crockett was gone from our organization and will never, ever be a White Revolution member or be allowed around the children of anyone we know.

Ben Vinyard

Even when I'm not trying, I'm outing wannabe pedophiles! Holy shit, was I born for this or what? And excuse me, but LOLZER! at the fact that Crockett's wife was taken "downtown" to chinatown, if you get my drift. I bet they enjoy making a "bridge over the river kwai" each and every night. That's so damn hilarious. I got that schmuck fired. I love it.

Another White Revolution member dumping on that idiot Crockett:
So have you had any luck finding some fourteen year old girls to impregnant lately Robert???

Fourteen? Damn, racists just can't read. He wants thirteen year olds, obviously.

Robert Crockett can't help but get flame-school in session:
In regards to the 13-year-old-article written about, it only becomes molestation when folks like you adopt the jewish line. Our forefathers certainly didn't toe the jewish line. Even Hitler indicated that folks should marry young. Are you saying that Hitler also believed in child molestation?

The reason WR has such a stagnant website is the consistent jewing of the racial message. If WR could come to hate the enemy more than they do their racial comrades, then perhaps they might make more progress.

OH SNAP! Sistah, it's on now! I like the usage of Hitler in a judeo-christian sense. I could so see this argument on a Christian board, but replace Hitler with Jesus. "Are you saying Jesus also believed in _________?" Molestation is only molestation when people adopt the Jewish line? So only the Jews are against child molestation? Damn, just another reason to love the Jewish. Viva Israel! Viva anti-molestation people!

Crockett posts in response to the other WR supporter...
I have never looked for 14 year old girls to impregnate. At least I don't waste my time constructing boring useless lawn litter. The reason it never gets mentioned is because it puts everybody asleep.

GIRLFRIEND! Talk to the hand!

Vinyard comes back with a quality flame-response, while not technically responding to Crockett:
Mr. Quimby,

It is not 14 year old girls that he would like to molest. Don't exaggerate. It is 13 year old girls.

Ben Vinyard

I have to give Vinyard credit, he obviously is well-schooled in the art of flaming. That's the exact same response I would have had. Well, he maybe a worthless racist fuck, but at least Vinyard has some wit.

Crockett fires back at Vinyards original post which linked to my site...
It's interesting that I got the invitation, let's say the high pressure sales pitch to begin the daily blog after the slut. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I had asked every step of the way for feedback from the leadership. All I had ever gotten was that everything was fine, to go out and provoke people. The leadership had so little in the way of balls, that it conducted secret squirrel meetings to oust me. In a healthy organization, a meeting would have been scheduled to properly discuss my writings. It's not as if I had advocated armed overthrow. But the speed and secrecy of the backstabbing indicates a true lack of balls. Perhaps the squirrel society had been trying to please the jews.


Say it ain't so, Rocky! Say it ain't so!

Oh, it be so. What a line that is. Those fucking squirrels, I bet they only dig up nuts to help feed the EVIL JEW OH NOS. I do find Crockett's whiny "You fired me" whinings to be pretty fun though. I agree, he should have at least had a hearing over his writings. It should have gone like this...

Vinyard: Dude, your writings fucking suck the major ballzor.
Crockett: OH NEINS!
Vinyard: Totally like, I'm going to have to fire you, dude.
Crockett: OH NEINS!
Vinyard: Uh... dude, are you totally checking out my young daughter?
Crockett: OH NEINS!

Even if nobody else laughed at the above, I at least got a good three minutes of straight up tearful laughter at it. I guarantee it would have gone that way. I... G...U...A...R...NTEE IT! That's how "non-secret squirrel" meetings all go.

Some other guy finds the insanity too much to deal with (quoting Crockett's post):
With that, I think I will take a sabbatical from the forum until it's back in saner hands. The Norcals, Linstedts, et al have turned a slightly disturbed forum into a thoroughly weary, discusting and revolting place.

Later Volks!

Back to Crockett's insanity, responding to Vinyard's excellent 13 year old girls line:
Whatever. I guess we can't expect WR to actually construct arguments to use against the enemy - you know, jews, muds, things like that. Instead, they'll make personal comments against me. And still, not even one of them can answer as to why the Chairman of WR, one Billy Roper, spends his precious little daily time slamming VNN's Alex Linder instead of attacking the enemy - you know, the jews! Out of all the many many topics a supposed "Hero of the White Race" can discuss, Mr. Roper chooses to take a stance on treedle-dee's treason against tweedle-dumn-dumn.

Crockett, loving that double post, in response to "some other guy":
Whatever. I wouln't want to share a foxhole with somebody like you. That's for sure. Go back to your jewing of the message.

What a verb blacksmith this guy is.

Vinyard again, but he condenses two posts into one. Yay!
There was no secret squirrel meeting to oust you. It was done immediately after you began promoting child molestation on our website.

Originally Posted by AgentSmith
It's not as if I had advocated armed overthrow.

No, you advocated child molestation. And according to your previous post you are still advocating it. The really sad part is that you don't even realize what a sick freak you are.

No squirrel meeting? I'm damn disappointed. I was having all sorts of visual fun imagining how that would go. Would they all go forage for walnuts while discussing major site issues? The idea is pretty funny.

Crockett, responding in three posts to Vinyard's one post:
That's incorrect also. I have always advocated a normal marital relationship and have never implied any other type. If you get any more politically correct, you might wish to consider joining the democrats or republicans, so you can be a good lemming. I advocated nothing more than was advocated in Mein Kampf.

Good lemming. Make your jews proud. Toe that politically correct line.

The fact that those involved hadn't even bothered to read the material before denouncing it. I guess your jew told you to do it. You in fact did the very same thing that you accused the NA of doing. When you said that I promoted child molestation, I must say that you are in fact a liar! You are a liar! A liar!

See? He's just struggling against political correctness! And Vinyard is a LIAR! LIAR LIAR OMGZOR LIAR! OH NOS! LIAR! LIAR! A LIAR! LIAR!

Fuck, you can't write comedy like this.

Vinyard shills me again!
Here, go back and read the article. Not advocating child molestion does not make me politically correct, a lemming, a Democrat or a Repubican. However, advocating it makes you sick.

"White men have been having sex and knocking-up 13-year-olds since the dawn of time. These kind of fake laws, such as statutory rape, are only used as a means to keep Whites from engaging in natural reproductive behavior."--Robert Crockett

"Even if the man had achieved penile penetration with the young girl, sex with a 13-year-old girl is not a true crime."--Robert Crockett

Ben Vinyard

That's pure ownage. Really, it is.

Crockett, failing as usual to make a coherent point:
Within the context of healthy marriage. I have never said anywhere that I advocated indescriminite sex - for any age. Period. To make a leap that I somehow made that connection makes you a liar.

To this, I'm sure Madame Gonk and Master Bedroom could only say: Dear Lord!

Crockett AGAIN cannot master a message board:
Of course, supposing you jumped to that conclusion, a healthy racial organization would have at least had the balls to allow for further clarification instead of the squirrel committee. Either way, as a squirrell member, you don't show a whole lot of integrity.

It's not a society anymore, it's a committee of Squirrels! Boy, does Crockett seem pissed at his firing or what?

Crockett goes on to admit that he wore Blue Boots once and got laughed at. I have no idea what the symbolism is of that, but it is humorous.

Crockett, talking about me and my update that got him fired:
I was within a week of a major victory when you and your fellow politically correct types thrust the dagger in my back.

What victory? Was he going to challenge me to a racist on a pole match? I'll meet you Crockett, down at the Sportatorium... and this time, it's personal!

/Lame wrestling promo.

This guy is so insane that he makes the other idiot racists seem logical.

Vinyard, showing why I posted the above sentence:
You mean a major victory pushing the child molestation issue? You are fucking nuts, dude. And a sick pervert. Stay away from children, Crockett.

Ben Vinyard


Crockett gets pissed:
It's in the history books fuckhead! Why don't you put down your jewish playbook every once in awhile and actually do some real reading. Nothing's more perverted than your jewish warped mind.

The age 13 has been a traditional marital age for eons. To deny this history makes you either stupid or a liar. I think you are in fact stupid. Alex also encountered this same stupidity. Given a choice I'd prefer to work with reformed traitors to idiots like you any day. Were you born this stupid or did you have to work at it? Try reading a history book sometime dumbass!

Then Vinyard and his buddy pull the oldest flaming trick in the book, discussing Crockett as though he's not there:
Oh right Ben I forgot he likes them when there is no grass on the green.

Same guy, responding to the squirrel meeting comments
Yeah boy we conducted a secret meeting to oust you yeah ok Robert. The fact is we received complaints Billy called me and told me to handle the issuse because he was at work. I handled the situation and you got all butt hurt that we had a problem with you openly discussing a issuse with a website that caters to people who oppose having sex with 13 year olds. The truth is I should have outed you just like I did when you were running the Arkansas NA proto unit with your incompetence.

Butt hurt? Haha. That's right, even fucking with PeeJ by proxy of will piss people off at you. Gold. Pure gold.

Crockett with the LOLZOR again, responding to the "grass on the green" burn:
Well, it is true. None of the original questions have been answered. Just name calling and insults. But you know, plenty of others also know that these same questions aren't being answered. I'm going to bed. I'll probably come back to more insults, and none of the original questions having been answered. That's why WR isn't doing better. Folks like Chris and Ben hate me far worse than they ever have the jews. I have never pursued or advocated wholesale sex with 13-year-olds or any other teenager for that matter, but it makes very little difference to these types. All that matters is that the squirrels get all their little nuts together. I wish they'd hate the jews more than they do me, but I see that's too much to ask. Instead of acting like mature moderators and posters, they instead resort to name calling.

The little squirrels and their fucking nuts. Holding down Crockett by lovin' those Jewish. Damn jewing jewish squirrel!

There's about five more pages of this, and all of it is hilarious. Use the link at the top of the post if you want to see these idiots continue to flame each other back and forth. I must now use this space to talk about how proud I am to have gotten that mental defective kicked out of that organization. I didn't even try to, and I caused a schism in a racist organization. Because of this site! My little eighty hits a day personal blogger! Hell, the flame war my little entry started on VNN is longer than any thread in my blogger feedback area.

All of this just proves the first three paragraphs in the update that kicked all this off: Give the racists the platform they seek, and you will find that nobody will take them seriously anymore. Throwing chairs at Geraldo? That's LOLZOR. Nobody takes "LOLZOR" seriously. Flaming each other about "squirrel societies" and "Jewish squirrel conspiracies" is also, even more, LOLZOR. I wish that thread were a TV show. Imagine Vinyard and Crockett going back and forth, with the buddy of Vinyard tossing in a few gold flame-bait lines. I'd watch it. So would you, if there were nothing good on Comedy Central, I bet. If you get bored, start on page 84 of that thread and read up. It's high comedy and a great illustration of why you never take toothless southern racists seriously. There's a lot of gold stuff I didn't post, like when they team up to make fun of Crockett for not fighting black people at the Waffle House, which is so movie-stereotypical that I have to chuckle.

Imagine if you went back in time to tell Hitler that his legacy would be nothing more than toothless Southern Americans getting their asses kicked by black people at muthafuckin' Waffle Houses.

You got your bitch ass kicked... at the muthafuckin' Waffle House!

Methinks he might tear up a bit.

Congratulations to my blogger! Who knew posting about pez and racists could cause drama and schism in some fuckshit racist organization. Now that's fun.