Talk about missing the point...

November/2004: PeeJ - Every since we started, we knew we were going to be somewhat controversial. Sure, we're a bit edgy. We have our critics. But one criticism above all has been the most persistent, and dare I say, stupid. And it's probably been the most frequent.

Every once in a while, I get an email akin to the following in my inbox. Now, this isn't a real email. I'm going to draw all the previous emails on this one topic into one email to sum up exactly what people send me.

Hello Admin,

I recently signed up for Perverted Justice. I really support everything you guys do. We really need to go after these creeps and show them that we won't stand for what they do. I'd like to support your site, but something was bothering as I read.

The language! Must you take yourself down to the perverts level by using such foul language? I think those terms really make you guys look as bad as the guys you bust!

God bless...
Random Dip

Now, I can understand if you blanche at some of the language on PeeJ. A sailor's tongue is not for everyone. If someone doesn't like the language on the site, I could show them other, not-nearly-as-effective organizations to go join that don't fight these guys on a one-on-one basis. No problem there.

The problem comes in when people, who are clearly out of touch, try to equate "cursing" with "being on the level of" those we find trying to solicit children. Idiotic. Now, you know I wouldn't make this topic if I had only received one stupid email saying thus, nope, I've actually received something in the neighborhood of two dozen emails over the last year registering the same complaint, in those same terms.

The thing that I really don't understand is the mentality of anyone who can be outraged by the word FUCK contrasted with the hours-long grooming of sexual enticement of what is believed to be a 10-15 year old. Who reads that and goes... you know... that's absolutely disgusting!!! Those terrible awful words used to mock the pedophiles! How terrible!

Who reads those logs and sees that? Are they not reading the likely-fatheated male trying to fuck the kid?

The whole obsession with curse words has always boggled me, since the outrage against them is only due to people deciding, for some reason, that these random alignments of letters are objectionable. It would be akin to myself randomly selecting apples are pornographic, and then making myself very upset at their usage in modern media. They're apples! Who cares, it's benign. I curse like a member of the geto boyz who dropped a brick on his foot. You wouldn't know it from my media interviews (since I switch into debate persona) but my regular conversational style throws in 1.2 muthafuckers in every five minute span.

The entire idea that our operation goes from "GREAT I LUV YOUSE" to "BOO HISS YOU AS BAD AS PEDO" due to a superbly placed "bitch ass pervert fucks" somewhere on the site doesn't even make me mad. It's so absurd that I can only laugh at it. What more can you do? You can't take that seriously. Then again, I get a kick out of thinking of doing one interview in my regular conversational style just to see the abhored reaction we would receive.

Reporter: "So Xavier, what caused you to come up with this site?"
Me: "Well, you see, there are a lot of muthafucking pedophiles out there, and really, fuck their bitch-asses."
Reporter: (visably shaken) "Uh... alright... um... so, what accomplishments has Perverted-Justice... uh, had?"
Me: "Well man, in the last six months, we've had five of these assholes convicted in a court of law, but more than that yo, we've just straight-up shown people what is up with all these fucking dickless cowards. Plus, we helped locate an abducted kid because the cops looking for her only wanted to save fake-ass fantasy blonde kids who play with barbies and make dollyhouses rather than a real goddamned kid. Site has never fucking been better, and we're going to continue to fuck up pedo's until there aren't anymore of these shitheads to drag into the public light to be pissed upon."

Now that would be one fucking great interview... and I'd probably get sixteen emails from people that just don't "get it." We're not successful because we wear suits, read the New Yorker and trade stock tips. We're not successful because we have knitting fundraisers, happy mascots and outreach programs. We're successful because we're the group of roughneck crusaders who have the temerity to bust down the internet door and say "Look at this shit, look at this scummy shit... this scummy, scummy shit... this is the scummy shit you don't see, and it's fucking everywhere."

That's why we're successful. Asking me to tone down the site is to literally ask us to not be effective. To not draw in the kinds of people who want to see these fuckheads stopped. The kind of people who don't say "FUCK" everytime we hear of another kid abducted via the internet. We want gum-chewing, blood-spitting people who wouldn't normally be accepted in Grampy's anti-pedophile group.

We say fuck. We say shit. We say cocksucker.

That doesn't make you a pedophile, but it certainly does scare the hell out of quite a few of them.