Funny Improv in NYC

November/2004: Pimping Other's Talent - If you want to check out a really, really funny site, check out the UCB-affiliated "Improv Everywhere" group at the following link: Improv Everywhere. They remind me a lot of the UCB outdoor scenes shot for the Comedy Central short-lived series, and of Trigger Happy TV... but better, really. They do some long-form improv "scenes" to prank people. The results are much funnier than short public improv scenes that most of us are familar with.

Check out the Chekov prank for pure hilarity, the Moebius for degree of difficulty and originality, or the Virgin Megastore prank. They're all pretty good though, and you should read the entire "conquests' page.

This is the kind of comedy that really needs to catch on. The kind of madcap stuff in the vein of Mr. Show or the Upright Citizens Brigade. I laughed more at one of their writeups than I did at any of the episodes of "Friends" I've ever seen. This is pure comedy, plus they actually do make an attempt to make some days brighter during the drudgery of the mundane shit we do everyday.

Great, great stuff.