Sick of Being Sick

November/2004: Whining - I'm so sick of being sick. I've been sick for about a week and a half. I'm tired of it. It needs to stop. I've taken all the stupid little "fixes" that people suggest and they didn't work. Still sick. The shitty part is that this flu (I think it's a flu) has boomeranged on me quite a bit. First, I started off sick. Then I got sicker. Then I got really, really sick. Then I felt fine for three days.

Now? Each time I swallow my own salivia, it tastes like I'm puking into my own mouth. How's that for vibrant? Imagine that sexy image.

Earlier today, I felt great. Now? I feel as bad as the worst part. Same thing happened yesterday. And the day before. Coughing, nose, flu-ridden head... this is not fun. At all. Usually I don't get sick this long. Watch it be something like the "Southeastern Asian Super Yellow Poxalaria" or something equally deadly.

Nothing works. Argh. Tomorrow I will feel just as bad as today. It doesn't help that I'm the world's worst sick person either. I'm as pleasant as a pit bull and half as attractive. I don't go anywhere. Not that I usually go anywhere, but boy do I not go anywhere. I had to do a couple pieces of media while feeling like hell to the power of purgatory (Virginia piece that aired and an educational program for kids) and afterwards felt like I ran the Boston Marathon. Other than that, I've made a concerted effort to do absolutely nothing. Not one thing. That has been my goal. A goal I've consistently failed at.

Tomorrow should end week two of being sick. If I'm still sick at the end of next week, I'm going to go out and randomly shoot someone. I promise.