A Cause You Can Believe In

July/2004: Fast Food - As most know, I love Taco Bell. I have always loved Taco Bell. Growing up, I looked at Taco Bell as the pinnacle of eateries. Even after criss-crossing Portland, trying hundreds of restaurants... guess what?

I still consider Taco Bell the pinnacle of eateries.

Taco Bell has a variety of cheap items that are as tasty as they come. My typical Taco Bell menu consists of a Double Decker Taco, a Chicken Quesadilla, and one of those keen Beef and Potato Burritos. Truly scrumptious. Once in a while, I'll swap out an item for a Pintos and Cheese, or an Enchirito. Depends if I'm feeling experimental. However, that was not always the way of the ordering.

Back in "tha" day, before PeeJ, before AngryGerman.com, the menu ordering was far different. It was a Mexi-Nugget (since discontinued for crappy "Fiesta potatoes"), a side of nacho cheese, two double decker tacos and a Chilito.

Yes, a chilito. The Chili Cheese Burrito was the most glorious burrito ever served by Taco Bell. Ringing in at a cool buck, it was a blend of chili and cheese, simple, delightful, wonderful. It was the "main event" of the Taco Bell dish. Everything before it was leading up to the grandest burrito of them all.

So imagine my anger when I head into a Taco Bell to discover that the Chilito was no more. I do not like change when it comes to quick culinary dishes. So I said "Shit" and went to another Taco Bell in our area that still carried the burrito. They kept it for a while, but then got rid of it as well. You see, Taco Bell is giving franchisees the choice of carrying the item. Some do, some don't. None in my area do.

They should ALL carry this pinnacle of fast food burrito.

For the last couple years, I thought this was pretty much a solitary complaint. However, it is not! To try to rectify this terrible situation, a new force and cause has arisen, that of Chilicheese.org! - Link!

If you are a fan of option, or fast food, you need to sign this link. Hopefully the group behind this website can become quite large and stick up for those of us who miss our favorite menu items. You can sign their petition Here. Please sign the petition, and support this group's efforts to regain some sanity at the higher-ups at Taco Bell.

God bless you, ChiliCheese.org.