The most beautiful picture in the world?


Is there any more beautiful picture than this one?

You might be thinking... "wow, you're crazy... of course there is!" But you'd be wrong. The above picture is long-time Boychat leader James P. Finn III being led away in handcuffs. And why?

Because of CSO fliers. Because the police found a huge collection of child porn on his computer when they searched his house after having one of the fliers brought to their attention.

Starting I knew we could have an impact, but I didn't think the leader of would go down for child pornography possession in just a mere three weeks after we started the website. We exposed him, we profiled him, our volunteers sent out flyers... and that activity ended up with the police doing an investigation.

It was a beautiful combination of journalism and activism... with a sweet, sweet result. This sort of thing is the kind of thing we dreamed of when we started all of our efforts. I couldn't be more elated.

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