LoftheM: "Free Speech -- Free for All!"

May/2007: For a couple years I've been sporadically doing something called "Xavier's Lesson of the Moment." Basically back in the day I was thumbing through some golden age comic books online and noticed this weird government propaganda. The government created the National Social Welfare Assembly to insert social and political propaganda into comic books in order to well... influence developing minds, really.

Some of them are quite audacious, lionizing political figures, etc, etc. Some are just ludicrous snapshots of an earlier time. Instead of just posting them on the forums and having people tell us what they've learned from it, I'll be posting them on the blog and will have people leave comments about what they've learned from the current lesson of the moment!

This month's lesson of the moment features Buzzy! He's one of the governments recurring characters to TEACH you how to be.

May 2007 - "Free Speech -- Free for All!"

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