How to handle death-threats the proper way 101

July/2006: Death Threats - Over the years of running, I've learned how to handle death threats really, really well. Today, I received a "death threat" in email from someone who registered one of our convicted pedophiles handles after Yahoo recycles them. Happens all the time, one or two goofballs get off on doing it. Anyways, at this point, they think they can intimidate me.

Please observe my technique at handling the death threat, this is a one-lesson course with only a pass or fail grade.

Session Start (XavierVE1:jubjub970): Sun Jul 02 19:56:25 2006
[19:56] jubjub970: I am going to KILL you!
[19:56] XavierVE1: Ooo rawr a rawr a rawr!
[19:56] XavierVE1: Oooo rawr!
[19:56] *** jubjub970 has been ignored.
Session Close (jubjub970): Sun Jul 02 19:56:42 2006

And that, my friends, is how you handle a random death threat.