A rebut to an open letter from a nut

July/2005: PeeJ Stuff - Sometimes I can't resist. Usually I ignore the nuts that invariably spring up due to PeeJ. Usually I say "Well, they're nuts." But sometimes... yes, sometimes, I can't resist. I just can't. I love it too much. When I first came onto the internet, my goal was to have a good time, meet some intelligent people. So I went into chat-rooms in Portland and was amazed by the level of stupidity that I encountered. I would mock them and I would enjoy doing it. However, since starting Perverted-Justice.com, I've been blessed. Crazier nuts, really... really crazy nuts... have just come crawling out of the woodwork. They don't number in dozens, or even tens... but what they lack in numbers they make up with pure balls-out nuttiness. I've mocked a few emails on my blog as some of you have read... but this one didn't come in email.

A PeeJ volunteer IM'ed me to say that they saw an "open letter" posted publicly to me that I just had to see. Once I read it, I knew I had to post it on my blog. It's gold. It's golden grahams. It's so chock-full of nuts that bars of Snickers are looking at me in jealousy. You know someone is really off their rocker when they create one of those nut-looking letters. You know, with no paragraphs or formatting whatsoever? Anyways, I'm going to repost the letter on my blog and make fun of it. Why? Because I can. Because it amuses me. Because I find those whose brains have been rotted out with oh... syphilis, tumors, drug-use, you name it... to be amusing to me. They make me laugh and I think they'll make you laugh too. Sure, you're not supposed to answer "Open Letters" addressed to you... that's why they're open letters, but like I said, I can't resist.

The stuff in the grey boxes is from the letter, the stuff outside of the grey boxes is from my sparkling white keyboard. Enjoy!

This is an open letter to Phil, Xavier. Angry German , or whatever bogus name this idiot is using this week. I have done a lot of investigation all the way around on this matter and have found this individual to be a spineless, chicken shit, coward of a person with an agenda far from he proports. He boast that he is here to save children, this idiot HARMS more children than he believes he saves.

It's Columbo! He has done a LOT of investigation into me. Why, I bet he's read my blog and masturbated to my picture with furious abandon. Obviously this man is an expert on me. Still, I must correct a few false assertions. First off, if you can find me boasting that I'm "here to save children", I'll give you a shiny piece of chocolate. I don't run Perverted-Justice.com with the goal of "saving children." If children are saved and helped by the site, great. That's wonderful. Not why I run it, but a nice side-benefit. I run Perverted-Justice.com because I like watching predators get exposed. I like watching them get arrested. I like watching them get convicted. I like educating the public about these sick fucks. I like people to see the underbelly of chat-rooms.

Children? I don't much like children. If you do, great. Go have children. I am personally not a kid person. Don't like being around them, don't like babies, don't like children. I won't have children. Not for me.

Still, the idea that we "harm more children" is laughable. We don't harm children. For some goofball to say that our organization, which has located an abducted 14 year old... which has exposed someone who molested a young boy in North Dakota... which has gotten a child rapist convicted for attempting to do so again... yeah, go down the line, we have dozens of examples of how our anti-predator organization has helped children. Many of our volunteers are here to do just that... help children. I'm not. So while I appreciate Kojak's investigative skills, he needs to hit the drawing board on my motivations.

At his age what credentials does this person carry to be an authority on anything to train others. As a disabled Vietnam Veteran I now carry a few prosthetics as a reminder that I went off to a foreign land to protect the basic rights of individuals in these United States to live FREE.

Oh Hazeus Christos, it's a crazy ol' Vietnam veteran. That explains it already. I love the age attacks. I've been dealing with those for years now. I'm 26 years old. Apparently to the nuts out there, I'm supposed to be out in clubs, rockin' the E with neon-glow dance style! Whenever I hear stuff like that, I immediately know that this person was a fucking moron when he was 26. Only an idiot would say something to that effect. I publicly apologize for not being the 26 year old moron that some nuts over the age of 50 seem to think I should be. I am sorry that I founded an organization that has gotten 24 convictions since June of 2004. I am sorry that I founded an organization that located an abducted teen. I'm sorry! I should have been out wearing shiny clothes and dancing with whitebread style to the rave stylings of... uh, whoever does rave music?

Then he goes into Vietnam. I love this argument, heard it before a few times. He went to "Vietnam" to protect the RIGHTS of INDIVIDUALS in the UNITED STATES to live FREE! Well la-te-fuckin'-da. Apparently the Viet Cong were planning their invasion of the United States so they could subjugate our rights! Apparently the North Vietnamese navy (Ha!) was going to take over the United States of America and make us live under the communist rule of terror! Really, back in the sixties, Vietnam was a world superpower. It took the brave work of individuals like this clown to ensure that we would NEVER live under the oppression of the Vietnamese.

Wait... no, none of that is true.

This idiot went to Vietnam and killed a bunch of foreigners because he was told to by the United States government. He didn't protect a single American's rights by doing so. Hingh Se-Chong wasn't going to take away our freedom of speech. Mlai Lee wasn't going to take away our apple pie. Vietnam was a brutalization of a third-world country because we didn't/don't like communism. And while we were napalming the fuck out of the Vietnamese? Nixon was courting China, a larger country filled with Communists. Not one right of any American was secured by Vietnam. Although we did get to see what high explosives would do against a jungle Guerrilla army. Thank heavens for that! Vietnam was the most unjust and brutal American war ever inflicted upon a country and for no good reason. Stopping communism? We LOST South Vietnam to the Communists and did the entire region turn red? No. And even if it had all turned red, what would it have mattered? Nothing.

This guy went and got his legs blown off in order to delay the communist takeover of Vietnam. Congratulations for wasting your life doing nothing of any geopolitical importance.

Do you know what that means Xavier, BASIC RIGHTS OF FREEDOM ? Read the documents of our founding fathers, the Constitution for starters Mr. Xavier if you can even read. An idiot such as yourself can not comprehend the basic meaning of this and it shows by your actions.

I missed the part in the Constitution about how we need to get involved with foreign internal matters of government and try to enact regime change. I bet that was hidden under the 4th amendment, right? Thankfully, I've read the constitution. There isn't a section of the constitution ensuring that each land-owning white guy should get his choice of 12 year old females. Now, perhaps I missed that section. Perhaps I was too busy reading about how we should have a small standing army for national defense, rather than a military industrial complex that wipes out random third world countries because we don't want them sharing food. I also missed the part about the legitimacy of a federal draft, but that's a whole different issue entirely.

I also love the assertion that I'm an idiot. Those who dislike what we do love to do this. They say in one breath that "Xavier is a cult leader that kills bunnies for breakfast!" and then in the other breath call me a moron. Good work there. Good work.

By no means do I advocate child porn or sex with children !

You know, when you feel compelled to have to make this clear... you're doing something you shouldn't be.

What I see with you is that you play the numbers HOPING someone you get in one of your bust will have Kiddie Porn in his possession. After reading through a lot of your so called “bust” I see people who are online for roleplay in adult chatroom areas under the impression they are speaking to an adult and roleplaying a FANTASY and nothing more.

Yes, all those adult chatroom areas. Like Teen Chat: 1, Northwest Teen and the other various teen areas our people go into. Our those other adult areas, you know, the ones under "regional" that say "Regional: Portland" or "Regional: Los Angeles." You know, areas where I myself have seen actual teens chatting. I love how every chatroom on yahoo is now supposedly an "adult chat." As if there isn't a clearly marked area for "adult chatrooms" on Yahoo. It's such lunacy, it has to make you laugh. Even if we did work adult chat-rooms (which we don't)... so what? Actual law enforcement does work adult chat-rooms. I've spoken to detectives who pull them out of adult chat-rooms by the caseload. There is nothing illegitimate about hitting up adult chat-rooms, we simply choose not to because we keep so busy in the regional and teen rooms.

The roleplay defense is so trite by this point. It's not 2002 anymore. Let's leave the arguments of 2002 and 2003 in 2002 and 2003. I have this response nearly on auto-pilot by this point: If indeed adults were role-playing, they would not give their legitimate name, their legitimate phone number and legitimately try to meet teens online. If they were role-playing, they would be in the adult areas marked for roleplaying. Let's catch up to 2005. The new criticism is "Well, yeah, they have a lot of convictions... but they're evil anyways!"

But with your comments and your so called groomed and trained volunteers that egg and push these people on to more than the norm of roleplay I see where the sexual content is brought on many times by your so called volunteers well before the “Bust” even mentions it.

My response to this has always been... so what? If I go to the park and there's a nearly naked 13 year old in the park, I don't have sex with her. I don't do anything with her except perhaps contact the authorities. If a child runs up to you on the street and says "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK ME!"... you're not justified in doing so even if they want you to. It's a very simple matter. Now, our profiles don't do that. We don't run up to people saying "FUCK ME PLEASE." Though if we did, there still wouldn't be any credibility to the argument that we're doing something wrong. The only reason there is a rule against first contact is because we like to get those who are LOOKING FOR minors, rather than just anyone that will accept sexual contact from a minor. If we wanted to, I could change the rule and we could go around IM'ing everyone in creation and seeing if they are the type of male that will try to fuck a minor. We don't do this not because it would be "wrong" to do, but because there is no need to do that whatsoever. The rooms are filled with predators looking to prey.

I see where you have hacked into sites and taken out information on your organization that is not to your liking.

I wish. People can't have it both ways. You can't call me an idiot that can't read and then state that I'm a hacker. It doesn't work. Hackers can read. Idiots can't hack. Now, I can read... still can't hack. If I could hack, would I? You bet your ass I would. I'd go around hacking into pro-pedophile websites such as danpedo, the various NAMBLA sites, Peulla... you name it. I bet you could find a lot of evidence about a lot of crimes if you were to do so. I can't do it, I don't have the skills to hack. Wish I did, just not capable. Oh well.

I have even made a few calls to some of the reporters you have talked to and none of the information you gave them was verified and was printed as truth and fact. You play right into the politics of today making the people live in fear and giving up their lives and rights to live in a so called safe society.

Most of this isn't English.

Still, I'll transcribe the call for everyone who reads my blog...

Confused Reporter: Uh... what?
Crazy Vietnam Wasted Guy: SO IT'S NOT FACT? I KNEW IT!

I'll apologize to every reporter who has ever done a story on us who got a call from this nutjob. Sorry!

It may sound like ravings to you

Chuckles wins the no-prize! Spot on, chap!

but has your punk ass ever been to a communist country? Do you see how these people live. Idiots such as you are stripping this country of what rights the American citizen has left.

Yes, the right to solicit children on the internet. I can see how this could confuse someone with say, Soviet Russia. Back in Soviet Russia you could not solicit kids on the internet either. That's because there really wasn't an internet when Soviet Russia was around. Good point! That is just like Soviet Russia! I am very apologetic towards the Present-Day Thomas Jefferson but if one of the Bill of Rights entails the right to solicit jailbait, then I'll have to simply disagree with Tommy J!

Oh wait, let me go read the constitution real quick because I obviously have never done so before...

Yeah, freedom of speech... yeah... right to bear arms... wait a second...

There isn't a right to try to fuck kids?!?! Holy shit, someone stop the presses, we're going commie!

Let the professional handle this work you claim you do because you are far from a professional at it.

Yeah, that would have worked out really great for my buddy Kylie. Good call!

A question that you always seem to avoid and sidestep from, “WHAT DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING XAVIER” ? Steal from people with your so called war on porn, hacking into accounts, identity theft as some of your cohorts have been caught doing, how do you pay your bills with no job?

Avoid and sidestep from? I do Tech Support randomly throughout the year. I've written about it on this blog. Do more research, soldier! I actually won an iPod at my last Tech Support job on the merits of my job performance. They had three drawings. The number of chances you had was equal to the number of "support raffle tickets" you earned for high job performance. I had like triple the tickets of every other employee I worked with. One drawing was for an iPod (Response time. I won but ended up selling off the iPod, unfortunately), one for an XBox (CSAT. I didn't win) and the other was for a hundred bucks (can't remember what the fulcrum for this was, but I won. Had to forfeit the cash though since I could only choose one or the other. Oh well.). I've said on national media what I do for a living, which is random seasonal tech support. Then I save up my cash and barely live on it. What a life!

I like that "exposing internet predators" is a "war on porn!" I'm like the GI Joe of anti-pornography... except that while pornography is vile and exposure to a ton of it probably creates unrealistic sexual demands by males upon females, I'm not about to launch a war on porn. Porn is porn. PeeJ isn't even anti-porn as a rule. Go have your porn, crazy Vietnam veteran! Just do us all a favor and stay away from the ladies. They really don't need you in the dating pool.

Seem you too must put yourself accountable to public scrutiny for accountability

That is SO not English. I promise to be accountable for accountability!

, but as we know you and your people hide behind many false names and redirected e mail accounts through other countries and perpitute fraud on a daily basis. I have seen fact where your people actually brag about hacking into peoples accounts and stealing credit card information and using it, this was not something that someone else wrote but something that your own contributors have said.

Here's what amuses me. I've read online that my "real identity!" has been figured out, right? I've been reading this for a year now. So basically, if I'm breaking the law, it'd be pretty easy to get me arrested, right? Right. It'd be pretty fucking easy to sue me. Yep, sure would if the information is accurate. So where are the police? Where the lawsuits? Show me the lawsuits. No Jerry, with heart. Show me the lawsuits! I can't hear you Jerry! SHOW ME THE LAWSUITS! What's that? I gotta feel it! I gotta feel it!


Or the arrests, y'know for breaking all those laws I've supposedly broken. Show me! Quit flapping your yap and show me! That's all I ask, pretty simple request. Instead, despite saying they KNOW WHO AND WHERE I AM!!! OMGZ!! This guy bitches about my anonymity. You can't have it both ways. Either I'm not anonymous and people should shoot me, or I am anonymous. Pick one! Very simple to do.

You say you save children, what about the children of the so called “bust” that are only online to roleplay but you twist it to seem as if they are seeking out children for sexual gratification

Read that twice, seriously.

I don’t know what drunk police officer has not said a time or two he would like to get a whole of a nice nubile young teenage girl. Sure he said it but has he actually done it.

Yep, with an opposition this intelligent... we're done for! I guess this guy thinks there's an epidemic of police officers trying to solicit kids online. Rather amusing since we've found one police officer in all the time of Perverted-Justice.com existing. The phrasology is also disturbing... "Nice nubile young teenage girl." That's right Sal, ring the Pedophile Alarm! We've got ourselves a creepy charlie at ten o'clock.

Signs that you are a pedophile
1. You describe young teenage girls as "nice nubile."
2. See number one.

Some people go into these “ADULT ORIENTED” chatroom with an expectation of some privacy to act out a “FANTASY” online, this may make this persons home life bearable so that he stays with and provides for his family instead of seeking prostitutes on the streets. What happens to the children of these so called “Bust” who you out, make them loose their jobs, their medical benefits, what of these children, maybe one of them has a terminal disease and your stupidity and the stupidity of your staff have made this family loose all of those benefits, loose their ability to pay rent, pay for the childrens food and clothing, seems you don’t really care about these children at all, just in getting your kicks and trying to be a somebody. Get a grip on life dude think out the reactions of your actions. What about what these kids have to endure at school after other kids hearing their parents talking at home, the neighbors of the bust you brag about calling. What about the physiological well-being of these children, you have the potential of turning these children into future crack heads and alcoholics, where is your real concern for children,. This just goes to show what a professional idiot you are, Law Enforcement doesn’t even do the things you do when they make an arrest and do convict a person truly convicted of a crime.

I can't make this shit up. Look at that. It's art. That's art. Shitty paintings are not art. The ranty craziness of the above paragraph is art, however. I don't even need to respond to this. We should all just sit back and look at that paragraph. See how the words are placed together to convey a truly insane point? See how the writer uses neo-impressionist stylings to create a true Rumelian (that isn't a word) effect upon the viewer? I would call that paragraph a fresh wave of ART NUEVO!

That's such a beautiful paragraph. Someone get me a frame!

You and your little group remind me of the starting of the NAZI Party in Germany.

Oh yes! Two for two. Communist AND Nazi. That's a real mix, considering the Communists and Nazi's of the old Weimar Republic didn't actually, y'know, have giant gang wars. Apparently I'm so evil that I've broken through the "communist" and "nazi" levels into the rare "Communist Nazi!" level. Holy shit, that's evil. That's fucking Pope Ratzinger level evil right there. Hell, it could be more, Ratzinger is the Pope and ex-Hitler Youth. He was a staunch anti-communist. I guess I'm even more evil than Hitler Youth Pope since I combine Nazism with Communism!

Someone call the media, I've broken through to the most evil level possible by directing an organization that fights internet predators.

Why do you stay in hiding with the bullshit that you fear for your life and fear retaliation. I have seen Quotes of your writings that you want people killed and physically hurt, you and your minions actually laugh about ruining someone’s life, well I guess to a person that has no life this might be funny.

I don't fear for my life at all. The people we post are cowards. My name is Xavier Von Erck. Anyone who does research on me will see why that is my legitimate name. It's the name I've been referred to since I was in my teens. That is why I chose the moniker. Again, one can't call me "hiding" when I've put my mug on national TV how many times? How many times have I done local TV in my hometown? Yeah, I've been on TV with an unblurred face more times than I can count. I literally can't count how many times, I've lost track. Oooo, I'm so cowardly! I travelled to Kansas... fucking Kansas to testify against a guy that threatened my life. Oh man, I'm so cowardly! Lookee me, Mr. Coward!

I don't know where I wrote that I want people killed. Anyone who can find such writings should email me links, because that's slipping my memory. I guess I can't remember because of how SKURRREEEDDD I am all the time. Oogah!

You want to do something to help, JOIN THE MILITARY ! GO TO IRAQ !

Ha! That's a great idea. Go kill some Iraqi's, y'know, the one group that has never launched a Terrorist attack against American interests in the world. That's a wonderful idea. Rather than go to AFGHANISTAN where actual terrorists who have plotted strikes against the United States reside, I should go fight in Iraq to make a difference. That's a great idea. Almost as good as going into Iraq to begin with. As in, not a good idea at all. I guess Mr. "I fought in a pointless war for no reason" wants me to experience the same joy he had! To go kill some third world fucks for no discernable reason! That way I can feel the camraderie of the military! Oh huzzah, huzzah.

No offense to anyone actually serving in Iraq. I'm sure you're busting your ass. It's just the wrong war. Sorry!

Make yourself useful or is your fat ass to afraid to confront the real enemy ! What you do is nothing special at all , I could go online and pose as an underage person and entrap 75% of the folks in the chatroom with the tactics you use, I have run an experiment doing such with a police officer present and even with a meeting set up the way it was done was ILLEGAL, it was ENTRAPMENT, do you know what those terms mean !

Wow! It's entrapment? Really!?! Man, I feel bad for the 24 (and counting!) convictions we've racked up. They didn't have defense attorneys HALF as good as the crazy crackpot Vietnam veteran. Rather than have people go to law school, we should send people who wish to be defense attorneys to Vietnam. Once they blow off the limbs of a few Vietnamese villagers, then they'll know how to practice law properly and learn ALL about entrapment laws. Perhaps I should go to Iraq then... after all, I bet a couple tours of Iraq would make me a GREAT defense attorney.

I don't know what the term illegal means. Ach neins! This term is unfamilar to me!

You are not even old enough to have developed a smell yet BOY

HAHAHAHAHAHA! You can't buy entertainment like this. He's right, my shit doesn't stink. I agree.

, you should get a life and leave this work to the pros and get a real job because as time goes on you will one day be held accountable for all you have done, you can not hide behind numerous servers and many false names as you have been doing, one day it will all come crashing down on you and I wonder then will you want your rights that were afforded under the constitution?

I wish I had numerous servers. Wait... the...

So... the ending sentence to the above blurb. It almost sounds like a prank. Where I have heard stuff like that before? One day it will all come crashing down on me? What will I do then? This sounds familiar... time to Google!

When it comes crashing down, and it hurts inside
Ya' gotta take a stand, it don't help to hide

He's quoting Real American lyrics at me! The classic Hulk Hogan theme! Well I'll tell you what I'll do when it all comes crashing down on me... and when I hurt inside... I will be a man! I will take a stand! It wouldn't help to hide. Yes, I will be a Real American. I will fight for the rights of every man! I will fight for what's right, I will fight for my Liffffffeeeeeee!

*insert awesome eighties guitar riff here*

Get a life BOY

Oh no, I'm 26! I'm such a BOY! For some reason, I think he likes "talking gruff" to "boys."

as well as the people you have snowballed into believing you have an actual cause, its just an agenda for you to sponge and live free off of others. You always have something to say when someone speaks against you and have turned so much around to fit your may of seeing thing.

Seeing thing. Anyways, the contention that I'm making money off PeeJ amuses me. I'm not. People that know me know exactly how poor I am. I have no money. Zero. In fact, I'm probably in a bit of debt and I would know exactly what debt if I cared enough to check my credit report. I have never had a grande amount of money. Always been poor. In fact, I've been so poor that today's poor doesn't even feel poor. It feels like middle-class living. That's probably because I was smart enough not to have a kid, hence, my bills are low. Yay! Anyways, I have no real argument with living free off others, I'm just not doing it. For some reason, people just don't seem to be interested in throwing cash at me randomly. Likely because I don't have breasts and I'm not an attractive female.

I would love to see you sit down and tell the truth and honestly answer many questions.

I have never done media and answered questions. Ever. That guy on TV answering questions about PeeJ? Paid actor. It's actually Colin Farrell with some make-up work done. Seriously. Yeah, you may not believe me but it's the 100% truth. 100%! I'm actually a giant spider that raps about candy. It's true, I read it on some website once.

Does the writer of this letter think he's actually doing anything other than feeding my ego? Seriously. I have an ego the size of oh, Maine. Nah, wait, the size of Arizona. That's better. Ever since I've come online, I've had unintelligent nuts screaming threats at me, making promises of murderatin'! Calling me every name in the book, saying I'm Mr. Evil Guy, Mr. Arrogant, Mr. Fagtastical, Mr. Lifeless, you name it, I've heard it... PRIOR to PeeJ, I've heard it. Heard it all. There isn't a name I can be called that will affect me. I've been called all the names. I don't care. The one name they've always gotten right is arrogant. When some nut that served in Vietnam takes, oh, the hours out of his day to write me an "open letter", that simply feeds my ego. Doesn't matter what the letter says, I thrive on negativity and people hating me.

A story not often told about PeeJ comes from prior to it becoming large. Back in the day when it was a hundred hits a day and nobody cared. Just a little ol' subsite on my blog. Well, we had bought a domain for it, and I was supposed to do a ton of work to get the stuff transferred over to the Perverted-Justice.com domain. However, the process was tedious. I didn't think anyone actually gave a shit about the site and most of our volunteers had dropped off due to the long hiatus. There was a time right before the summer of 2003 where I figured that we did our job in the Portland chat and there was no point in actually going forward with the full-fledged domain. Yep, what would later become a national organization was literally going to die because I never figured it would become the force it is today.

Then I went over to the old Danpedo website out of boredom to see if they were threatening my life as they had such fun doing. They'd write these long fucking rambling rants fantasizing about killing me. Literally, the only people that really knew about our site were hardcore pedophiles who had more of a vision of what we could do than I did. So I go over, ready for a fresh round of ego-feeding when I see those fuckers mocking my ability to get the site back up. Just talking shit, PeeJ is dead, never coming back, Xavier gave up because of us... etc, etc.

By the end of the weekend, the new site was up and the archives were filled out.

My motivation was to stuff their comments back into their little creepy pedo-fuckshit faces. The stupidity they exerted towards myself and the little subsite was the fuel needed to continue to get up each and everyday and deal with the creepy fuckers that we do stock and trade in. To continue running the organization that exposes these sick fucks. Little did I know that less than three months after the relaunch we would be bigger than ever dreamed, finally able to do all of those site evolutionary changes that I had sat around and daydreamed about. And why?

Because crazy internet nuts like to talk shit, which amuses and motivates me. It tells me that what we're doing is as correct as it gets. It illustrates by virtue of the insanity arrayed against us that we are doing a good job. If the nuts and pedophile-helpers don't notice you online, then you're not doing a whole lot of things right. Please, for the love of all that is good and proper, post more "open letters" to me. Keep writing my name. Keep talking shit. Come up with additional out-of-this-world comments and fantastical stories of the secret agendas! Why? Quite simple...

It's all the internet mana needed to continue to keep at it.