A further example of why we won't win the war on terrorism...

July/2005: World - Today the news is in a quasi-uproar over over a suggestion by a Republican that a nuclear attack could warrant the bombing of Islamic Holy Cities. Headline news is running the story over and over, trying to paint the idea as crazy and out of this world. Left-wing socialists are pointing to such statements as irresponsible, etc... etc... etc. Doing so would be barbaric, intolerant and brutal!

What bullshit.

Of course we should wipe Mecca and Medina off the map if we're hit with a radiological attack by extremist Islamists. During the cold war, it was policy that a "rogue" Russian nuclear attack, even by a rogue sub... would be met with a wholesale nuclear assault on Russia. Despite many individual Russian communists having access to launching a nuclear warhead, not one was ever launched at the United States. The reason nuclear weapons have never been used in war since WW2 is because of mutually assured destruction. We all know this. Anyone with a grasp of history understands that neither Russian nor American society had a deathwish. We valued our lives more than we hated the lives of others.

In the end, everything worked out. We pointed a lot of missles until Russia could no longer keep up in the game. Never did we enter into pitched combat, never did we have a wholesale confrontation. Mutually assured destruction saved millions of lives.

Today we face a new grave threat. A real threat. Not the imagined and overblown threat of Communist invasion, but the legitimate threat of civilization-hating peoples. We face barbarians. This isn't a new conflict. Western society has been dealing with the Muslim for hundreds upon hundreds of years. The rampaging Turks and Ottoman Islamic empire worked for hundreds of years to keep society in the dark ages while spreading Islam. The great thing about the Ottoman's was that the Sultan was in charge of standing armies. Many sultans also preached tolerance and progress to varying degrees of success.

It was with the fall of the Ottoman empire that we became faced with the grave situation we have today. With the fall of the Sultans, the true face of Arabic Islam was unleashed. The persecutions of the Armenians, Kurds and Jews became a daily part of the Islamic schedule. Colonization attempts were dreadfully unsuccessful due to outbreak of World War 2. The British, the French and other western powers never truly finished the job of educating the average Islamic Arab into the 20th century via the imposition of secular governments and a reconstituted educational process. Instead, the education of the Arab was left to the Mosque. The same mosques which preached against progressive Sultans during the heyday of the Ottoman Empire. The same Mosques which advocated the killing of Armenians and Jews.

These Mosques educated the Arab people.

The above sentence is the justification for threatening their holy sites. Let me explain...

The Russian state preached authoritarianism. The Soviets educated their young into believing in the state as god. What kept the Soviet's in check? Simple, the assurance that any nuclear attack on America would result in the fiery liquidation of Russia itself, and most importantly... of the state. Likewise, we were deterred from first strike because we are educated to value our freedom and quality of life. Knowing that both would be destroyed by attacking the Russians kept us in check.

Islamists do not fear death. They do not value life. They don't give a shit about the state, nor their leaders. They only care for the Mosque and the Koran as spiritual funnels toward the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Arabs in Afghanistan don't fear Afghanistan being turned into a nuclear holocaust because Afghanistan doesn't matter to the Arabs. Afghani culture, likewise, does not matter. Same with Egypt. Same with Libya. Same with Kuwait. The UAE, Syria, Yemen, Iran and Iraq. They don't matter.

To the fanatical Muslim, only Mecca and Medina matter. That's it. The dual holy cities are the center of Islam. We are threatened by Islamic radicals on a daily basis. They would like to hit our heart with a nuclear attack. They'd like to hit our prosperity, our quality of life and our freedom. Quality of life and freedom ARE America's Mecca and Medina. The threat posed by radical Islam is towards our greatest values.

In kind, we would be foolish not to threaten a destruction of Mecca and Medina by nuclear weapons. We would be foolish to not realize that the only way to a Muslim's heart is via their holy sites and shrines. Islamic Arab's don't care about candy. They don't care about freedom and democracy and they don't care about being treated "fairly." They only care about power and force as a culture. Overwhelming brutal force is the only way to bring them to heel. The spectre of a an irradiated Mecca is the deterrent we should be spouting, with conviction and honesty.

The bothersome nettling from those who seek appeasement with modern barbarian Islam only strengthens those who wish to launch attacks upon our soil. Like Chamberlain and Daladier, the domestic cowards among us put us at the risk of being slaughtered and dominated by the intolerant forces of religious fascism. The threat we face is no less a threat than Germany in 1938. We can either blink as statesmen did before, or we can let fascism know what exact price they will pay for a grievious attack. To do anything else is to embolden attacks upon us.

The congressman was not crazy, intolerant or evil for suggesting the destruction of Islamic holy sites. He was voicing what should be our official policy of mutual deterrence. He was voicing the only sentiment that makes sense when you are dealing with religious extremists who wish to cut out our heart... he was voicing the just resolve to use a bigger knife in return.

I find it very disheartening to see the media and domestic cowards rip into Rep. Tom Tancredo as being incorrect in his suggestion. I find it disheartening that Tancredo is already trying to backtrack. I find it disheartening that Republicans, who should know better, are not stepping forward to support Tancredo. I find all of this disheartening because it illustrates a simple truth...

We don't have the heart to begin with.

7/28 Update: For those whose second language is English and first language is Arabic, this entry was translated into arabic at the following link... http://www.al-3reen.com/vb/showthread.php?t=9404. While the translator obviously doesn't agree with my post, thanks for translating it anyways!