The constant sickening surprise of the oddest job existing

July/2005: PeeJ Stuff - It's a pretty sick world. PeeJ is great for cynicism, always has been. But being immersed in the scum of it all gives you a nice layer of thick skin. You think... "Well, nothing can surprise me. Nothing can affect me, I've seen the worst these assholes have to give. Heard the worst stories and can't be surprised anymore." Then... you have a week or so like we've had recently. The threshold for detestability apparently knows little limit.

In the last week, we've had three high-profile arrests. Each, for their own reason has to make you realize that yes, Virgina, there isn't a god.

Ron Rivera - This one I had knowledge about prior, but the information uncovered by our FU team in our "In the media" forum is disturbing and sick. I never knew a kite-like object could be so creepy as his picture of the "Bandit: The Ultimate Predator" kite. The fact that this guy preyed upon a kid in North Dakota, then tried to use his victim to solicit another victim is simply chilling. There aren't words for it. The English language does not have the terminology for scum like that. The man was openly looking for victims on his website. Openly. Anytime you see a single guy looking for 10-16 year old kids of one specific gender for ANYTHING... check into it very closely.

Jay and Historynut went through hell to get this bust done and to get the identity of the kid in North Dakota to be able to alert the police there. Having to do a three-way call like that? Jay having to actually talk to the kid, who literally was trying to warn Jay off meeting the guy? Absolutely amazing. I don't think I could do it. It is good that we have such a large crop of people to pick contributors from.

Mark Hill - Pure predator. Talks up an underage kid... wants to fuck her in a hotel... and brings his 22 month old kid along for the entire thing. This is why I say to my female friends... "You SURE you're not a lesbian? Seriously, it'll make your life easier." Mark Hill has a significant other. And he courted her. He took her to the movies. He bought her gifts. He told her sweet nothings in her ear. He, like all males, likely whispered "I love you" while fucking. Months on end go by for the female... this is the one! Let's have a kid! They have the kid. He loves her, he says. How different is Mark Hill from the average male any of the females reading this might be dating? Doing the same things, saying the same things at the same times... "genuine" just like Mark Hill's significant other thought. How could you ever trust a male when our gender has millions upon millions of examples of why one should not? At any point, the male a female is dating can be in a car with a shared kid... waiting for another kid to come and blow him. At any point.

Hill had condoms, viagra and handcuffs with him. This simply further illustrates the colossal evil that Viagra is. Bad enough that various state governments were covering it for sex offenders... but how many rapes are a result of viagra? How many sexual attacks has the drug been an accomplice in? How many times has a guy been sitting alone and thinking "Well, I can get an erection anytime with this... I should get a ton and find some females!" Then they go out, online, looking for a female... and they find teens. The entire existence of viagra is disturbing. If you're that old, sex shouldn't be that important to begin with. The handcuffs, of course, are a nice touch. Because you need them to restrain a 14 year old female. Apparently in Mark Hill's mind, he felt he would need to be able to restrain the underdeveloped minor and needed handcuffs to do so. Classy. Just classy.

Scott Wolf - I'm very proud of this developing case, and very proud of it especially for Harv. 14 months after the chat was posted, Wolf finally gets arrested for it. The background to this case of "accused again" is where the shocking factors come into place. Wolf's preference for 10-14 year old females is nothing new, apparently. The full details of this case are, in a word, horrific. Yet, Wolf was just a simple postal worker.
Images and propaganda of the "friendly mailman" have been a staple of this country. And here is this guy, everyday... walking his route... and likely thinking about ways to rape minors and young teens while he puts mail into mailboxes. We all have a mailman.

How many wolves like Wolf are out there profiling your house and checking the look of your mail to see if you have a kid in your house? Postal workers and the litany of teachers we've uncovered... how can someone even justify having a kid in this society? I cannot fathom the attitude of someone choosing to breed. Do they think society is some great gift to unveil upon a new and impressionable life? Does the parent-to-be really believe that the world is going to get better? Optimists frighten me as someone capable of such strong delusions seems like the type of person who can snap at any point. At least the cynic is usually laid back... we know what's up, and little surprises us. Makes personal tragedy easier to get over.

Think about it, everyday there are tragedies we do not hear of. Fucked up males doing fucked up things that are "too common" to create a ripple in the national media. Just about each and everyday we come across another guy with another fucked up aspect to his case. Man, about to get married, chat's up one of our volunteers. Fiancee has her life turned upside-down. Man with wife becomes foster parents, man goes online to chat up underage kid for possible molestation. Mother actually tries to help him cover it up just so she can stay a foster parent. So many examples that they become a swirling storm of garbage flesh, whirling around us... almost unrecognizable from each other excepting the sensationalistic details that make them "special" in their own fucked-up way.

Society is filled with slowly rotting carcasses of humanity, hanging on by a thin veneer of tactful civility. No refuge from the increasing drumbeat of ignorance, lies or betrayal of our fellow man. Zero retreat of the ever-growing numbers of the pandering, the selfish or the sexually obsessed. A growing glamourization of various aspects of societal shit, streaming all about us... while we're distracted to the point of uncaring by media candy images of sex, drugs and celebrity controversy. There is absolutely no god, no "salvation" and no hope for humanity. There is no valhalla, no heaven or hell, and no saviors.

Anyone that tells you otherwise just wants either your vote, your money or your ass.