The Pinnacle of the Internet

June/2005: Current Events - In the series of comics that constitute the graphic novel "Watchmen", a vigilante character named Rorschach is captured by the police. Prior to his trial, he has to meet with a state psychologist to determine whether he is fit to stand trial. Sessions are blase, with Rorschach giving bland answers to a rorschach test performed upon him. During the final session, he finally comes clean about what he sees. A dog. With it's head split open. The character then proceeds to tell a tale of trying to track down an abducted child and finding the perpetrator of the abduction, who fed her body to his dogs. The noteworthy part was how "normal" and common the male was, and how these things occur nearly everyday. It's a powerful issue which my description doesn't do justice.

I'm not nearly as dramatic as Alan Moore, but I can relate to the point of that story. No, not because of some split-open carcasses, but rather a message board. I call it "The Pinnacle of the Internet" because once you truly experience it, you know that humanity is doomed. We're doomed. The human race cannot be "saved", and we're on a long spiral to ape-ism. There is no hope. It is literally, the most disturbing thing on the internet. Nothing else can really touch it. You can go look at your gore-fest sites, the beheading videos, the bangbus type of rape-porn... you can go do that all day. When I hear of those, sure, they're disturbing, but it's just male-freaks that like that shit. However, this lone message board crosses all social and economic lines. Posters of all types partake in it. It is the single most disturbing thing on the entire internet, yet, it spawns an addiction to check every-so-often, because it beckons as the ultimate proof of the folly of man.

Witness: The Michael Jackson Fan Club Message Boards.

Now, I know, you're probably thinking I overhyped it. Sure, there are weird Michael Jackson fans. "What does that matter?", you may ask... "I see these freaks dancing on TV all the time." And it may be true. Perhaps you did witness some of these freaks on short TV clips. However, that's not the reality of the Michael Jackson Fan Club message boards. At first, I had the same reaction as you. Then I read, oh, a couple hundred posts over the last couple months.

Do so, and your outlook on life will change. It will become more bleak. If you wish to continue being a happy, "Humanity is so great" type of person, stop reading now. I'm not responsible for any potential permanent change in your outlook on life, I'm just the messenger. Here's some great examples of just what I'm talking about. I don't need to add much commentary, it speaks for itself.

Thread: I would sleep in MJ's bed
Michael Jackson is so precious. I am a straight 25 year old male and I would sleep in MJ's bed if he invited me to come to Neverland. He is such a nice man and I feel sorry for him in this trial. All he wants to do is love kids, what is so wrong with that. Why does everybody make him out to be a monster. More people in the world should be like MJ, then maybe that way their would be less child abuse in the world. I know he is innocent of his supposed crimes

Posts from the same thread:
I would sleep in MJ's bed also. All it is is innocent love.

I love you Michael!!!

your words are true mike we love you when i was young we used to have bunk beds same bedroom as my brothers so when friends came round sleep on floor same when i went to friends but today in this world so much hatred sick minds jelouis of people nothing better to do with there lives sad yes i would sleep at neverland in a flash to be a child again no worrys not think about this and that to let your self go freedom and i hope he wins next week i want to be there in santa maria to support him cause hes hurting with them evil people ill be watching we need our king of pop back

he is so innocent but the world is so nasty that's why they treat him like a monster when he shows all his love to children.people even don't believe it is true that a man can love children so much.

I'm just not getting that piece about bed-sharing being so inappropriate???? You all are right, people turn innocence and sweetness and love and tender feelings into something evil because they cannot understand how innocence can exist. I also agree, if more children had the love and affection of someone that they need, it would be a better world for them.

I'd sleep in Michael's BED!!!! LOL OK, fine... I probably wouldn't get a winks sleep because I would have to sit up and just stare at him!" You're right, Andrew! It would be impossible FOR ME!

These people have jobs, one of them might be working next to you right now. These aren't people all locked away in psychiatric institutions (Though they should be), these are flesh and blood, regular humans, who probably were raised much like you. They walk around... they have brains. They probably have children. And they would sleep in Michael Jackson's bed. This is 2005. I can see people being so... there's not a word for it. Stupid doesn't quite fit, disturbed doesn't either. Still, couple hundred years ago... maybe. But it's 2005. These people should not exist.

Thread: Will You Please Fast On Monday For Mj
Will You Please Fast On Monday For Mj
HELLO EVERYONE….God knows how hard these days are for all of us,I feel I need support from every and each one of our big family(the fans)
I thought so hard of what we can do to help OUR ANGEL,since I live so far away,there’s no way I can go to the court house.
So I thought if we all fast on Monday ,that would be doesn’t matter what religion each belongs to.let’s fast all together for MJ.
I also thought if we can make a united prayer through the net,so we can pray all together.but I don’t know how to make that happen…if we set a time so we can be all together praying ,that would be wonderful.
MICHAEL needs us ,let’s not give up on him.
I’ll fast Monday asking God to make his innocence prevail.and I hope you do too…
One heart,one prayer.together we won’t be denied
Thank you all.

Post from the same thread:
That is a wonderful idea, I will fast on monday. What a small price to go without food compared to the price MJ has paid over all these years to bring us joy. By fasting we can show how serious we pray and Love MJ. This is our day and in the name of Jesus Christ Michael will walk away from that court room a free man! Because he is INNOCENT and the devil is a liar!

These people exist. They're real. I'm not making them up. You could fall in love with one, without knowing it. It could happen. You could meet this nice female or male, they could be well-adjusted in every other way. Then, one night, after you've moved in together, you make the mistake of checking their internet history. You find that the cookie still has you logged in. She/He fasted two months ago for Michael Jackson. This could happen to you. Because we live in a society that breeds these people.

Thread: Who likes MJ's looks??
If you ask me, I do. All through the years Michael has been very cute or otherwise hot. Even today I think so. I have pictures all over my room of when he was little and of today and he looks good in every single one of them.

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I DO!!!! I think mj is DAMN SEXY!!!

He looks amazing!! I think he's cute, adorable, hot, handsome and sexy!!

Of course like always i totally agree. He is hotter than anyone i know!!!! he's more than hot! !

YES!! I think he looks great now! Especially when he's smiling and looks really happy. I love his beautiful smile and his sweet eyes and his sexy dancer's body. I love his lips too and his cute butt!

The internet does not get any scarier.

Racist conspiracies against MJ? Oh yeah.

Psychics seeing the future? Oh yeah.

Site's exploiting children set up by these freaks? Oh yeah.

Thread: Michael Jackson had sex when he was 10!
i wish mj had sex with me when i was 10

HAHAHAHA omg me too


Michael Jackson is a member of the Nation of Islam. So you'd expect that this would be a bunch of bow-tied black people screaming about racism. But other than one thread, not really. The board is populated by a cadre of white Christians.

Thread: Prayer Warriors
They are doing this over at MJJF, and I thought it was a great idea. Im looking for a few very serious believers to get busy getting together to pray for Michael Jackson. This is not a joke, neither is it something to take lightly. I mean business. We can send all the good thoughts towards him here we want, but I want to form a group that is going to storm heaven for answers and stand in the gap until we see it come to pass. Its ok if you dont know alot about God, but if you believe that God can and will answer prayer according to His will, bring a believing heart and join me. My plan is to meet regularly in yahoo instant messenger and battle in the heavenlies for this man who is being so attacked.

Ephesians 6:12

This is not a wrestling match against a human opponent. We are wrestling with rulers, authorities, the powers who govern this world of darkness, and spiritual forces that control evil in the heavenly world.

And Jesus said:

Mathew 18:19

I promise that when any two of you on earth agree about something you are praying for, my Father in heaven will do it for you.

If you are interested and feel like you should do this, please contact me at

Thank you!


From the same thread:
I havent seen Ozzy in several days and I dont know what happened to Cindy, the new gal. MJ has something going on in court tomorrow and I feel like I'm suppossed to be in prayer for it.

I'm going to join the people over at MJJF in prayer for Michael. Anyone that is interested in praying for Michael can come here:

They have some very committed prayer warriors over there! I'm registered under the same name I have here.

Hope to see some of you there! I know they meet to pray in instant messenger before major things go on in court., but they also pray regularly in this thread. Was very interesting to find that it is the biggest thread there.

There is much power in prayer.

ALERT!!!!! ALERT!!!!! I know this was set up for Michael, but where there is need there is need and one of our own needs prayer! She has just pm'ed me with urgency so if you don't mind pray for the mind, body, and finances of this family member.... Thanks folks... returning to knees....

And I pray for Michael........ you laid him on my heart so heavy today, and Im sorry I got distracted. In the name of Jesus, according to your word, I bind any spirits that are coming against him. Let Michael be aware of Your protection and Your presence. While I was going through my troubles today, you gave me your word and I repeat it here as directed. Protect us Lord as we stand in the gap for Michael, for our foes are many and sly. I give you honor, glory and praise, Mighty God. My eyes are on You, Father. As always, Im honored to be called Your child.

I have only read the 1st part of this subject but you have a wonderful topic. And I am not on ya-hoo but Michael is in the heart of my prayers and my church are praying for Michael which is very powerful and tearful for me, tears of joy and strength.
People ask for help in wise ones, educated people, rich in money people and rich in powerful jobs. BUT THE TRUTH IS NO authority in earth can do more or be more powerful than God, so when you thank what can I do to help Michael? JUST PRAY AND BELIEVE IN THE NAME OF JESUS and watch the truth pervail!!!!!!!
I Love you

oh YES God is a MIGHTY God and yes Michael their evil schemes against you will fail and as you stand tall in the brestplate of rightousness they will fall!

The breastplate of righteousness. I can't make this shit up.

I have been so welcomed here!

Thank you all so much!

The hearing will talk about Sneddon's motion to limit the Teal Subpoenas.

If the Lord is willing, things will be decided in our favor.

However, remember that the appeals court is making a decision also.

Dear Lord,

Please give all of the members of the Appeals Court the courage and faith to make the right decision, not only for Michael, but for all those people whose civil rights would be affected by their decision.

This we ask in Your name.

Thank you.

Ever notice when people wish to defend a pedophile, they couch it in civil rights? Very creepy.

Dear Lord,

We thank You for presiding over this hearing. Please give Judge Melville the courage to rule appropriately on these issues above - not just for Michael but for the future cases that will be affected by the decisions he makes today. Help him to stick to his word on the Teal Motion and help him to realize that Michael's constitutional rights are in danger. Help Judge Melville to see that he must rule for EVERY American citizen - NOT just for the purposes of this case.

But, Dear Lord, we will TRUST in Your judgement. Even if it seems that, at the end of the day, we didn't get what we expected and that Judge Melville made the wrong decisions, we trust that You have answered our prayers and that we all will understand when this over. We will NOT lose faith.

We know that You love Michael, too.

Thank You for Loving Your People.

Not only is Michael Jackson not Christian, but he's not black. Still, that fact is lost on those thinking an international Jewish/KKK conspiracy is behind the problems facing Michael Jackson. Seriously, these people walk amongst us. They might be handling your insurance or marrying your kid at a future date. Never know. They have threads talking about possibly committing suicide if he's found guilty, encouraging a teen boy to run away from his parents if they prevent him from listening to Michael and other creepy threads where they talk about Jackson as though he's some sort of messiah. If you like to get drunk on stupidity, this forum is 100% intoxicating.

The point is though, look at these people. They're akin to those who followed Charles Manson. The cult of celebrity has become so pervasive that it has spawned a society where the average person isn't much unlike these creepy Michael Jackson fans. Whether it's males obsessing over Lindsey Lohan, fat older females clamouring for Clay Aiken, or ignorant females talking about wanting to make Ludacris their "boo", society is gone. Arrivederci!

Read those posts and threads. If you're not resigned to a society on the decline and the worthlessness of mankind, then you're just either not paying enough attention, or are very happy with whatever drug of choice you take to be able to ignore these people. This is the pinnacle of the internet. It doesn't get any worse or more revealing about the nature of people in our society than that creepy cadre of freaks. Realize that our blue orb is infested with these freaks, perhaps not to this degree, but the elements are there in almost all of us. We're fucked. There is no god. There is no salvation. "Stupid" is everywhere, all around us. Growing in both number and boldness. And nothing will ever impede the rate of expansion. It is hopeless.

Have a nice lunch.