To dredge out something positive in the face of insanity

March/2005: Current Events - I just want it made clear right now...

If I am ever hooked up to any sort of machine, where my life is dependent on that machine and I will never get off that machine... KILL ME. No, don't unhook me and let me starve to death, I want to be killed. I don't care how you kill me, so long as it doesn't last more than one freakin' day. Inject with a massive overdose of Morphine? Great. Shoot me in the head? Fine. Drop anti-freeze into my bloodstream? Whatever, so long as it's quick. Just make sure I die. This should suffice as a de facto living will.

After watching the insanity of the Terri Schiavo situation, the very idea of being surrounded by the vultures currently driving this non-story is one of the worst nightmares to even consider. Assholes like Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coaliation, fuckheads like Randall Terry, floating around to make their name off what should have been a relatively simple private matter. These morons... MORONS trying to take WATER and FOOD to a person who CANNOT SWALLOW... this "story" has shown the absolute worst of America. No story is as much an embarrassment to our country than the Terri Schiavo case. The morons in Pinellas Park prostituting their children, the supposed "men of god" clamoring for SCIENCE to keep someone alive, and the absolute dual-shitheads previously named have shamed us far greater than any possible election result ever could.

The only real "story" that should have come from the case of Terri Schiavo is the fact that she has to die in such a brutal way. Sure, no brain activity means that it doesn't REALLY matter if she starves to death or not, but on a basic level there needs to be a better procedure in place to end the lives of those who wish to not be kept alive artificially. I live in Oregon. We have an assisted suicide law. This allows a doctor to administer a lethal injection that ends the live of the afflicted quickly and humanely. While these fuckhead Christians have turned this into "TERRI SCHIAVO = JESUS OMG" due to the inanity of two greedy moron parents, we are missing the real issue. This woman shouldn't have to starve to death to die.

Christians especially should not be protesting a person being removed from a scientific life (The measures keeping Schiavo alive were rooted in godless science, not natural measures) but the way Terri will have to die. Instead of the Florida Legislature or the Federal Legislature trying to keep Schiavo alive cruelly, they could have easily passed bills allowing for the humane and quick end to Schiavo's life. That would be the tolerant, kind measure and stance to take. To allow for the passing from this life to the next in the most humane way possible. Yet you will not hear a Christian voice raised to end suffering, for such an end isn't in the interests of purely insane theology.

Catholicism and Christianity has nothing to do with tolerance or acceptance in America. The tenets of both would rather see people starve to death than have their lives ended humanely. Catholic attempts to block our assisted suicide ballot measure proved that, with Catholics asserting millions in the fight to stop the terminally pained from finding release and what is, to Catholics, a happy afterlife. No, they were more concerned with spreading church authority over the lives of non-believers. They knew that no Catholic would choose assisted suicide, since suicide of any kind is a mortal sin, however they still sought to extend their religious beliefs over a state filled with non-believers. That's not tolerance. That's a blatant attempt to establish a theocratic view over the rule of law. They would prefer a person like Schiavo be starved to death than administered with a life-ending, quick, injection.

If Christians and Catholics were tolerant, they would push for a new law allowing doctors to administer a quick, painless, life-ending measure to people in this situation. I'm proud to live in Oregon, where if I need, I can get a quick death without worry, mess or pain. I'm proud that our voters rejected theological positions when we voted for our assisted suicide law twice. I'm glad that we've resisted attempts by the Christian administration of this country to strike down our assisted suicide law.

Yet this gladness is more than tempered by 49 states which have bent over backwards to appease theists, bending which results in the slow starvation of those whom deserve finality.

This news story exists without positives. There is no positive in fascist lunatics of the likes of Randall Terry and Patrick Mahoney getting press. No positive to seeing two elderly parents use their daughter in such a vindictive manner. Most of all, no positives to showing the worst of America... unthinking theists and ideologues screaming with the world as witness. And lastly, there is no positive in Schiavo starving to death. The only positive that could come out of this story is a renewed vigor on the behalf of those of us who believe strongly in the right to die, humanely, in expanding Oregon's precedent setting legislation to other states.

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If this overdone story does nothing else, it should at least improve the deaths of the future afflicted.