Were PJ Amerikan Taliban trained terrorists?

October/2006: Pedophile ramblings - Anyone who knows me knows that I'm amused by the utterly insane. Enter a pedophile poster who made what I believe to be, the greatest post on the internet in at least a year.

The masterpiece follows:
Title: Were PJ Amerikan Taliban trained terrorists?
I believed that they had went to Afghanistan and being converted to Osama's twisted brand of so-called suicide "Islam" and being trained in terrorism in agreement with our US Gov't and LEOs who hate us and tolerated them and then come back here and start killing and victimizing 1000 of our own innocent people by saying they're pedos even if some of them weren't, just to get to only one real child serial rapist & killer out of them all, and impose near twin Islamo-christianity brand of no-sex pan-hetero only theocracy upon us all through other like Bush and Foley the Hypocrite?

And who is this so-called "Von Erek" guy as his changed legal name as a founder pig of this pig like he is a Amerikan-German neo-Nazi wannabe sadist on us all?

And they're doing it all being illegally against civil rights and wow, no gov't or cops involvements at all? They sure are really encouraging and tolerating them for doing that. Is this another Kristallnacht against us all for who we are? Yes, it is.

America is not safe for anyone at all anymore.

I don't even need to say anything, that post speaks for itself. Gold. So says Xavier Von Erck, the Atheist leader of the... twin Islamo-Christianity no-sex pan-hetero only theocracy! Huzzah!